Sunday, 1 April 2007

Birth of a True Brit Union - Solidarity

Are you a member of a trade union that is diametrically opposed to every thing you believe in? Are you a member of a trade union that takes your contributions and spends your money on big cars for their unelected for lifetime leaders? That takes your money and spends it on causes aimed at destroying your future and your children's?

Well you do not have to eat their crap any more. There is a new, real, Trade Union called Solidarity that has been build on the foundations of freedom of speech and democracy and a mandate to protect white British Workers and it is recruiting now.

You can read a review here. When you have done that, join up by clicking Solidarity and then look forward to telling those jumped up little Hittlers who currently act as your Shop Stewards and Conveners what to do with their Red Rag Flag and equal opportunities for immigrants.

The British National Party - Supporting those who support the People.


Ted said...

We should all join and support a patriotic union on the sde of the put upon British worker.
But what if the above is true?

Prince Charles embracing Islam like the Roman Emperor Constantine who smoothed the way for Christianity by persecuting pagans in their own land.

Would membership of a patriotic union be enough?

shieldwall said...

GA,I have been a proud member of Solidarity since it was founded.The union is getting bigger and better organised by the day.I joined because I was fed up with my union(20 years with the TGWU)who was anti Brit pro migrant worker and why should part of my union fees go to the Labour party who I despise,if your union is a member of the TUC then part of your fees go to Tony and co,so effectively you are paying towards your eventual demise,THINK ABOUT IT,LEAVE YOUR TIRED OLD ANTI BRIT UNIONS AND JOIN A NEW FIGHTING SPIRITED UNION THAT IS WILLING AND ABLE TO FIGHT FOR BRITISH PEOPLE AND THEIR JOBS.I have felt a lot better for it,just the thought of not being with a left wing union is great but cancelling your membership and telling them why you have is absolutely wonderful,so do it and enjoy it,remember if you dont then you are financing your own down fall.NEVER SURRENDER.

Anonymous said...

Though there has been an attempt to disrupt the work of Solidarity I am pleased to see that it continues to defend the rights and interests of its members. General Secretary, Pat Harrington, is personally representing Mark Walker a BNP teacher being persecuted on account of his political views. Pat has been all over the papers in the North East sticking-up for Mark and condemning the anti-democratic, new McCarthyites. Well done Pat!