Tuesday, 27 November 2007

France on Fire - Again

The poetry of Paris

I am not sure whether anyone in this Country noticed, but France is burning again and as been for several days.

Already, millions of pounds worth of damages have been done and again thousands of cars burnt out. At least two police stations were ransacked and then razed to the ground and countless shops looted. Reportedly, shots were also fired at the police. Many dozens of whom were badly injured.

The riots kicked of in a French Suburb after two "youths", riding a motorcycle without helmets were killed in a collision with a police vehicle and despite assurances the deaths would be investigated, rioting youths took to the streets. Or so the main stream media would have you believe.
Does your car insurance cover riots?

But the truth is different, these men are not rioting youths, they are a part of the Islamic Army that France has allowed to bury itself deep in the French Body. These soldiers of Islam do not riot, they obey orders and their actions can be turned on and off like a tap by their Generals, the Imams, the preachers of hate who control their armies of hatred from within their command centers, the Mosques that have erupted from the soil like weeds on Western Europe.

The army of Islam prepare

The riots over the last few days have spread now into the suburbs Garges-lès-Gonesse, Goussainville, Ermont-Eaubonne, Cergy, Sarcelles et Gonesse and the Islam army loots as it moves. It is their way. The stolen goods they loot is their plunder and reward from the Imams. It is their "religion" and they are following its teachings.

Well, as Le Pen said when he lost the French Presidential elections, "The French must like the riots as they continue to vote for people that won't actually do anything about it." Rather like some of the British.

No, these riots are not because of the deaths of two youths. They are the Shot Across the Bow to Western Europe of what will happen daily, if the demands and wishes of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile are not met. They are a warning that we had better learn "Submission" or expect more of the same. And if you want to know what more of the same is then look at the history of Kosovo.

And over here, in Our Country, the enrichers watch and gloat at the visions of their "brothers" over the channel, and flex their muscles and dream of what they will do when they are ordered onto the streets in your town, my town.

And so, for the sake of the Western World, I hope the tap of violence jams. That the riots increase and spreads, that more shops are looted and then perhaps the anarchy of France will be the un-ignorable alarm bell to the sleeping sheep of Our Country.

You want some of this?

Jean Marie Le Pen, president of the Front National speaking in a discussion at Matignon about the current institutional reforms. A foreign over population

“When these populations mobilize, for whatever reason, they create a public security problem and bear a heavy burden, a burden which will become progressively heavier in proportion, the like of which I deplore, when immigrants become more numerous in our country.”
“There is a foreign over population in our suburbs and there is a shortage of work with the result that too many people have the facility to amble, to play about on motor bikes, or such vehicles, and more often than not in stolen cars.”
"This creates problems and will create more and more unhappiness, as long as no one will have touched upon the fundamental question of, who are the immigrants in France?”


Anonymous said...

Well at least France has the tough talking, establishment chosen pretend right winger Sarkozy, bit like our "proud to be British" Brooon. But sorry to say this, why oh why did Nick decide to go on debate alongside Irving?, whether or not you agree with revisionist historians is neither here nor there, he has put himself up for further attack by the criminal led left wing media as being nothing more than a racist, which of course is not true, but serves to give the "newsmakers" further ammunition to connect patriotism with racism in the dumbed down public eye.

Yorkielass said...

Sarkozy is all gob.
70 cops hurt 5 are critical.
the one word the bbc refuse to say is MUSLIM.
As before it's now spreading to other areas!
By the way, Had Nick been alongside the pope it would make no odds at all.
Nationalism is a threat to the globalist establishment no different to Yugoslavia there are no depths to which they won't sink to protect their profits.
Yet again the AFL Fascists fail to see the irony of their action.

Anonymous said...

Sarcozy has sold France to the EUSSR he is no patriot. just another Cameron, talks the talk but wont walk the walk!

paul said...

thank you!
you three summed the bollocks up.

johnoddybnp said...

