Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Armed Police - Move away from the Chair.

Despair. Weep. Scream in rage. But do something to show you at least are still human and retain some semblance of free thought and will.

The Health & Safety Executive have gone stark staring bonkers and we the poor taxpayers have the privilege of paying the wages and pensions of these parasites on sane society.

They have posted the following signs up in their offices:

‘Do not lift tables or chairs without giving 48 hours notice to HSE management’,.

Staff then book a porter to complete the task - allowing two days for this to happen.

What they try out in their Ivory Tower, you can bet will soon be force fed to the British Business world. Which will be under threat of severe fines should a staff member complain that they had to carry their chair into the meeting room, because an extra client had turned up.

Read the whole sorry saga of their insanity here.

Only a British National Party Government will sack these morons who bring in these stupid rules and repair the damage these lunatics have done.


Helena said...


Perhaps not the best place to post it, but a good "anon" comment left on the Richard Sloggett"Slig" Cameron worshipping site.(last one down) Its not even from a BNP supporter but shows we are making people think?
I sometimes think the more The Old Gang attack us the more the freethinkers think we may have a case.

The Green Arrow said...

As usual, good comments Helena. If I didnt know better I would say young Richard and his brother were planted by the BNP to drive the real conservatives out of their party.

Wasnt that a terrible crime posted over on the Nationalist News?

Animals and yet nothing in the press.

shieldwall said...

Good God,it will not be long before they have someone wiping their arses,and this is dealing with adults,UNBELIEVEABLE

Helena said...

Absolutely awful GA, why is this not of interest to the BBC, or is this kind of black on white crime so common now it doesn't rate a mention?
Is there anything we can do like set up a "real BBC" blog so that casual googlers see our site first with the news they wont publish.
I'm rambling but I want to DO something to wipe the smug grin off those bastards faces.
It should be noted I never swear, my dear old mum would have killed me, but I've thought of words I'd never say about these utter traitors and animals at the BBC.