Monday, 30 April 2007

Muslim awards reveal their contempt for the Kaffir

At the recent Muslim awards the man of the year award went to two individuals who have been fighting to establish clitheroe's first mosque "despite much opposition from the local community."

So there you have it. They honour people who advance the cause of Islam, regardless of the wishes of the local population.

One local persons comment on the mosque was: "The decision has now been made and although the council has made 40 Muslim families very happy, they have probably made 400 other families in Clitheroe very unhappy", another - "what assurances do we have that it will not at some later date become a sanctuary for some extremist group which we hear about on our televisions with much regularity ?"

The image shows the Dhimmi Mayor of Bolton at the awards. Read the rest of the awards here.

If you want to read what the cult of mohammed has to say you can view their gloating comments dead link sorry will attempt to find copy.

Meanwhile the Magistrate who did not like curry and preferred fish and chips as managed to hold onto his position despite calls from the crazy cult for his resignation. He had to eat humble pie and agree to attend a "Culture Class" for re-education but he keeps his job, if not his pride.

You can read that here.

Come on people, lets show Bliar and Clown Brown what we think of them and what we think of "Culture Classes" and vote for the British National Party on May 3rd. B.N.P. Day.

Are they under every stone?

It seems that Bob Woolmer, the Pakistan cricket coach was poisoned before being strangled. Bob Woolmer was a big man and it seems that his killers wanted him incapacitated before they done their dirty work. A cowardly act, carried out by cowards.

Now it seems on lifting up this stone, we find our old enemy of evil. Islam. It seems that Mr Woolmer objected to strict Moslem players who seemed "more interested in praying not playing" at the World Cup in Jamiaca.

By all accounts several senior members of the squad had become fanatical believers of the extreme (even for them) Muslim movement called Tablighi Jamaat.

According to the French Tablighi expert Marc Gaborieau, its ultimate objective is nothing short of a "planned conquest of the world" in the spirit of jihad.

Mr Mir, the teams former media manager claimed: "Bob had his reservations that the boys, rather than focusing on the religious aspect they ought to be focusing more on cricket.

"He wasn't particularly pleased when players were going out to say their prayers in the middle of the game... and a substitute was coming in. This continued. He was totally against it."

I remember seeing the Pakistan Team after the announcement of Mr Woolmers death. Some of them could be seen smiling in the background. When these guys, whose minds have been destroyed by the crazy cult of the dead paedophile hate, they really hate.
If they catch them, will their defence be - "It was an honour killing"?

You can read the rest of the story here. The image shows angry demonstrators calling for the death of Bob Woolmer after Pakistan's defeat by Australia.

Update. It now transpires Islamic fundamentalists in Pakistan have issued a fatwa against Mr Mir for airing his views against some players over their offering prayers in the middle of a match.

Vote for the British National Party on May 3rd. This evil must not be allowed to spread in Our Country.

John of Gwent and the Chartists in Newport

I have mentioned before the poster on UKDebate called JohnOfGwent (avatar on left) and quite like his style and the subjects he posts about. I have taken the liberty of "borrowing" another one because of its theme of freedom of speech. Here you go. The rest is all the archer on the lefts work.

Now people may not easily associate Newport, South Wales, with the words 'hotbed of political revolution'. Especially as history is often rewritten by the politburo as soon as those alive to contradict the politico's lies pass away and their stories passed to their grandchildren fade. And especially so where the story is 'doubleplus ungood'.

Anyone who has tried to work, shop, go to the theatre that isn't propped up by the council politburo as a monument to harry jones or even just tried to catch a bus in Newport in the last three years can't have failed to notice that everywhere you go the buggers are digging up the roads in order to cause maximum inconvenience to those of us trying to get on with the business of living here. So it takea a lot to bring my battle-weary sense of outrage out of the slumber it's been numbed into. But now Newport's politico's have succeeded.

A couple of weeks ago the developers "appointed" (by whom I wonder, and where are they going on holiday this year ?) to smash up the middle of Newport in the name of the Ryder Cup announced that the Chartist Mural will be destroyed as part of the havoc they have been allowed to wreak.

The Chartists. in case anyone doesn't know, demanded universal (male) suffrage - sorry girls, you had to wait about a hundred more years to get the vote. They also demanded a wage be paid to members of parliament, without which standing for election was the privilige of the landed gentry and the moneyed few. And they demanded annual elections - at the time there was no maximum lifespan for a particular parliament. So it can be argued that without these guys the framework for parliament as we know it today would never have come about. But the landed gentry and moneyed few were somewhat reluctant to have power wrestled from them. Which is why there was a bit of a bloodbath outside the Westgate Hotel.

About thirty years ago this bloody massacre was commenorated in a public mural on the wall of a tunnel leading into John Frost Square (John Frost was a leader of the movement, although some say he wasn't even present when this event took place). I've looked hard for a picture of this mural, but the best I can find is at the top of the Newport Electoral Registration Office website How ironic and twistedn then is the alternative text in the image placeholder "The Chartists Fought For Our Vote. Don't Waste It"

The Newport Website even includes the mural in its 'Public Art Train' promoting culture in Newport but typically the thumbnails don't enlarge when you click on it.

And now this monument to the public right to have a voice is to be torn down by the apostles of the party that brought you the pinnacle of 'how to ignore ther electorate by saying repeatedly 'if you knew and could see what I know having read ....' in the deserts east of turkey.

And the best our limp burghers can do is demand a "chartist theme" for whatever replaces that which they pay to have destroyed.

Well thanks for that John Of Gwent. Would you care to tell us about your choice of Avatar?

Robin Tarts and Rubbish

The elections are almost upon us and May 4th will tell us whether Our Country has truly woken up from its sleepwalk towards oblivion.

Still time though, for a couple more reasons of why you should vote for the sanity of the British National Party. Then we can let them start to weed out the lunatics currently enjoying huge salaries and generous expense accounts in local authorities.

People like Ivan Hancock, Dorset County Council's Trading Standards manager who has forced Baker Val Temple to rename her novelty Robin Tarts because - surprisingly - they do not contain the red breasted bird. The image is one of Vals "Muppet Tarts."

He also thought it wise to stop the sale of Paradise Slices because they are not from Paradise! Gone also are the Pig Tarts. You guessed it. No pork.

He said: "The fact is that food needs to be properly described so that the consumer can tell what it is.

"There is nothing wrong with using other names but it must be accompanied by the true name of the food.

"Consumers have the right to know what is in food.

And indeed they do. But does this over-zealous jobs worth not think, that Vals customers who have been buying her cakes for over 30 years, not have the sense do know that they are unlikely to find a slice of bacon within an iced slice?

Customers have suggested she makes a new cake in honour of the petty officials and call is "Nutty as a Fruitcake". Val, 60, said: "It's a joke. It's an insult to the public."

You can read about the madness of the moron here.

Whilst here. Rubbish. I want, you want, we want. Weekly collection of our rubbish. We do not want it spilling onto the streets for the rats and the maggots to feed on. All this so your local authority can save money for their pensions and golden handshakes.