God bless 'em when they've finished destroying Paris could they move on to the rest of France and then,please God,the rest of Europe would'nt that be a wonderous CHRISTMAS present.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree Nationalism is a threat to the establishment, whatever the country, but to give the enemy a nice piece of mud to throw which will stick in the publics mind is silly. The crims have control of the media, things are never reported in our favour, if at all, so why were they so keen to let this out into the public domain?

Anonymous said...

Anon, its hard to report anything in your favour because you dont do yourselves any. If you want to know why people dont report you in favour, look at your behaviours. Look at these postings! They are full of hate, racism and are governed by fear. None of you can seriously say that a newcomer who is maybe neutral, on the fence or not aware of the bnp would actually feel warmly invited by your commentaries.

At the most basic level, you cannot even admit that fear drives you (and its okay to begin by doing that because fear acts as a motivator for a lot of behaviours). At the most complex level, you deny that what you are doing is as harmful as the behaviours of anyone else.

The policies that you seek to act upon (if you ever became the majority) necessarily involve destruction of peoples and their ways of life in the UK. It doesnt matter whether you think that people are 'different' under the skin (bones, flesh) or over the skin( culture, religion). What does matter is that human beings are human beings, with all the variation that brings. Your policies are harmful. People's instinctive reaction is to be scared of you and your behaviour does nothing to soothe their fears. So, dont be suprised that you dont get much coverage or the right sort of coverage.

And before you start responding to my posting, why dont you think of the bigger and more important picture and start considering how to manage more effectively the public and the media perception of you. I still think the bnp awareness week is a good idea. Of course, youd have to work out how to turn your disgusting policies and behavivours into something more acceptable for jo and joe public!

Anonymous said...

The policies that you seek to act upon (if you ever became the majority) necessarily involve destruction of peoples and their ways of life in the UK.

Which is exactly what is happening to Brish culture at present.But according to you we have no rights and should sit back and watch them sell off Britain without a fight.

Disgusting policies? Where?

johnoddybnp said...

Anon (Jo and Joe public)
I keep mentioning this, but I’ll try it again, this is a Nationalist web-site it’s a place where like-minded individuals can let-off a bit of steam and have a shout and a moan about whatever irks them at the time. If you want to have a serious debate, then just ask, I’m sure one of us may be able to string together a couple of sensible sentences for you.
What part of our “disgusting” policies interests you?, Immigration, NHS, Armed Forces, Education, Law and Order, you choose and I’ll just try to keep-up….take your time, there’s no rush.
Would you like me to choose a topic and make it easier for you?, how about…….
1) Labour taking illegal donations
2) Labour giving away 25 million peoples personal details
3)Labour allowing immigration to spiral out of control
4)Labour allowing the detention of a teacher for naming a teddy-bear
5)Who should get kicked out of “I’m a celebrity”
JoJoe I’m not trying to be facetious it’s just that I like a little “down-time” too, I will engage in serious discussions but do I walk into your house and say “your carpet is shite”, no, so ,at least have the common curtsy not to walk into mine and do the same.

najistani said...

Muslims seem to have an arrogant sense of entitlement, that the kuffars owe them a living.

We see this with the Mullahs who come uninvited into Britain to draw the dole, whose multiple wives and vast families are housed at public expense while all the time they are spewing venomous hatred at their benefactors. They are like loathsome parasitic worms excreting toxins into the body of their host.

Litigation jihad is another form of parasitism. Muslims sue employers who turn them down for jobs, and even when they are employed they demand special treatment and refuse to carry out certain parts of their work, then sue for discrimination when the employer complains.

But of course they are only following the example of their 'prophet', the worthless parasite Mohammed. Muslims regard Mohammed as the 'Perfect Man' whose example they try to follow in everthing.

Mohammed began his career as a toyboy kept by a rich widow. When the money ran out he took up looting, pillaging, highway robbery, slave-trading and extortion. He tortured people whom he captured in his ambushes to make them reveal the whereabouts of their hidden treasures.

In Islamic countries the Muslims have traditionally tried to avoid work. Until recently large numbers of slaves have been kept. Another source of income for the parasites is 'jizya', where kuffars pay the taxes and the muslims live off the benefits (sound familiar?).

