Thursday, 26 April 2007

British Businesses - The new slave owners

We are told repeatedly by the government and businesses that immigration is good... And it is good.. For the government and businesses that "employ" these immigrants.

It is good for government in the votes of these colonisers of our land and it is good for businesses in greater profits because of reduced payrolls and employers contributions. Remember this article..You Used to be.

However, as we know everything has to be paid for. And again it it the British workers and taxpayers who lose out again. Increases in unemployment and strains on the NHS and other services.

But the next time someone whose brain has been turned to mush by the governments propaganda, says that immigrants do the jobs that British workers wont do. Just let them know that the British Worker cannot afford to do these jobs as they have homes to pay for and families to feed and are not prepared to live the way the immigrants do.

Then point them to this article that reports that immigrant workers are modern-day slaves and then the living conditions for these people here. Twelve to a room and £2.50 an hour. Anyone who supports these conditions for anyone, True Brit or illegal immigrants are as bad and as guilty as the slavers themselves.

And where are the great freedom loving trade unions whilst all this suffering and human exploitation is happening?

Why they are off publishing details of British National Party members on their websites and asking:-

Branches to forward any information they have on to the Policy and Information Team. As part of UNISON’s election activities we will be producing anti-racist materials.

Like the government and businesses the unions, being Marxist led also have a desire to see the end of Great Britain as an independent nation.

Great Britain led the way in ending slavery in the parts of the world it could influence. The British National Party will free the modern slaves and punish their gang masters.

Vote B.N.P. on May 3rd - B.N.P. Day


SWIFT&BOLD said...

Unison(the modern day spanish inquisition)brrring me the comfy chair!!!!

Iris said...

Dreadful! And what are they going to do when they find out "details" of these honest brave people, the lone voices of reason in PC madness?
Blackmail them? Intimidate them? Hound them out of Jobs?
Threaten their families with the Anti Fash thugs who persecute those honest enough to stand up and be counted?
Shame on "The Unions", bought and paid for by the government and big business.

Anonymous said...

Check out any "Asian" corner shop and see the wage slaves stacking shelves and pushing overloaded barrows. Ask them how much they earn "on the side" that the taxman doesn't see.
Its a rich "cultural" practice tax ispectors and accountants see everyday.

David said...

The voices of reason and common sense will rise to drown out the establishments new speak.
My ballot paper is in the post it will be counted as spoiled, but to me
it is my chance to have my voice heard. May the 3rd will be BNP day.
God bless you and keep up the good work.