One of the ways they are considering getting around the wishes of the public/voters is to remove the "collection service" from the control of local authorities. This will leave them free to say to a mutinous electorate. "Nothing to with us - take it up with the company."

So what is to be? Back to Paradise Slice and weekly rubbish collections or carry on to Bedlam, chaos and finally, anarchy. May 3rd B.N.P. Day.

Sunday, 29 April 2007

Pair sent to prison for race hate calls

The political prisoner Kevin Hughes, a BNP member who was foolish enough to get into a verbal dust up with one of Great Britain's new elite - an asylum seeker was sentenced to 30 months imprisonment and currently resides in H.M.P. Featherstone on a trumped up charge. Read the details here.

Now compare that sentence with the derisory ones handed out to two Asian men who threatened an old age pensioner with death. Attempted to extort money from him and generally made the Jewish victims life hell.

Whilst not doing that, they were phoning public houses and threatening bomb attacks and then returning to persecute their aged victim with the following comments.

'Speak you Jew bastard'.

They included obscenities such as: 'Is that the Jew house?' and

'Did Hitler kill your grandad?'

"This is Pakistani Pride. Hitler killed your grandad. Dirty, smelly Jew," and "Get out of Lebanon and Palestine because that is the way to survive."

The pair also called the Roseball Pub in Shipley. Bradford, on August 17. They said there was a bomb in the pub and told the licensee: 'This is our country, you white bastard'.

You can read more of the daring duos heroic exploits here.

What prison sentence did they get? Well they did say sorry so they were each given twelve months. British Justice. Unbeatable.

If you want to see Justice return then you must vote for the British National Party on May 3rd. Show them whose Country it really is.

Leeds Labour in postal vote fraud allegations

Sorry for the cut n paste guys but I've decided to have lunch out and a bucketful of beer. I shall feel guilty about not fighting for the cause but will make up for it on my return.

Meanwhile check out this report on the Times Online. Someone must eat some porridge for this. Here is a taster. The image is of a Labour Canvaser offering help to a voter.

Today we report that the Labour party in Leeds has driven an articulated lorry through this code in a desperate attempt to gain power on the city council. An undercover reporter posing as a student activist was part of a team told by the leader of the Labour group on the council, Keith Wakefield, and a fellow Labour politician, to collect postal votes in two key wards, and if necessary help voters fill in the forms. The other councillor, Graham Hyde, who worked in the Commons for George Mudie, the former Labour deputy chief whip, warned the canvassers not to get caught with any postal voting forms on them.

Only one Party can restore the trust of the British People in democracy and that is the British National Party. Remember activists. Post a guard on the ballot boxes on May 3rd. None of them can be trusted.

Prince Harry, cocktails and killers.

Whilst Prince Harry was throwing cocktails down his throat and pledging his everlasting love for his weepy girlfriend Chelsy Davy. Other people were making pledges of their own.

This from one of the Mahdi Armies, top commanders:-

"One of our aims is to capture Harry. We have people inside the British bases to inform us on when he will arrive," Abu Mujtaba, a Mahdi Army commander in the city of Basra, said. Mujtaba's militia is led by radical cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.
"We have a special unit that would work to track him down, with informants inside the bases.

"Not only us, the Mahdi Army, will try to capture him, but every person who hates the British and the Americans will try to get him. All the mujahidin in Iraq, the al-Qaida, the Iranians all will try to get him."

Meanwhile at the farewell do for the third in line to the throne, one of Harry's chums was quoted as saying

"William told Harry how proud he was and gave him a big brotherly hug. It was a very emotional night."

Prince Harry, a second lieutenant in the Blues and Royals, is due to start a six-month tour of duty in Iraq next month - although our top brass are still debating what role he will play there. Are they stupid?

We know what roll he will play there. A magnet for every maniac in the country with a desire to be blown to bits in order to look presentable when they meet their dream girls in hell.

Now as an ex-serviceman, I know that many of them feel they are invulnerable and whilst their comrades might go West - they will be fine. And for a combat soldier that is a good way to think. You would go insane with fear otherwise.

But Prince Harry is not an ordinary combat soldier, he is a BIG PRIME TARGET and he will draw fire on his comrades.

Sorry Harry I admire your spirit but you should not go. Think of your comrades - even if they give you a White Feather you must stay and wait with the rest of us.

This is an illegal war that a British National Party would not have got involved in. Remember that on May 3rd.

The Creeping Ivy and a prediction

The Green Arrow is going to make a prediction. One he just cannot get wrong.

In the past, B.N.P. support bloggers have written that as the Creeping Ivy of Islam starts to strangle Our Nation and as the cult followers numbers increase, they would make more and more "demands" and use our democracy and tolerance as a weapon against us. This is already happening.

Finally, the Moslems will become more and more vocal and their "reasonable demands" harder to accommodate without complete surrender into dhimmitude.

Eventually their numbers are such that they can enforce their will physically. This has been the way in every country that this creeping Ivy has secured a foothold in.

Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Egypt and Turkey used to be Christian Countries. Soon, Indonesia, Malaysia and Nigeria will be completely under the control of the crazy clerics and Sharia Law and slowly but surely the Ivy creeps and slowly strangles the world.

Well enough of the strangling. What is the prediction? Well it is this. Fairly soon we are going to start to see more and more demands for our shops, travel services and the like to provide "facilities" for the crazy gang to perform their ritual of "wudu".

Wudu, is a Moslem purification ritual and although not strictly required, you just know they are going to insist that it is. So for those not quite sure, here is a quick 10 step guide so you may understand what is happening should you barge into the loo in Heathrow and see it being performed.

1. Praising Allah while washing both hands up to the wrist three times, making sure that the water reaches between fingers and under rings.

2. Rinsing out the mouth thoroughly three times, using the right hand (the one not used for cleaning private parts) to bring the water to the mouth.

3. Snorting water into the nostrils from the right hand, three times, to cleanse them of demons that Muslims believe reside there, clearing the passages of any mucous using the left hand.

4. Washing off the tip of the nose with the left hand.

5. Washing the entire face three times from right ear to left ear.

6. Continuing to wash from forehead to throat.

7. Washing the right arm and then the left arm, three times, from the wrist up to the elbow, removing watches.

8. Moving wetted palms over the head from the top of the forehead to the back of the head.

9. Passing the wetted tips of the fingers into the grooves and holes of both ears, and also passing the wetted thumbs behind the ears and ear lobes.

10. Finally, washing both feet to the ankles starting with the right foot, including between the toes, then reciting: "Ash-hadu an la ilaha illal lahu wa ashhadu anna Muammadan 'abduhu wa rasuluh" – meaning there is no god but Allah and he has no partners, and Muhammad is his servant and messenger.

So there we go. Could the first person to spot a "demand" for the facilities for this ritual please let us know. Next step? Sacrificial alters on street corners.

It is time to stop the creeping ivy. Vote for the British National Party on May 3rd.

Saturday, 28 April 2007

Billy Connolly - Don't you just wish he would die?

What the hell is Green Arrow saying? Wishing death on a fellow human being? Surely not. But wait. There is usually a method to his madness. What is it this time.

