Thursday, 8 November 2007

Attempted rape is not funny but

Sorry guys I must post the full article which had me in stitches whilst looking for more examples of how Our Country is being enriched for the excellent UK Enrichment News blog. Oops. Thats my other blog, so I would say that. Anyhow read this article from Asian Image.

Man is cleared of attempted rape

A man has been cleared of trying to rape a young woman in her bedsit.

Ebrahim Bismillah, 24, of Great Horton, Bradford, said he tripped in his slippers and accidentally fell on the 22-year-old while asking for a cigarette.

He was acquitted by a jury at Bradford Crown Court yesterday of attempted rape and an alternative charge of sexual assault.

Bismillah, who came to the UK from South Africa in 2003, told the court he attended an Islamic school and had had no sex education.

He had never had a sexual relationship with a woman and could not find a girlfriend in Bradford.

Bismillah told the jury he walked into the woman's room when she was sleeping because he wanted a cigarette.

He nudged her awake and she started screaming loudly.

He covered her mouth because he was worried the neighbours would complain about the noise. He said he made no sexual attack on the woman but slipped on the carpet in wet slippers and ended up on top of her.

He denied touching the woman's thigh under the duvet before leaving the room.

Bismillah conceded he went into the woman's room at the wrong time.


No. I guess your right. It's not funny. Waking up in the middle of the night with someones hand over your mouth would never be funny.

Would he have been deported? What do you think.


Anonymous said...

I prefer the version in the Telegraph And Argus

"A young woman screamed in terror as she fought off a man who tried to rape her, a court heard.

The 21-year-old, who is epileptic, was left shaking and crying in her nightclothes after the attack in her Bradford bedsit, a jury was told today."

From that point it pretty much follows the 'Asian Image' article.

Clearly the 'Asian Image' felt it necessary to hide the screaming

najistani said...


Open the rather long pdf file ,

go to the bottom of page 82 and read what Muslims do with cucumbers and watermelons.

They try to have sex with anything, animal vegetable or mineral (they kiss the kaba black stone which is the vagina of the moon goddess )

Anonymous said...

This man's defence sounds like an episode of Mr Bean. Who you listen to that crap? A jury full of his fellow muzzies listening to MP3 players?

Anonymous said...

good old british justice I am just gob smacked she didnt get charged with trying to rape him after all arnt they all gods gift to women to hear them talk

Celtic Morning said...

Obviously the jury, judge or magistrate in this case would be followers of the Cult of the Dead Paedophile for no one else would have fallen for such a pathetic alibi. But a word of warning. Now that this pervert son of Islam has actually had his hand on a womans thigh, watch out. Who the hell knows what the swarthy bastard will do next!! Might even strap some explosive about himself to hasten his reward of seventy virgins.