Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Be Angry - Very Angry

David Frost is going to make you angry. Very, very angry. And if he does not then you are obviously not a True Brit and should not even be here. So leave.

David Frost, is the director general of the British Chambers of Commerce which represents small businesses and the slime has this to say about the 1500 immigrants who arrive in our country every day. Read it here. Below are some snippets.

"They've got a far better work ethic, young Poles, than a lot of the local British people. And they have much higher skill levels,"

Now just let us look at that statement. The Poles have come here for the simple reason that pay and conditions are much harder for them in their own Country. And yes they are cheaper to employ because they will live ten to a room and work all the hours given to them for peanuts, so they can send their pay home to their families who depend on them to live.

They are not paying mortages, huge rent and rate bills like their British counterparts so they are bound to be cheaper - for Businesses. But someone pays. Someone always has to pay.

And it is Our Country that pays and picks up the huge bills for the strains put on our schools, translation services, hospitals and local authorities whilst watching its own culture washed away by the sea of immigrants.

But business does not pay for those services - you do- so David Frost and the like do not give a toss. They are filling their pockets indirectly with our money whilst British workers lose their jobs and become homeless thus adding to Countries burdens.

As for the skills - that may be true. We let the Marxists destroy our excellent education system and close our Technical colleges in order to create a system that would produce a future workforce of uneducated voting fodder that would be dependant on the State. The British National Party would sort that out in a matter of years.

And above the small businesses are the big multi-nationals like the Royal Bank of Scotland who also believes that immigration is good - for them.

Stephen Boyle, an economist at the Royal Bank of Scotland, in January titled a research note: "Polish plumbers: mending your pipes and keeping your mortgage down."

He could have gone on to say "whilst depriving british plumbers of their jobs and houses".

Only your votes on May 3rd can help to stop the flood that is drowning our country and then the B.N.P. can start the long, hard job of draining the land for recovery and make it fit for our children.

The B.N.P. is our dam. Vote for them on May 3rd or let the Poles and Moslems have our country and let them fight over its dead carcass.

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fido said...

Guess they must be the benefits of being in the Eurozone?

No wonder France wants to ship such ribbish over to us.