Billy Connolly (pictured waiting in the ready position for a male friend) is reported as saying that he "detested" the B.N.P. beliefs. Fine. Let it be known that the British National Party, members and supporters are not too sure about Connolly and his sense of humour.

Connolly you will recall is the one who suggested that the Moslems get on with the job and cut off hostage, Kenneth Bigleys head. And sure enough. They did.

You can read (if you wish but I cannot) about the last horrifying moments of that poor mans life here. If you have a strong stomach you can even view it.

And now perhaps you can relate to the header. Billy Connolly - Wanker. Sorry Ladies.

Vote British National Party on May 3rd and watch Big Mouth Billy change direction.

The French Connection

Jean-Marie Le Pen, urging French voters to reject the proposed constitution of the European Union, 2005.

I do not know if, like me you were disappointed in the first round of the French Presidential elections. I had hoped that Le Pen would do much better, especially after his successes in 2002 and so was a little down.

So when I read Le Pens comments here and shown below

"I thought the French were unhappy," said the 78-year-old National Front leader."The French are very happy and the proof is that they have just re-elected -- my goodness, with a very comfortable lead and even a little more -- the parties that have been in power and who are responsible for the situation in France."

"I fear that this euphoria will not last long," he said in an interview to French television.

you can imagine how I felt about the perfidious French Voters.

However Sir John Bull has produced an excellent first hand account of the election and his analysis of what went wrong for our favourite Frenchman.

The Le Pen result: an analysis

I have just returned from a short but pleasant holiday in the South of France where I had the opportunity last weekend to observe the first round of the Presidential elections close up. The top four in the first round of voting were:

  • Sarkozy (UMP; Gaullists, ie. conservatives): 31.2%
  • Royal (PS; socialists): 25.8%
  • Bayrou (UDF; liberals): 18.5%
  • Le Pen (Front National; nationalists): 10.4%
The remainder was made up mainly of far left freaks together with de Villiers - France’s answer to Robert Kilroy Silk.

Read the full report here.

I think you will agree, an excellent piece of work on the part of Sir John.

So do not let the apparent turn around on immigration and other issues by the Tri-Axis parties influence your vote. They say one thing and mean another. Only the British National Party says what it means and means what it says. Vote B.N.P. on May 3rd.

The attack of the Killer Sheep

I find it truly amazing sometimes at the density of our opposition. Being attacked by these people is similar to being attacked by sheep. Dead sheep.

In the article Swansea - A City enhanced by Immigrants I wrote about the following:

  • Trevor Phillips of the CRE stating that the B.N.P. were "less than human"
  • Rhodri Morgan, Chief Cretin of the Welsh assembly preferring to go golfing than Commemorate the Normandy landings.
  • Pointing out the Speech by Lord Ellis-Thomas in which he referred to the Welsh as "hideously white"
I ended the article by writing the following

Well the political wheel is turning and one day the people who have brought Our Country to its knees will pay and by then let us hope that Capital punishment has been restored.

Well that was enough to make the fearless class warrior of the UAF and Plaid dump in their pants. Their blogs screamed the following.

BNP Election Pledge - "Plaid to hang if we win power"

Turnip Ted Jones had this to say:

The threat to execute members of Plaid Cymru in a BNP blog is not an idle threat. This is what these people will do if they assume power. Whilst some members of the London political class might snigger at such a prospect – this is a very serious threat which all democratic political parties need to unite to combat and to build a consensus to ensure that fascism has no place in Wales.

And the Kirklees Clown piped in with:

What this BNP activist is effectively saying is that if they ever win power they will re-introduce capital punishment and execute those who do not share their fascist bigotry.

Well readers, go check out the original post and their sad responses. Do they think that the readers of their blogs are unable to click on a link and read the truth?

Both these Dhimmi Clowns rate a MITGAD (Mentioned in The Green Arrows Dispatches).

Vote for the British National Party on May 3rd - a return to Sanity.

Please note. No sheep were injured in the creation of this post.

"UK — You will pay!"

The Religion of Peace was busy on Friday, although you would not have thought so if you were watching or reading the British news sources.

I suppose Anjem Choudary, the former leader of the outlawed militant group al-Ghurabaa threatening death and destruction of the U.K. is just not newsworthy enough.

Apparently these "peaceful" Moslems object to the imprisonment of terrorists. It seems that our detention of these people at a high security prison in central London is interfering with their plans. How thoughtless of us.

Regents Park Mosque (again) was the kick off point for a demonstration march to the prison by the crazy gang, having first being whipped into a frenzy by the crazy gangs leading cleric.

Winding up the event, the fanatical preacher had his crowd in raptures when he ended the "protest" by predicting the ultimate victory of Moslems over their enemies. "One day, my dear Muslims, the flag of Islam will fly over Downing Street!"

This sent the crowd wild and to renewed shouts of "Allah Akbar", they all toddled off to their homes where they could slap their women around whilst having wet dreams about their coming victory. Dream on Turnips. Look at the image - the New Crusaders are here to stop you.

End their dream. Vote for the British National Party on May 3rd. The only political party that will deport these vultures of death.

Friday, 27 April 2007

Moslems and the UAF Dhimmis.

As previously pointed out on this blog, the Unite Against Freedom group is an umbrella organisation for the Muslim Council of Britain. The white activists of the SWP being their shameful Dhimmis in their vile attempts to discredit the British National Party.

Its members are mostly also members of the Moslem Respect Party and are funded by the MCB and the shameful excuse for a trade union called AMICUS.

The UAF depends also on the support of the Socialist Workers Party which attempts to recruit new members whilst "supporting" the UAF. They are a dull messy violent bunch and neither the UAF or SWP have the ability to stand in elections but choose instead the path of lies, deception and intimidation. Sad, mad creatures.

You can read about the Moslem link with this organisation here. You might also like to know how much the British Taxpayer pays to the MCB. What, you didn't know that we would provide the rope to hang ourselves with? You must remember your Karl Marx. "The Europeans will provide by themselves the rope to hang them"

So if your neighbour tells you what the UAF says about the B.N.P., you now have the information to tell them the truth about the U.A.F. If you want to know more.

Tick, tick, tick. May 3rd. Your choice. Get it wrong and your children will pay.

A letter sent in Newport South Wales

I read the following posted by JohnOfGwent over on the UK Debate site and thought it worth publishing in full because some of the issues mentioned apply to people all over the U.K. Being an early bird I private messaged the guy who I saw was on-line and he gave me permission to post it in full.

I am emailing this to every one of the people who have said they're standing for election in one form or another next Thursday

It will be interesting to see if any of them reply ...

Good morning

As the election day draws near, and as you've seen fit to send numerous letters to me requesting my support, I thought it only fair to ask you for your opinions on a few matters:-

However, As MY daughter will be working abroad outside the EEC when SHE starts her working life, because there are no vacancies for her here, she won't have to repay her student loan at all. So I have a different set of priorities....

