Monday, 30 April 2007

Muslim awards reveal their contempt for the Kaffir

At the recent Muslim awards the man of the year award went to two individuals who have been fighting to establish clitheroe's first mosque "despite much opposition from the local community."

So there you have it. They honour people who advance the cause of Islam, regardless of the wishes of the local population.

One local persons comment on the mosque was: "The decision has now been made and although the council has made 40 Muslim families very happy, they have probably made 400 other families in Clitheroe very unhappy", another - "what assurances do we have that it will not at some later date become a sanctuary for some extremist group which we hear about on our televisions with much regularity ?"

The image shows the Dhimmi Mayor of Bolton at the awards. Read the rest of the awards here.

If you want to read what the cult of mohammed has to say you can view their gloating comments dead link sorry will attempt to find copy.

Meanwhile the Magistrate who did not like curry and preferred fish and chips as managed to hold onto his position despite calls from the crazy cult for his resignation. He had to eat humble pie and agree to attend a "Culture Class" for re-education but he keeps his job, if not his pride.

You can read that here.

Come on people, lets show Bliar and Clown Brown what we think of them and what we think of "Culture Classes" and vote for the British National Party on May 3rd. B.N.P. Day.


fido said...

Missed that about that poor man being sent for brainwashing classes, will do a post on that.

najistani said...

It's time to ...

Iris said...

The link to the "gloating" comments doesn't work.

mars said...

thats unfair labelling muslims as a 'cult'. you should read up on islam too before making any statements would you feel if a cotholic minority in a muslim dominated region gets their church built? i think the community thats getting its first mosque is a decision that works in favor of the the growth and harmony of that community