Friday, 30 November 2007

Solidarity - Patriotic Trade Union

Solidarity, the only independent, patriotic trade union in our sad land today is on a recruitment drive for new members from British Workers who feel betrayed by their current, marxist led unions. Unions that have stood by whilst British Workers lost their jobs to cheap imported workers and in some cases illegal immigrants. I urge you to support them or even better join them.

Dear Sir or Madam
May I first introduce myself. My name is Graham Williamson and I run a Public Relations company named Accentuate. The patriotic Trade Union Solidarity has engaged me to promote them within the media and to the public in general.
I am delighted to carry out this work because the Union is a refreshing departure from the norm. No cringing defence of migrant labour, any junkets to Cuba, no political levy to the Labour Party (or any Party for that matter), any PC agenda. Sound unfamiliar?
That’s because this Union will not shrink from an uncompromising defence of the rights of its own members and British workers in general.
You may have seen on the BBC or some of the press of the Union’s defence of a Teacher (Mark Walker) suspended from his job after being questioned about his politics. His original Union effectively sided with the management agenda displaying a political bias you won’t find in Solidarity. You can read about his case and the legal fund started by Civil Liberty and Solidarity in the attached pdf magazine. This on-going campaign proves to me that they take their members' rights very seriously.
General Secretary (Patrick Harrington) and President Adam Walker have put together a team representing members at grievance, disciplinary and investigatory meetings e.g. Honda, Legion Security, GNER, Alliance & Leicester etc. Members are pursuing accident at work claims following advice and guidance from Solidarity. This is the bread and butter of any Union and Solidarity have convinced me they are serious!
Take a look at the first issue of British Worker enclosed. You have expressed interest in the past but may have held back to see if the union was a serious project. The range and depth of work undertaken by Solidarity should convince you.
Now is the time to look after yourself and look after your fellow worker by joining the independent Trade Union Solidarity. As the union says, "Together we are Strong".
Membership fees are only £5 per month, and paid via a Standing Order (form is printed in the attached British Worker) or via PayPal at the Union website ( You can also pay by cheque (£30 for 6 Months / £60 for 12 Months).
Cheques should be made payable to 'Solidarity'. We recommend that you use Certificate of Posting or Recorded Delivery. Its address is:
The Secretary, Solidarity, P O Box 93, Spennymoor DL16 9AN. Join now.

Graham Williamson


Anonymous said...

I can't join Solidarity as I live in the United States. I've sent them a donation, however. I checked that they would be able to take it because of the restrictions on donations to UK political parties from abroad. I thought that it might be the same for Unions but it isn't. They can get donations from anywhere. I feel that people in other countries (including mine) could learn a lot from Solidarity. It is a unique, exciting development.

Anonymous said...

I was sent a pdf of the first issue of British Worker and I must say I was impressed. There was a large article on the law on political discrimination at work which was very timely and educational. Contrary to what Searchlies has said it seems to be entrenching and growing. They say they now have around 200 members. It wil soon be 201! The Solidarity leadership has just ignored misplaced and falacious criticism, rolled-up their sleeves and got stuck into bread-and-butter Union casework.