Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Laughing At Islam

Sadly I see the following in the Cambridge Evening News.

Islam cartoon student apologises for offence

A CAMBRIDGE University student who sparked a huge row when he published anti- Islamic material has issued a grovelling apology.

The 19-year-old second-year Clare College student went into hiding after he printed a cartoon and material satirising religion in college magazine Clareification.

For his own safety and that of others, the student, who is British, has not been named. During the initial furore surrounding the publication he was taken out of his accommodation and put in a secure place.

Now I can understand why a young student of 19 would make an apology. Patriotic, free thinking. He would be very much alone at Cambridge with the cowardly and traitorous teachers that produced the likes of Anthony Blunt and the rest of the Cambridge Spy ring. Only the fact that they also produced Nick Griffin redeems them at all. But the term grovelling does seem a bit over the top.

However we bloggers are not children to be intimidated by aging Dons - not even Spanish ones. So we start the day of with laughing at the killer creatures from the mad bad mind of the sad Mohammed, a man who makes Stephen King look like a children's writer.

Allah sent his favourite prophet (that's Mo) down from Paradise and told him to make a website to tell everybody in the Civilised World that Islam is not a morally corrupt and backward religion, hell bent on World domination and the eradication of all non-believers...Mo told him he couldn't, because it is! He sent him anyway.
Mo (Peace Be Upon Him)

So go read what Mo has created at The Official Website of Allah and laugh your little cotton socks of at the antics of the Crazy Gang and associated cartoons.

Hat-tip to the Cat


Anonymous said...

Feast your eyes on the sensible alternative to the burqka and "Ask Mo" the essential guide to living a haram life in all ways!
If this was on every hard drive Islam would be dead by morning!

Bob said...

OMD!!! Have you seen "my favourite wifes outfit?" with the little plastic doll. I nearly choked. This guy IS the prophet!

LionHeart said...

He is like most other Brits in this generation, the only saving grace is the fearless faithful few who will not be intimidated and forced into Dhimmitude.

God bless


hellosnackbar said...

(Prophet Mo has some of the funniest lampoons of Islam on the web.
Unsurprisingly muslims are somewhat less enthusiastic.(they've tried to
hack the site on numerous occasions but naturally due to a somewhat compromised intellect our hero Mo has conquered them at every turn.)
Also read the hate mail that Pat Condell has recieved(its a hoot).
Unrelenting derision is a powerful weapon in our battle against the dark side.
Visit the prophet daily and have your say.