In Malaysia, the "jizya" is disguised. It is called the "Bumiputra" ("Sons of the Soil"). By its terms, those who are Chinese or Hindus (i.e., non-Muslims) must include in all of their economic undertakings, as equal partners, Malaysian Muslims. So, for example, if two Malaysian Chinese were to open, say, an architectural office, they would have to take on as a full partner a Malaysian Muslim, who would receive a share even if he contributed little or nothing to the enterprise.

The Islamic religion is itself a parasite or mind-virus (the 'rabies of religions'). Islam draws on other religions to establish its credibility, yet violates the principles of its host religions. Thus Jesus is regarded as a prophet, but a second-rate one who brought an incomplete and corrupted message from Allah. Mohammed is the final 'seal of the prophets' who brought the correct and complete message in the form of the Koran.

Remember how Jesus effectively forbade stoning ("Let him who is without sin cast the first stone") ? Well Jesus, being an imperfect prophet was WRONG. Mohammed set things right when he reintroduced stoning and made it the major spectator sport in places like Iran that it continues to be till today.

The cult parasitizes the natural instincts of its followers by repressing their sexual urges and chanelling them into rage, fury and fanatical aggression.

Anonymous said...

From one anon to another, so what is the bigger picture then?, I would have though erasing a cultures history and re inventing it with political correctness gone mad is quite big, or how about displacing the indigenous population of a country, or how about discriminating against this country's sons and daughters, and depriving them of a future..or better still, what about the surveillance state brought in on the back of those who have come here to do ill deeds?. Is your idea of the bigger picture all cultures happily living together in harmony, all crammed together on a tiny island, fighting for space to breathe? come on, do you not see what is happenning throughout Europe?, legislation banning the movements of the host nations while the incomers do as they please, Brussels, Paris where next?. Yes it suits the establishment to convince the public that the BNP are all about racial issues, but they and we know there is so much more at stake here, they know that the BNP are the only party with an interest in the dirty dealings, the treason, the corruption of the LibLab=Con, and dont they know that should the BNP ever take power someday, that their misdemeanours will be taken into account, and possibly tried for their acts. Of course they will do or say anything to impede the progress of the BNP, they have a lot to lose dont they?. United we stand, divided the country falls, and by God, its falling fast.

Anonymous said...

theres very little to respond to, your writing style is appalling and infantile. Cant you use more sensible sources, even if they still promote your emotional feelings about islam?

GA did not set up the site solely for your purposes. He proudly presents this as an open forum and welcomes comments providing they stick within the blog policy rules.
He has struggled to promote freedom of speech despite his own ilk suggesting that he doesnt! I am sure that youre not denying me mine when you get to practice yours are you? Surely, I have as much right to challenge you as you do to challenge me?

Why does your letting off steam involve racism? Dont you think its hypocrisy to rant about the core of islam being a danger to non muslims on a daily basis AND YET okay for You to let off steam on a daily basis in very damaging ways by using islam and muslims as a whipping object? If letting off steam and being racist is acceptable to you, understand that its going to be acceptable for others. If you cant understand that, you dont have a grasp of the principle of reciprocity (something that you should have begun to have developed by the age of 7 at the latest).

With regards to your other point on policies, I dont disagree with points 1-3 and point 5. We probably all agree that Labour arent doing a wonderful job in government! Im quite comfortable about saying that I need to think more fully about point 4 and whether a more effective body (eg a human rights group with legal teeth) could be more effective than the labour government in supporting a special case to the sudanese government. Whilst we are on the matter, in your ideal world, how will you deal with other governments who raise cases to protect their citizens when they are in the UK causing you offense? There isnt much written on BNP sites about that sort of tolerance and special treatment is there? To conclude, one things for sure with regards to point 4, I wouldnt be dealing with it by taking the piss - that would be a really stupid way to deal with it.