1. As I walk through the streets of Newport, Monmouthshire, I can't help noticing that all the official posters, signs, letters, and everything else to do with administering and taxing the sorry shambles that passes for this country nowadays has everything written FIRST in welsh, and often in a large font, and SECOND in english, and often in a smaller
font. What do you think about that ?

2. Anything 'official' coming through my door now comes printed and inserted in a way that the WELSH is the language that stares you in the face, and the ENGLISH is tucked away beside it. Or the WELSH is written where the non-arab races start reading their letters, at the left, and the ENGLISH is in the other half of the page. What do you think about
that ?

3. As a small businessman I am hearing noises that there is a campaign afoot to FORCE me to provide a means to conduct my business through the medium of welsh. I say it's my business what language I conduct my business in and if some people can't understand a word I say that's not my problem. What do you think about that ?

4. Did you know that planning applications in certain parts of wales have been turned down on the basis that to grant the application would present an unwarranted intrusion of english-speaking people ?

5. Did you know that there is at least one large organisations in what used to be the public sector whose language policy is that any welsh speaker complaining about being sent a document with english on it is immediately sent a welsh-only document, bereft of english, but any english speaker making the complaint about receiving documents in welsh
receives a letter, sent to them welsh-outwards and english on the reverse, stating it is government policy that they must send their communications in both languages.

And now for a few more local matters

6. Did you know that if you take a car down to the tip today there's a notice on the siter demanding that you be polite to the staff ?

7. Did you know that if you take something to the site that you cannot personally lift above your head in order to put in the skip, that one of the people paid from your council tax to man the site will shout and swear at you for not doing so.

8. Did you know that if you telephone to complain at the actions of those people you will be told that the staff there are told they must not assist you on the grounds of health and safety, and that in any case they are too busy directing the 300 cars that now turn up evewry day because rubbish is now only collected every fortnight ?

9. Do you know how much extra co2 is being pumped into the atmosphere by 300 cars making an average 10 mile trip to the tip instead of having one refuse lorry do it ?

10. Do you know how much we could save by sacking all the arrogant, rude, staff currently working at the tip and replace them with polish migrants ?

And now for another issue ?

11. Do you know when it was last possible to drive a car from junction 24 or 28 of the M4 into the centre of Newport in daylight without hitting a delay caused by a roadwork scheme ?

12 Do you know how much money traders have lost because people are going to other places where their money is welcomed ?

13 Do you know how many businesses are looking outside Newport to set up business premises because of the ongoing hostility to vehicle traffic ?

And whilst on the environment...

14 Would you please explain why we have to bear the cost of allowing your party to occupy the moral high ground when across the atlantic the smallest vehicle on the roads consumes more petrol per mile than our BIGGEST gas guzzler and the bloke in charge there laughs at us ?

And finally ...

At the last general election, there was widespread complaint from politicians on all sides that there was a complete lack of interest from the younger send of the electorate. At that election, my eldest daughter got a polling card for the first time. Now when I was in that position, Ian Grist the (tory) sitting MP for what is now Cardiff North, my constituency, wrote to every 17 year old, organised a coach trip to london, took us round westminster hall, walked us into the chamber of the house of commons (yes, honestly - it was in recess for the holidays and we walked in with him and looked at the green leather seats .....) and took us to the balcony outside where disraeli and gladstone (who were then on the GCSE O Level History syllabus) argued about the state of pollution in the river.

Can you explain why NO-ONE has bothered to do ANYTHING to give my daughter any belief, no matter how false in the current political and electoral system, that her vote, and her opinions matter to the way the country is run ? Because I believe that in a land where cottage burners are getting the upper hand, in a land where the only people the government bend over backwards for are those who claim to have put down the armalite rifle, the only message being sent out is that the way to be taken notice of is to PICK UP an armalite rifle and start using it, so that in twenty years time those of you who survive WILL be listened to. And that gives me what some might call a rather unique view on the unorthodox way chapati flour was being used in what is now the country across the river Severn a few months back. And that makes me worried. What do you think about that ?

A person hoping to get his postal vote in time to use it (but it hasn't arrived yet so I guess the labour wreckers have done their job again)

Well I could certainly identify with much that was said in the letter. I could also corroborate much of it, having worked for many government bodies and large companies in the South Wales area and could certainly tell you a few stories about their attitude to the Welsh Language.

Now one of my favourite quotes is one made about Robert E. Lee, a fine honourable man doing the best he could for his nation. Right or Wrong. A debate for another time. But the quote was:-

He will take more desperate chances, and take them quicker than any other general in this country, North or South; and you will live to see it, too.

and I guess I have the same attitude. emails rapidly exchanged and mobile number given. Result a small victory for the B.N.P. and the promise of three votes.

Although to some extent I was preaching to the choir, the gentleman concerned was an Anonymous poster who had visited the Green Arrow from the forum links and was a regular visitor to the B.N.P. news site. So we were halfway there.

As a matter of interest I had read several of JohnOfGwent previous posts and thought him the kind of man who would make an excellent Councillor or M.P. in the future if only he could see the light but after our conversation, I realise why he is unable to openly join the B.N.P.

It is a sad state of affairs when the subjects of Great Britain cannot openly declare their support to a Political Party without being in fear of their jobs. Newport, of course was home of the Chartist riots where people who would today be in the BNP fought then for our freedom now.

So today I am invigorated and full of hope for the future. When men such as JohnOfGwent start to support us in numbers we cannot fail to win in the end.

Vote British National Party on May 3rd and stand side by side with your countrymen in this fight for a place for our children to live in as free men and women.

The ticking Timebomb of youth

There is a ticking timebomb in our schools and the ticking will get louder every week and every month and every year until eventually the timebomb explodes. And our nation will have civil war forced upon it or our children's children will go to schools like the one above.

Now, over 20% of the children in our schools are from an "ethnic minority", although why the media uses that term I have no idea. A child whose country of origin is say China, with a population of over a billion hardly seems like a minority to me.

To make matters worse, close on half a million of these children do not speak English as their first language and therefore require special schooling at our expense.

Can you imagine the cost this burden must put on Our Country's resources? Money spent on employing interpreters and foreign books is money that can no longer be spent on Our Children. Money that came from our taxes to pay for children whose parents have never contributed and are invading and occupying our country. Not with tanks and guns but with babies.

Like Cuckoos, these foreign children deprive our own offspring of the educational skills they will need in the future. The skills to provide a future for their children.

But something that never ceases to amaze me, is that for decades we have had America as an example to show what happens when racial imbalances occur in a country. We had a chance to learn, but no.

This what a cretin called Nick Johnson from the Commission for Racial Equality had to say.

The Commission for Racial Equality's director of policy said parents must stop sending their children to schools where most pupils come from similar religious or racial backgrounds.

Nick Johnson also suggested schools should be given more money to admit a racially mixed intake. He said: "We're in fear of turning into a mini-America with racially determined schools.

Did you read that? You must stop. You must stop sending your children to a school where they can play and learn amoungst their own kind.

Instead you must send them to schools where they must avert their gaze so as not to "offend" their future masters.

You must send them to a school where our young girls are told that they should not speak to young Moslem male children unless they are spoken to first.