With regards to your disgusting policies, on the various subjects that you mentioned, alongside the ones that you forgot (europe, the economy, agriculture, transport, the environment, foreign aid, pensioners, northern ireland and DEMOCRACY - we can all read about them on the bnp site) - all of it interests me! Thats why Im here. What I really want to know is how you define your terms of use (particularly words that you will at some point have to define) such as racism, racist, hatred, indigenous, citizen and fear. I am also fascinated by how exactly you will execute your policies - I need to be careful, as GA pointed out, some people maybe over emotional in telling me! Furthermore, I am very interested in how you arrived at your manifesto given the lack of popular support that you have in the UK. How will you deal with changing it as the people speak and exercise their right to democracy? Finally, I am very very much interested in how whether you will sign up to the international and european declarations of human rights?

The responses on this site have been atrocious over the last couple of weeks. The policies on your website are massively problematic because 1. they have racism at their core 2. they are inpractical 3. you clearly misunderstand the complexity of governmental and social policy because you basically have set aside a bunch of ideas, not a workable system.

But the biggest problem behind this movement are the hateful followers who are ignorant, poorly educated in everyday events and completely inflexible. They havent taken note of the advice that the bnp offers them directly regarding engaging with the public and if they cant maintain their own decorum, what on earth will they be like if they amass any popular support? Its really dangerous to put loose cannons in charge. As the old saying goes, you can take a horse to water but you cant make it think.

So, no, johnoddybnp, Im not actually interested in what you say about my carpet because Im not offering it up as a way forward. Im not standing for election so I dont have to justify myself to anyone. But you ARE offering the bnp as a way forward so get start getting serious, smarten your act up, get some decent policies, talk to your followers about their dreadful betrayal of your advice and get some brains behind your movement - coz you dont get even a sniff at jo and joes' racist support until you do. As for the non-racists, theyll never be interested in your pathetic policies and you'll just have to carry on breeding fear to a deaf audience and be content with it. There aint no power coming your way soon mister!

najistani said...

What race is Islam?

najistani said...

Back to topic

Seems the French have got a real carbecue going http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/7116213.stm

I think the European civil war will probably kick off in France. My main fear is that when the French get really serious we'll have millions of Jihad-crazed 'youths' swarming out of the channel tunnel claiming asylum, and a government daft enough to grant them it.

najistani said...

The last anonymous (not Louise?) claims my writing style is appalling and infantile.

Thanks for the compliment. Yes I aim to appall people so they'll wake up to reject the Triaxis of treason, and I'm glad my writings are clear and simple enough to be understood by infants.

P.S. I hope you aren't using the word 'infantile' in a pejorative sense - that would be 'innappropriately' ageist and unPC.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I recall a Britain just like the one the BNP policies espouse, a post WW2, pre uncontrolled, multi culti invaded Britain.
Hardly cloud cuckoo land policies when based on a system that existed and worked better than the current corrupt and bloody explosive shambles.

Anonymous said...


You might consider an appalling writing style to be a compliment but it isnt intended in that way. If you take it as a compliment, go back to the bnp website that does not advocate your style (read their recommendations on how to engage with letters). GA does a better job and johnoddybnp has a more acceptable style. Take a leaf out of their books.

Infants dont read. Dont you know about human development? I was previously accussed of being politically correct so its a delight to me that youre contradicting one of your bnp colleagues and now saying that Im unPC. You folks make up your minds, I dont care. For your benefit and to be very clear: In case you didnt understand my observation, my point was that your writing style is infantile. To expand slightly, I am directly suggesting that your style demonstrates a low level of competence, eg something we would expect from someone much younger than yourself - eg a response that would be synonymous with and acceptable for an emotionally immature child, but not for an adult. Its not intended as being ageist because your behaviour would be acceptable for the age range if you were that age range - but is not usually recommended for someone that should know better or/and could do better.

najistani said...


Are you ELIZA?


Anonymous said...

Najistani: Eh? I dont think your link is correct, it took me to some page about a computer thing. Can you resend the link?

AgainsTTheWall said...

Anon\Louise\Commies everywhere how do you respond to the following questions?

Would you permit a racially aware white group self-determination or must we all live the racially blind multi-cult?

Do you think racial separatists are so evil that they must not be allowed to associate and organise politically as a sovereign nation?

Must we have a future without white people?

I submit that any answers other than Yes. No. No leaves you open to the charge of tyrant. Only if you agree to Yes. No. No can any meaningful political discussion with nationalists result. We are otherwise on different planes and further conversation is futile.

With regards to Louise' sniping about the 'disgusting' nature of the comments you find here perhaps you should visit some leftie sites such as Urban75 where the level of language and sentiment has sunk below sewer level. Whilst nationalist sites do sometimes contain unwholesome language and angry offensive slurs we are snow-white compared to the Commies.


france last night saw the third night of muslim rioting, the police say worse than anything in 2005, police now wear flak jackets carrying automatic weapons, guns are being used by the rioters.
schools etc burned down cars also.
over 80 police hurt some are critical.
but of course there is no need to worry the left are in full control.

Are the French Waking Up? (2)
From the desk of The Brussels Journal on Wed, 2007-11-28 12:04
A quote from the French writer Bernard Antony at his blog, 27 November 2007 [here is an English translation]

The racist scum of this civil war shows no emotion over the murder of Anne-Lorraine [Schmitt].

Anne-Lorraine, a young Frenchwoman, a young Christian woman, was murdered while heroically resisting the monster who was attempting to rape her. This murder did not trigger a single riot. And yet, at the very least, the early release of criminals ought to result in demonstrations in front of the Ministry of Justice.

continue reading

» 1 comment | 167 reads

Are the French Waking Up?
From the desk of The Brussels Journal on Wed, 2007-11-28 11:50
A quote from the Covenant Zone blog, 27 November 2007

Citizen journalists are on the scene this time, far more than was the case during the previous rioting; now a whole parallel world of reporting is going on, in venues like youtube and dailymotion, and blogs like bafweb and Francois deSouche. The France of 2005/06 was not as wired as the France of today; let's see what difference this might make, as the French news consumers plug in to alternative sources of information to fill out their understanding of why they've lost their car and why they have the sting of smoke in their eyes. [...] I think we can expect a very different response to the riots this time. Not a universal, nation-wide condemnation yet, but far less sympathy for the "downtrodden youth" than was the case during Chirac's France.
The French seem to be waking up.

» 1 comment | 62 reads

In the Name of Anne-Lorraine: No More Slackness
From the desk of The Brussels Journal on Wed, 2007-11-28 00:23
A quote from the French journalist Frédéric Pons at the Valeurs Actuelles blog, 27 November 2007

Shocked by the savage murder of our dear Anne-Lorraine [Schmitt, a journalism student who worked as an intern at the Valeurs Actuelles magazine], aged 23, a friend rang me: “We should demonstrate, burn down Turkish mosques…” I understand him. The killer of RER D is a recidivist sexual criminal of Turkish origin. He was free, despite an earlier condemnation! Should we burn, demonstrate? Leave that to the Turks, the Egyptians, the Indonesians, the Sudanese, the Algerians who martyr their Christian compatriots and burn their churches. Leave that to the scum of the barbarian neighbourhoods who at this very moment are taking advantage of the shocking impunity granted them by years of slackness and demagogy. Yes, the atrocious killing of Anne-Lorraine fills us with revulsion. […] In the name of the brave Anne-Lorraine who resisted her aggressor and succeeded in hurting him (which made his arrest possible) before dying from the knife wounds. When will this rapist with his knife leave prison? After 8, 10, 15 years? Our society must pluck up the courage to remove him, and all the killers and child abusers, from society once and for all. That is our society’s responsibility. If we do not do this, the fathers, the brothers, the uncles will. In the name of justified violence. That is something I will understand.
Anna was slaughtered by stabbing her 30 times for defending her honour.BUT NOT IMPORTANT ENOUGH TO BE MENTIONED ON OUR STATE BRAINWASHING CORP EU.SSR.

Yorkielass said...