You must send them to schools where they can be physically attacked or if female groomed for sex or told that if sexually assaulted, "forget it. It is their culture".

You can do all these things? You could also hang yourself or slash your wrists.

You can read the depressing rest of the story here.

You have a choice on May 3rd. Vote British National Party and start the recovery of Our Country or you can do nothing and let your Children grow up and do the fighting in the future civil war that will come.

So long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom, those who wish to tyrannize will do so; for tyrants are active and ardent, and will devote themselves in the name of any number of gods, religious and otherwise, to put shackles upon sleeping men.

Thursday, 26 April 2007

British Businesses - The new slave owners

We are told repeatedly by the government and businesses that immigration is good... And it is good.. For the government and businesses that "employ" these immigrants.

It is good for government in the votes of these colonisers of our land and it is good for businesses in greater profits because of reduced payrolls and employers contributions. Remember this article..You Used to be.

However, as we know everything has to be paid for. And again it it the British workers and taxpayers who lose out again. Increases in unemployment and strains on the NHS and other services.

But the next time someone whose brain has been turned to mush by the governments propaganda, says that immigrants do the jobs that British workers wont do. Just let them know that the British Worker cannot afford to do these jobs as they have homes to pay for and families to feed and are not prepared to live the way the immigrants do.

Then point them to this article that reports that immigrant workers are modern-day slaves and then the living conditions for these people here. Twelve to a room and £2.50 an hour. Anyone who supports these conditions for anyone, True Brit or illegal immigrants are as bad and as guilty as the slavers themselves.

And where are the great freedom loving trade unions whilst all this suffering and human exploitation is happening?

Why they are off publishing details of British National Party members on their websites and asking:-

Branches to forward any information they have on to the Policy and Information Team. As part of UNISON’s election activities we will be producing anti-racist materials.

Like the government and businesses the unions, being Marxist led also have a desire to see the end of Great Britain as an independent nation.

Great Britain led the way in ending slavery in the parts of the world it could influence. The British National Party will free the modern slaves and punish their gang masters.

Vote B.N.P. on May 3rd - B.N.P. Day

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

The window of opportunity is closing.

I do not want to appear alarmist but the window of opportunity for the True Brits to recover their country is slowly but surely closing and if it is allowed to shut completely we are finished as a nation. All of us.

The governments of Great Britain, aware that their plan to swamp the country with immigrants might meet some resistance started to lay down their plans to overcome their natural resistance many years ago.

First they would setup cameras all over the country. Villages, towns and highways. All watched 24 hours a day. Not for the prevention of crime - do you think they care about crime in their Ivory Towers? No. They are to monitor the movement of the British People who might form a new active resistance against their treason.

They disarmed the population long ago. God forgive, but the Dunblane Massacre was just the excuse they needed to prevent the citizens being armed. Now defenceless, the people will not be able to retaliate against their armed Gestapo when finally the masses realise the truth.

Their new politicized police force daily increases their show of control over us in silly ways. Arresting someone for drinking out of a water bottle whilst their car is stopped in traffic. More and more intrusive petty laws to swamp a citizens mind and make them accept the traitorous governments authority. Docile sheep, ready for fleecing.

Then the subtle closure of places where people meet by banning smoking or making the price of a drink in a place where people might meet and talk prohibitive. So the pub or club closes and people sit at home in their little boxes watching Big Brother and drinking their cheap booze. Whilst outside their country - our country is stolen and immigrants swarm up the valleys of Wales and over the mountains to Scotland. The Gray Squirrels pushing the native Red Squirrel out of England. A Sceptred Isle smashed beyond repair.

Then the ID Cards, so they can monitor our every move. Cards with chips that can track your movements, all phone calls monitored and emails stored. Constant surveillance under the guise of the war against terror. A war that they created in order to subdue us as a people. The real enemies are not the Moslem's or immigrants, they are just the cannon fodder. The true enemies are the Tri-Axis of Evil parties and their masters. The giant multi-nationals with their global aspirations. A union of capitalism and Marxism. Madness unchecked.

And where is Our Head of State, Our Queen, Our Flag, Our Rallying point to resist this occupation of our land.and the destruction of freedmom? Our Salvation?

Why she sits in private and broods on the disappointment that will one day be Our King. No longer Defender of the Faith - Our Faith but Defender of Faiths. Defender of Nothing. A traitor unfit to head our once great nation. A candidate for the chopping block like Charles the 1st.

If we do not resist there will come a time when young children will be chipped in the same way as farmyard animals. Not humans any more but "resources" to be used by the global state. A world where the ruling elite and their offspring rule from remote places forbidden to the public. Islands of luxury protected from the people they have stamped into the ground.

Now the window closes even more. The european union has agreed to the following:

"Publicly inciting to violence or hatred, even by dissemination or distribution of tracts, pictures or other material, directed against a group of persons or a member of such a group defined by reference to race, colour, religion, descent or national or ethnic origin," will be punishable in all EU member states, according to the decision adopted by the ministers.

"Publicly condoning, denying or grossly trivializing - crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes as defined in the Statute of the International Criminal Court (Articles 6, 7 and 8) directed against a group of persons or a member of such a group defined by reference to race, colour, religion, descent or national or ethnic origin," will also be punishable.

"Member States will ensure that these conducts are punishable by criminal penalties of a maximum of at least between 1 and 3 years of imprisonment," It noted.

But now the traitors who would destroy our country and mold the world into an human face with a jackboot stamping down on it for ever, now have the weapon they need to startr the dawn swoops on the Bloggers and the information disseminated by them.

When we let them lock up David Iriving for wrongly denying the Holocaust we gave them permission to lock us all up.

So if one day soon you click on your bookmarks to the Green Arrow and the site is gone, you will know why. Once the blogs start to disappear, so will the people.

Keep the window open. Vote B.N.P. on May 3rd. They are our only hope.

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. ... God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion; what country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms."

Be Angry - Very Angry

David Frost is going to make you angry. Very, very angry. And if he does not then you are obviously not a True Brit and should not even be here. So leave.

David Frost, is the director general of the British Chambers of Commerce which represents small businesses and the slime has this to say about the 1500 immigrants who arrive in our country every day. Read it here. Below are some snippets.

"They've got a far better work ethic, young Poles, than a lot of the local British people. And they have much higher skill levels,"

Now just let us look at that statement. The Poles have come here for the simple reason that pay and conditions are much harder for them in their own Country. And yes they are cheaper to employ because they will live ten to a room and work all the hours given to them for peanuts, so they can send their pay home to their families who depend on them to live.

They are not paying mortages, huge rent and rate bills like their British counterparts so they are bound to be cheaper - for Businesses. But someone pays. Someone always has to pay.

And it is Our Country that pays and picks up the huge bills for the strains put on our schools, translation services, hospitals and local authorities whilst watching its own culture washed away by the sea of immigrants.

But business does not pay for those services - you do- so David Frost and the like do not give a toss. They are filling their pockets indirectly with our money whilst British workers lose their jobs and become homeless thus adding to Countries burdens.