Villiers-le-Bel, where French immigrant youths have been rioting for two consecutive nights, and Survilliers-Louvres are two suburbs to the north of Paris. They are only 10 kms apart. Last Sunday evening, Anne-Lorraine Schmitt, a 23-year old journalism student, the eldest of five children from a devout Catholic family, was stabbed to death on the RER suburban metro train. The stabbing happened at Survilliers, between the RER stations of Louvres and Fosses. Anne-Lorraine’s body was discovered in the RER terminus at Creil, 25 kms to the north. A few minutes later the French police arrested 43-year old Thierry Dève-Oglou.

According to the French police, Mr. Dève-Oglou “decided to rape the woman when he noticed that the train carriage was empty.” When Anne-Lorraine resisted and tried to escape, he threw himself on her and stabbed her up to 30 times in the chest and face. When the brave young woman fought back, her attacker cut himself in the hand. Mr. Dève-Oglou left the train station at Survilliers-Louvres, but police officers noticed the bleeding man and took him to hospital, where he was arrested. In 1996, Mr. Dève-Oglou had been convicted to five years in jail for a similar sexual assault. That attack happened on the same metro line, but his victim survived.

Today, Le Parisien writes that the suburban metro line (RER) to the north of Paris is generally considered to be dangerous. The French authorities know this, but they fail to protect the citizens. “There are no guards and no surveillance cameras,” a metro employee acknowledges. “After Garges [the train station at Garges-les-Gonesses] there are hardly any passengers left on the train. It is then that the acts of aggression begin,” a regular RER passenger says. This, however, is a fact of life in contemporary France. People accept it. They do not arm themselves with shotguns, but sit on the train, while the state has abandoned them.

Barely three hours before Anne-Lorraine was stabbed, ten kilometres away, in Villiers-le-Bel, two joyriding immigrant youths of 15 and 16 years old, drove their stolen motorcycle at maximum speed into a passing police vehicle. They died on the spot.

According to the police the teenagers ignored traffic rules and crashed into the police vehicle. The motorbike they were riding was unregistered and thus not authorized for use on French roads. Neither of the boys were wearing a helmet as required by law. The relatives and friends of the youths, however, blame the two officers in the vehicle for the death of the boys. They claim the officers left the scene as fast as they could. The public prosecutor has opened an inquiry to probe whether the officers failed to help the teenagers and whether manslaughter charges should be filed. The officers had called rescue services to the scene, but policemen and medics who arrived at the scene where attacked by youths and fled.

Yesterday night, in a second consecutive night of violence, youths attacked police officers and firemen in Villiers-le-Bel and in nearby Sarcelles and Garges-les-Gonesses. In last night’s riots 77 officers got wounded, five of them seriously, including one officer whose shoulder was pierced by a bullet from a shotgun. In addition, 63 cars, a public library, two schools, a bank and a supermarket were torched.

The French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, on a state visit in China, has called for calm. Mr. Sarkozy had better stayed at home, however, because October-November is the season of the Annual Intifada Festival in Paris. This tradition began in November 2005, continued in October 2006, and has become a regular event on the French calendar.


Yorkielass. said...

The policies that you seek to act upon (if you ever became the majority) necessarily involve destruction of peoples and their ways of life in the UK.........what a crazy remark when the destruction of Britain the dilution of her peoples is well under way!
shame on those that bury their heads to what is happening across the continent of Europe also the UK.MY WAY OF LIFE AND THAT OF MY PEOPLE AND NATION ARE PARAMOUNT TO ME I'M NOT LIVING IN ANY COUNTRY EXCEPT MY OWN.

by Baron Bodissey

I reported yesterday on the fascist-style tactics being used by Sweden’s trade unions to discourage membership in Sverigedemokraterna.

If one were to believe the hysterical pronouncements coming from liberal media organs — and even from some conservatives — a resurgence of right-wing extremism and neo-Nazism is what is most to be feared in Europe. Yet all across the continent, from the marauding members of Antifa in Amsterdam to the burning banlieus of Paris, from the gang-rapes in Malmö to the destroyed churches of Kosovo, the vast majority of street violence is committed either by the Left or the Muslims, or by an alliance of the two.

Violent right-wing outbreaks are as rare in Europe as churches are in Yemen, yet somehow a reincarnation of the Third Reich is the greatest fear. The violence of the Left has been hidden under a blanket of media silence, aided by official indifference, if not tacit support.