As for the skills - that may be true. We let the Marxists destroy our excellent education system and close our Technical colleges in order to create a system that would produce a future workforce of uneducated voting fodder that would be dependant on the State. The British National Party would sort that out in a matter of years.

And above the small businesses are the big multi-nationals like the Royal Bank of Scotland who also believes that immigration is good - for them.

Stephen Boyle, an economist at the Royal Bank of Scotland, in January titled a research note: "Polish plumbers: mending your pipes and keeping your mortgage down."

He could have gone on to say "whilst depriving british plumbers of their jobs and houses".

Only your votes on May 3rd can help to stop the flood that is drowning our country and then the B.N.P. can start the long, hard job of draining the land for recovery and make it fit for our children.

The B.N.P. is our dam. Vote for them on May 3rd or let the Poles and Moslems have our country and let them fight over its dead carcass.

Paedo cruised street for girl.

Just a couple of clips to show you that it wasn't just Mohammed who had a thing about young girls. Kadir Hussain (pictured) also likes them young. Which is why he has just been jailed.

This piece from the article is a salutary reminder that the British National Party was 100% correct in its statement on the grooming of young girls.

A MAN who picked up a 13-year-old girl off the street before persuading her to have sex has been jailed.

The crime of grooming young girls has hit the headlines in Oldham with a number of men currently awaiting trial on similar charges.

And still in Manchester we have - Pair abducted vulnerable teen

TWO men have pleaded guilty at Manchester Crown Court to abducting a 13-year-old girl from outside her Oldham home.

Shahzad Masood, of Derby Court, Werneth, and Mohammed Suleman, of Melford Avenue, New Moston, will be sentenced on May 17.

Only the British National Party has the will to ensure that something is really done about this evil crime of sexual grooming. Remember that on May 3rd and vote B.N.P.

Muslim stands for Christian party

It as been announced that a Moslem candidate is to stand in the forthcoming Holyrood election for a new Christian party.

What the announcement does not say, is whether or not Abdul Dean who will fight the Glasgow regional seat for the Christian Peoples Alliance Party on May 3 has converted to Christianity and thus become an apostate or whether he remains a member of the Cult of Mohammed.

If he has not converted to Christianity, then the question must be asked. Were there no True Christians available to stand?

If you want a return to sanity then vote for the British National Party on May 3rd - B.N.P. Day.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Ted Heath - His time in the Toilets.

I could never understand the hatred of a nation that could exhume the body of a previous Leader, chop it up in bits and generally abuse it. Which is what happened to the remains of Oliver Cromwell. His head was then put on display for 20 years outside Westminster Hall.

Then I discovered how that creature Edward Heath had lied to the British public about Europe and I have taken a vow to go to Salisbury Cathedral and urinate on his tomb.

Now reading about his exploits cottaging toilets for casual sex, I feel physically sick looking at his image. No wonder he was such a bitter old man. You can read about Ted and his toilet exploits here.

Here is a sample of the article:-

Mr Coleman said that he had once asked a Tory peer who was running an anti-gay crusade who she thought was running the party in London.

When she looked at me blankly I replied, ‘the gay men, of course,’ and certainly a huge percentage of Conservative councillors, professional staff and association officers are gay, he said.

All the Tri-Axis parties have more than their fair share of homosexuals. How else do you think a government could pass a law to make buggering a sixteen year old boy legal. No wonder they fear the B.N.P.

One day a British National Party will review all our laws. Round about the time they open the perverts tomb and throw his remains down a sewer.

Rot in hell Ted Heath - Pervert.

Plaid's betrayal.

Plaid's utter betrayal of its founding purpose - to protect the Welsh language and Welsh Wales - is nowhere better shown than in these Plaid Cymru election leaflets printed in Polish. We quote:

"It doesn't matter what languages you speak or don't speak... It doesn't matter where you come from - Welshpool, Wolverhampton or Warsaw - if you think Plaid Cymru should form the government in Cardiff then you can vote for us. Two of our Presidents - Dafydd Wigley and Saunders Lewis - weren't born in Wales.

"What languages you speak and where you come from are no more important than what clothes you wear or the colour of your skin. Plaid Cymru is the party for all the people of Wales."

Out of a Welsh-speaking population of little more than one million, a staggering 6,000 people went to prison during the campaign, launched by Saunders Lewis in 1968, to secure official status for the Welsh language. Many of those now ageing veterans of a long campaign of civil disobedience and non-violent direct action, and their families, are now watching in impotent horror as the neo-Marxist polytechnic lecturers and town hall parasites who have hijacked Plaid Cymru make a play for the Polish vote- despite the devastating effect of Polish immigration and cheap labour on poor Welsh families and communities.

You can read the rest of this news item at B.N.P. News.

And you can read what Plaid thinks of white, Welsh faces here.

Do you think it right that immigrants who have only just arrived in our country and taking our jobs should have the right to vote? Of course you do not. But without immigrant votes, the cosy nest of vipers in the Welsh Assembly will not long survive.

Remember there is only one Party that believes in Wales and Great Britain and you can vote for them on May 3rd. B.N.P. Day.

Welsh Assembly - Nick Bourne

Interesting thing about Nick Bourne, Leader of the Conservatives in the Welsh Assembly. Back in 2003 he made a speech about Britain being "swamped" by asylum seekers and yet he attacks the B.N.P. for saying the same thing. Nick Bourne (pictured left) is sometimes referred to as the Pink Doughnut.

You see, in their hearts the Tri-Axis politicians know the truth, it is just they would rather have the money then their honour.

Nick is currently under investigation by the Commissioner For Standards for making the following comments back in February.

”..the BNP, a nasty, mean, distasteful and grubby bunch of sub-human flotsam and jetsam who we need to ensure do not prosper from the democratic process.” and,

”. so long as the BNP act within the law ( and they often do not )……”

However if you are one of the many complainants about this mans obnoxious statements, do not expect an early reply, should you enquire as to how the investigation is going. You can expect something like this:-


Thank you for your e-mail below. The investigation into this complaint is still on-going. We will contact you to let you know the outcome once the Commissioner for Standards has concluded his preliminary investigation.


Gareth Rogers
Pennaeth y Swyddfa Gyflwyno / Head of the Table Office
Gwasanaeth Seneddol y Cynulliad/Assembly Parliamentary Service
Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru / National Assembly for Wales

(029) 2089 8210 :

Wonder what the chances are of people getting a reply before the elections?

Vote British National Party on May 3rd - for the start of the restoration of British Justice.

Inside the UAF

In an earlier post, I was was pointing out the lack of democracy in the Unite Against Freedom group and how their leaders were self appointed. I also pointed out that its main members were from the Moslem Respect party and that they drew their funds from traitor Unions such as Amicus. You might remember this also about Amicus.