But all that is beginning to change. And, as is usual with any change for the better, it’s happening first in Denmark.

Fjordman drew my attention to this important article from yesterday’s Berlingske Tidende, and TB was kind enough to translate it for Gates of Vienna:

Violence from the Left

The violence from the Left is being silenced to death by the media. Is it not the time that we wake up to recognize the truth? The Minister of Justice has to answer this.

by Søren Krarup, MP, Danish People’s Party

[Søren Krarup is accused by many on the Left being of being a racist for telling the truth about Islam. Recently he made a speech in Parliament in which he said that Islam as an ideology was comparable to Nazism and Communism. Caused a major stir from the PCs and the Left. — translator]

The first picture is the stalking of Pia Kjærsgaard [leader of the Danish People’s Party] on Christiansborg Slotsplads [The square outside the parliament]. It was, as everybody knows on Tuesday October 2, where the Parliament gathered and where, down on the square, there was a big demonstration. PK went down there to speak to some of the demonstrators, but was harassed and bothered so severely by people from the SFU [The youths from the Socialists People’s Party] and Enhedslisten [The communists] that here security guards asked her to seek shelter behind the walls of Christiansborg, for security reasons, so that she did not run the risk of being assaulted more severely.

No politicians from SF [The Socialists], De Radikale or Enhedslisten have been stalked or driven away from a demonstration on that square by VU [youths from Venstre, the prime minister’s party], KU [youths from The Conservatives] or DFU [youths from the Danish People’s Party]. The violence comes from the Left. The terror of the streets is being practiced by the hopeful youths from SFU and Enhedslisten, and when PK makes Villy Søvndal [the leader of the Socialists] aware of this he explodes in a hollow and empty rage at the podium of the parliament.

Instead of addressing and ending the spiral of violence from his own party’s youth organization.
- - - - - - - - -

The second picture is from the recently ended election campaign, and is about the fate of the posters from the rightwing parties. Here you find a systematic wanton destruction. Posters from the Danish People’s Party actually cannot be put up on Nørrebro or Vesterbro in Copenhagen. They were torn down by the hundreds. The rest were either painted over or cut. Also the posters promoting politicians from V and K [Venstre and Conservatives] suffered a rapid and unfortunate fate in the capital, while posters from S [Social Democrats], R [De Radikale]; SF [The Socialists] and Ø (Enhedslisten] were hanging peacefully on the lamp posts, smiling graciously to the people of Copenhagen.

I was myself nominated in Sønderjylland [South Jutland] and often saw my own likeness with horns on my forehead or a Hitler moustache. Respect for the opponent’s right to exist, and speak out for that matter, is not a well-developed property on the left. Here the violence is ruling against free speech.

And worst and most horrifying, the violence from the left manifested itself in the assault that took place on October 21 against the organization “Stop the Islamization of Europe” (SIOE). It happened in Christianshavn in connection with the Saudi Human Right Commission’s [I love this organization; can it get more bizarre. I mean: ‘Human rights’ and ‘Saudi Arabia’ in the same sentence — translator] visiting the Institute of Human rights in Copenhagen. And the violence was so brutal and horrific that it is only by luck that nobody was killed.

Members of the above-mentioned organization, SIOE, had announced legally that they intended to demonstrate. On arrival at the Institute of Human Rights, and still in their car driving down to the parking lot, some autonomous-looking persons [anarchists] smashed the windows. “Pull him out! Pull him out!” the disguised attackers were screaming, while beating the driver of the car and a female passenger with iron clubs. A woman was hit in the head with a full water bottle, and yet another was knifed.

Another participant in the demo was beaten outside and when lying on the ground the autonomous attackers tried to put a knife in him and hit him with iron clubs. A female participant tried to get away but was caught and also beaten with an iron club.