So it is interesting to read the following over on Workers' Liberty. Where they show exactly the aims of the UAF and SWP. Neither of these organisations contest elections - far too democratic for them, although the SWP is a member of the Respect coalition which has one MP. Well read on and make your mind up on who are the fascists in British Society - the B.N.P. or the internationalists who seek to destroy us. The image is a rare photo of a strategy meeting between the various UAF factions. George Galloway is center. The following is a sample of what to expect:-

For a long time sponsorship of Unite Against Fascism has been the token gesture of the trade union movement. No questions are asked about how decisions are taken in UAF, how democratic local groups are, how open they are to those the SWP doesn’t like and what alliances the SWP make on behalf of UAF.

UAF operates not only on a cross-party basis but also a cross-class basis. Tories, liberals, religious reactionaries are all invited to be a part and the politics of its literature is simplistically anti-Nazi.

Of course those actively sought to be a part and to front that alliance are chosen by the SWP and sometimes this causes reaction from trade union sponsors. Attempts to have Sir Iqbal Sacranie (then General Secretary of the Muslim Council of Britain) take a prominent role at press conferences and in UAF literature led to uproar from a number of unions. But the policy of UAF remains to ignore anti-government dissent on low wage employment, welfare services and the issues behind the racism that the BNP cashes in on.

UAF does not attempt to build ongoing democratic campaigns in the areas where the BNP exist. In Nottingham, as probably in most places, one-off, haphazard leafleting is announced. Nothing is said about who has organised it. In reality it is arranged by the SWP and largely dealt with as a party building stunt. UAF is essentially an adjunct of the SWP.

The other major national anti-fascist organisation, Stop the BNP, is more open than UAF, but some of the recent material has been less than adequate. Its election leaflet quotes Alan Sugar, near billionaire and arrogant boss-figure — hardly the sort of person alienated working-class people can identify with. When it has Gordon Brown speaking on its platforms (as in Glasgow on 6 April) it can hardly relate effectively to working-class despair and dissent with the government.

Despite the weakness of these national campaigns, there are serious possibilities open to anti-fascists to organise. In Nottingham, large meetings are being organised in the very centre of BNP activity. One in Brinsley, reported in an earlier issue of this paper, attracted 40 people.

Elsewhere in Broxtowe, Labour Parties are working with anti-fascists to organise meetings and leafleting of areas where the BNP are standing.

There is an inevitable tension between anti-fascist activists, who are overwhelmingly anti-government, and Labour Party organisations who have a more equivocal stance. AWL supporters believe that where there has been no work done and no base for independent working class candidates, as in almost all the areas where the BNP is standing, a vote for Labour is needed against the BNP. Some anti-fascists disagree with us on this. But all the active anti-fascists involved in the campaign acknowledge the need to organise those that oppose the BNP — to build activity in trade unions and the working class communities around the issues that the BNP tries to exploit.

So as you can see, you have the whole rotten mess involved in the destruction of Our Nation and democracy. The Torys, David Cameron, Labours, Gordon Brown and the icing on the cake for the destruction, a nice mix of SWP and the MCB. Spit.

The clock is ticking for Great Britain - you need to vote for the British National Party on May 3rd - B.N.P. Day or you may lose your Country.

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Swansea - a City Enhanced by Immigrants

I apologise to the True Brits who are not familiar with the name of Ian Titherington. He is only known in Wales for his support of almost anyone but the native born Welsh. But it is just as well to let the rest of the U.K. know that Wales also has its shares of Quislings. Notice his blog carries the logo of the defunct Nazi CRE, the organisation whose black chairman Trevor Phillips, said that BNP voters were "less than human".

And yet he is a Plaid candidate for Swansea West and is hoping to see Muslims elected as Welsh Assembly Members. You know that big talking shop where the likes of Rhodri Morgan gobs off and gets fatter every week at the expense of the British Taxpayers for doing nothing. Remember Rhodri, he is the one who preferred to go golfing then go to the Normandy Landings Commemorations. My father landed there on D-Day and was machine gunned outside Caen - vote Labour? I would rather rot in hell.

Now Plaid, you must remember is the party that thinks that Wales is hideously white. Remember the speech by Lord Ellis-Thomas. That is what Plaid really thinks of the Welsh. They, like Labour are internationalists and seek a muddy brown world where everyone is equal according to their standards and they rule it.

Yet if you visit their websites and forums you will see their despicable hatred aimed at our allies, The English, our Brothers of Britain. But Plaid hates them because, like you they are white and stand in their way.

The image shows a B.N.P. team dropping some sense of at Plaids Offices.

The truth is they would rather a T.B. infected Somali then an Englishman move to Wales, because they believe they can control the Somali and control his vote. Why do you think all these immigrants have been given the vote? To help keep the pigs feeding at the trough we fill through our Labour. Dhimmi Plaid. Dim Ian.

Well the political wheel is turning and one day the people who have brought Our Country to its knees will pay and by then let us hope that Capital punishment has been restored.

There is only one party that cares with a passion about Wales and that is the British National Party. Vote B.N.P. on May 3rd. A vote for any other party is a vote for national suicide.

Police alert on election fraud

Over now to the Scotsman which today printed the following.

THE Holyrood election has been left wide open to fraud on a potentially massive scale after ministers scrapped checks designed to prevent abuse of postal votes.

With just 11 days to go, a Scotland on Sunday investigation has revealed concern at the highest level that key seats could be won by fraudulent postal votes, and that there are already widespread claims of vote-buying by corrupt party activists.

Despite an unprecedented 433,000 postal vote applications, our inquiry has established that:

• Computer checks on ballot signatures will be used in England, but not north of the Border;

• Date of birth checks on the same papers will happen south of the Border, but not in Scotland;

• The Electoral Reform Society in Scotland is "hugely concerned" about the scope for fraud;

• Allegations are circulating that votes are already being bought for as little as £20;

Some of you might remember in a previous article If Every Vote Counts, Count Every Vote I mentioned the delightful practice of fraud that had been one of the benefits of "enrichment" that has been brought to Our Country by would be colonists. But read on. The Scotsman goes on to report:-

Scotland on Sunday has spoken to members of the Asian community in Glasgow who claim that fraud there is rife.

Muhammad Shoaib, who left the Labour party to become an independent candidate last year, claimed there was "a deliberate campaign" to abuse the postal vote system.

And there we have it - the identity of the enricher's of democracy. Oh and the going rate for the democracy that our people have died for - well these people put this value on it.

The man said that the practice of literally buying votes was also on-going: "The cost would depend on how much the person knows how the system works. A recent immigrant from Poland might demand £20, an Indian or Pakistani £50, and a non-Asian who knows it's not allowed would ask for hundreds of pounds."

There is only one way to restore democracy to the United Kingdom. We must vote in huge numbers that will swamp even the fraudsters operations. Vote B.N.P. on May 3rd. When every vote counts, count every vote.

The UAF - The true face of fascism

The Unite Against Freedom crowd reveal their true face with their current headline article over on the their website. Fascists? What can you with them?