This is what happened. It is well-documented by photographs of the wounded while they were getting loaded into ambulances for hospital treatment. A local janitor/caretaker called the police when the assault started because even though it was a perfectly legitimate demonstration, and even though we have seen this kind of behavior from the Left in earlier incidents, and the attention from the police should therefore already have been there, there was not even one single officer present at this, which was in reality an incident of attempted murder.

Lars Hedegaard compared the incidents with the Nazis’ street terror in Germany. The behavior we are now seeing from the autonomer i in many ways bears a strong resemblance to the Nazis’ use of violence in the last years the of the Weimar Republic where nobody but the Nazis could demonstrate without running the risk of severe assaults and sometimes being killed.

That’s how things are here in Denmark today. And almost worst of all: this horrific violence from the Left is being silenced to death. We have seen no big headlines in the newspapers. The TV has been completely quiet about this attempted political assassination. The journalists show no interest in the bloody behavior from the autonomer.

I ask: Is it not time for us to wake up and recognize the truth? Is it not time that a determined defense of law and order meet the terror of the street?

I will ask the Minister of Justice about this when the Parliament reopens [for the first time since the election, which is today, the 27 of November 2007 — translator].

johnoddybnp said...

Anon ( I presume Jo and Joe public)
Thank you for the few, well hidden, compliments you managed to get-in in your well composed post. I am unsure what you actually want from me and so, in that context, I will try to cover as many of your points as possible and, in no particular order, give you an insight into my personal feelings.
I am a 51 year old ex-soldier, ex-prison officer, I served my Country for 20 years in different parts of the world. I possess medals and commendations as proof of my commitment to my Country. I spent 7 years in Africa and was personal security adviser to the democratically elected President of the Country. I have seen and been part of the poverty suffered by millions of Africans across the entire Continent. I have, also, witnessed the widespread corruption of African Governments and the inhuman way in which genocide has been committed, I have taken babies from the arms of their dead mothers and I have shed blood when I have witnessed atrocities. I have walk in a world of horror that was only witnessed by, thankfully, a few and, unlike some very good and brave men, I came home.
I retired to Wales approx 11 years ago from London where I had a Property Developing company, my wife and I moved from London for various reasons, one of those reasons was that, even for me, it was too dangerous to live there, I would not let my wife leave the house on her own for fear of drugged-up muggers, rapists, street thugs, knife attacks and shootings.
About three years ago we got to the point where we were considering emigrating the reasoning for this was that we could see the life we left in London was now happening in North Wales. Not only that but the Country seemed to be on a downward spiral, political correctness was, still is, biased against the indigenous people of my Country (the joke at the time was to get a council house you had to be a one legged, black lesbian with six kids!). We could see the Government bending over backwards to pamper to the immigrant population whilst local people were ignored or refused. There were cases of Asian candidates falsifying voting slips in order to get voted in to positions of power and I, originally, thought this was purely for financial gain until I looked at the teachings of Islam and realised that the Muslims were and are in the process of taking over this Country from within. JoJoe I am not a scaremonger and it takes a lot to scare me, but I am scared of this threat that now faces us. In the past we have always been able to see an enemy approaching, we have never faced an enemy that is as cunning as the one we face now or one that will be as destructive as this one. Obviously we haven’t emigrated, yet, I am not a great believer in running away and I still think we have a chance to turn this around, if not my wife and I still have the option of pastures new.
If we don’t act now, now may even be too late, and close our borders our infrastructure will not be able to take the strain and will just collapse. We need to know who and what we have in the Country, all illegal immigrants, failed asylum seekers and those on out of date visas must be repatriated. Then and only then will we know the exact number of people we have in the Country. I am not saying we never open our borders again but I am saying we keep a closer check on it.
I am British, always have been always will be regardless of where I am, so I am against the EU, we need to retain the right to rule ourselves, if we hand over power to Brussels we would be betraying the entire nation. If we have to accept the rulings of these people how long will it be before we are like France is now?
I could go on and on about this but I’m not here to bore just to enlighten

Anonymous said...

that was the most dreadful bore, principally because you used all that life experience to justify your discriminatory policies. had you done something productive with that experience, fine. but you didnt so why dont you leave the emotional justifications out of it and get on with developing non racist policies?