No BNP on the Licence Fee! - In Wales

• Pull the plug on the BNP Party Political Broadcast in Wales
• Emergency picket outside BBC Wales, 6pm-7pm, Tuesday 24th April
• Complain to broadcasters
Pickett 6-7pm Tuesday 24th April,
BBC Wales Offices,
Broadcasting House,
Llantrisant Rd

For more information contact Unite Against Fascism on:
07790 022 472 / 07734 032 314
supported by NUJ and BECTU

However I must admit to being slightly concerned at the support given by the National Union of Journalists. BECTU can eat my shorts for what their opinions are worth. It is enough to say that their Black Members' Committee aims to do something or other.

However, I cannot believe that any true journalist would strive to stamp out free speech, ergo they are not true journalists. They are the mouthpieces of the state and deserve only contempt for their cowardice and betrayal of their profession.

Now you know now why you should vote B.N.P. on May 3rd. The British National Party is the only party that defends free speech. Even that the of the fascist UAF.

If anyone is in the area could they check out their turnout and also get a few snapshots to send me. Talking of which, there is a request for photo's and information over on the B.N.P. site here. Please help if you can.

Censorship reflects society's lack of confidence in itself. It is a hallmark of an authoritarian regime.

Drake's Drum beating louder

Sunday Morning and flipping around my favorite blogs, not for inspiration, the amount of material out there is tremendous but just to read others thoughts, I landed up at Drake's Drum.

Drake's Drum went quiet for a couple of weeks but I am glad to see and hear that it is again beating out a warning to all True Brits louder than ever.

"Take my drum to England, hang et by the shore,
Strike et when your powder's runnin' low;

If the Dons sight Devon, I'll quit the port o' Heaven,

An' drum them up the Channel as we drummed them long ago."

There are a couple of must read articles, including one of slavery in Preston, another about eating pork turning you into an homosexual and one rather frightening scenario that suggests that the UK may not survive as a single nation.

So whilst I go and have breakfast why not go over and read them. See you later.

Without general elections, without unrestrained freedom of press and assembly, without a free struggle of opinion, life dies out in every public institution…in which only the bureaucracy remains as the active element.

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Operation Cover-Up

We are all familiar with the announcements from the various Police Forces around the country that they are going to carry out "zero tolerance" vehicle checks to ensure they are not carrying food or water that drivers might eat or drink whilst stuck in traffic.

Well whilst these little displays of "We are the Masters" can be annoying, they at least are not usually fatal but acid attacks on women not wearing the veil are very common throughout the Moslem world.

Now in Iran, where they really understand the meaning of "zero tolerance" their Gestapo have just announced the summer offensive "Operation Cover-Up" will start next week.

Deputy commander of the Iranian police force warned women that "the police will operate against women who dress like models in town. Women that are arrested will be taken to four centers, where they will receive guidance and advice. They will commit in writing not to dress in violation of the dress code again, and they will be released only after their families come to pick them up and bring them proper attire."

And it is not just the women who are to be roped in. Young men in short pants are also targeted. Apparently the sight of young men in tight shorts is just too much for some Moslems. One wonders what goes on in the minds of some of their madmen.

In addition to the hijab, Iranian women are required to wear a long coat to conceal any trace of the outline of their figure.

So, in case you are thinking of holidaying in Iran, you are reminded that the Mohammedan dress code also applies to non-Islamic women, as well as to tourists visiting. Great place especially in summer. Don't forget to wrap up well.

Perhaps it is better to go somewhere safer, like Turkey. Perhaps not, read this.

‘included shootings, arson, assault with meat cleavers, kidnapping, beatings and attacks with acid on women not dressed in an Islamic manner.’

And those unelected clowns are actually thinking of inviting Turkey to join the european union and let their masses have open access to our country. Why not just release bubonic plague on us and have done with it.

If you have no wish to see your ladies looking like the young Iranian girls shown in the image then you would be wise to vote for the British National Party on May 3rd because Sharia Law and their dress code is creeping across Europe.

So Ladies what is to be this year. Something from Vogue or is it to be the Nanook of the North look?

If all men are born free, how is it that all women are born slaves?

St Georges Day - April 23rd

How very appropriate it is that St George is the Patron Saint of England.

It was the Colours of Saint George, a white flag with a red cross of a martyr that became first the uniform of the Crusaders as they fought to drive back the hordes of Islam. Then his banners colours became the Flag of England - a Christian country with Christian values.

And how appropriate it is now, that once again Our Country is having to face the threat of domination by the Cult of Mohammed and that the symbolic dragon that St George is shown slaying is that of Islam. What better flag could the true English have to Rally around.

So you would think that all true Englishmen would be proud of their chosen Saint and flag. But no.

There are those in the Labour Party, who hate your Flag, your Saint and to be blunt - if you are a white Englishman, you. It is a reminder to the Marxists of English Unity, the same as the Union Jack is the symbol of British unity and so also hated by the internationalists. That is why they wish our historic symbols banned and hidden away. And that is why you must go and buy an English flag and fly it.

There have even been attempts over the years by the Church - Our Church who thinks St George should be replaced with another less controversial Saint. One that does not offend - you guessed it. The Moslems.

I think it would be a terrific site to see if every True Brit was to fly the flag on St Georges day. The more flags the Moslems see the sooner they will realise that the time for Hegira really does approach.

If you want to keep your flag flying then you must vote British National Party on May 3rd. B.N.P. Day

Friday, 20 April 2007

Prepare to Board the Enemy.

In two previous posts, the first inspired by the signal flown by Lord Nelson during the many battles he commanded. Engage the enemy more closely, I made requests for those readers who are members or supporters of the B.N.P. to engages in cyberspace activism.

In the second article, I reiterated my comments and suggested it was incumbent upon us all to increase our efforts in Time for another Push.

Various actions were suggested and it seems we have been having some success across Our Country. Remember these lines in the St. Crispen's Day Speech.?

Then shall our names,
Familiar in his mouth as household words-
Harry the King, Bedford and Exeter,
Warwick and Talbot, Salisbury and Gloucester-
Be in their flowing cups freshly rememb'red.

But instead I see the names of the cybernet activists who have rallied to the flag. Helena, ShieldWall, Felicity, Aberdeen, Lionheart, Drakes Drum and many, many more. I see their names repeated in the comment section of the World Press.

Wherever the British National Party has been attacked in words and ideas, these people have rushed to fill the gap with the truth and knowledge.

They have brushed of the insults and looked with contempt at the hatred of the enemy and then responded with civilised arguments that will have been noticed by the people still standing on the side.

People who are now rushing to enter their fray, as the increased membership of the B.N.P. shown.

Now in the last few weeks before the May election it is time for another push and on another front. We must board the enemy ships and take our message to their Bloggers and to their readers.

You must setup a bookmark in Google to the Blogs search and enter "British National Party" OR B.N.P. Like so here. When the results are returned click the Sorted by Date option on the right beneath the results line.

Then just read through the results and wherever there is a blog attacking the B.N.P. then you must home in on it and if possible leave comments pointing out their mistakes, errors in logic and the like. Be polite and always leave them with a link to a friendly site or the BNP home page.

Some of our comments will not get through but those that do will be read by people who would not usually visit one of our sites, this may encourage them to. They may well then rethink their voting intentions. Remember. For the want of a nail?

Fellow bloggers I request that you post something similar.

Good Luck Everybody.