Tuesday, 1 May 2007

The Islamification of Great Britain

The European Union (spit) has warned the Turkish Army that it is to stay out of political affairs. Now this is something that usually we would agree with.

But with Turkey we cannot be too sure. You see Islam is eating at the heart of their secular nation and there have been protests in that country to object to the way that the Mohammedans are making more and more demands for Sharia Law and all that entails, from veils to heads rolling in the dust. I suspect the pro secular demonstrations are too late and the Country is sliding into the abyys. Turkey must never be allowed to join the European Union.

Now we know that the Islamification of Europe was planned back as early as the 1950's by people who wished to create a Eurabia, prior to the creation of a one world government. Their plans are now well advanced.

As a result of this, hundreds of thousands of people have died because of these maniacs and their successors determination to create a one world government.

Now, in our Country we can no longer expend energy worrying about the Islamification and the horrors they face in Europe. The enemy is not just at our gate, he is through it and quickly moving towards our Keep. We must defend ourselves. Once free, we can "try" to help our neighbors.

In Our Country, The Cult of the Dead Paedophile have created, whilst the British People slept an Islamic Government with its own Parliament and Judiciary and is now starting to act as a nation within a nation. It collects it own taxes whilst still feeding of its host country and has even set up an alternative Scouting Movement.

They have their own communication channels and carefully select their areas for colonisation. Once firmly embedded they then seek to change their environment to suit them. The original inhabitants are then "encouraged" to move.

They can then control the political process in that area with their block votes and their casual attitude towards electoral fraud. To them the end justifies the means and the sitting politicians will become Dhimmis or lose their place at the pig trough. Eventually those traitors are replaced with one of "their own" and so the Dhimmi creeps of with his pension to compensate for his lack of honour.

And what of our fellow citizens who refuse to be woken to the danger? Who still swallow the lies of the Tri-Axis of evil parties. They are fed excrement and deserve to eat excrement until they get up and help take back our country. They will have to in the end. But it will be too late and they will be the first to scream. Let me give an example.

Back in the late 70's and early 80's whilst I was trying to push the British Nationalist cause up the Welsh Valleys, there was one big guy who was a bit of a bully and worse - he was a screamer. Every time our paths crossed the usual abuse would follow. Racist, Nazi, Fascist, etc, etc. I saw him a few months back. He was still screaming. But this time he was demanding, "When are your lot going to do something about these fucking Muslims?"!!!! I told him to do something. If he had opened his mind in the 80's he would not be worrying about his grand daughter now.

But no one can say that we were not warned. What parts of "Islam will rule the World" or them saying "This is our country now" and "The flag of Islam will fly over England" do we not understand?

Those people who still believe the lies of the Tri-Axis parties and vilify and attack the British National Party will take us down with them and even with their last breath still manage to trot out that it was our fault for not buying into multicultural suicide.

Our only chance is for a British National Party government. These Assembly and local elections are our launchpad. We must succeed. I leave you to imagine the alternative.


celtic morning said...

So the judge in the trial of the moslem terrorists warned them they may never be released ! Would not like to bet on that . After all this is weak kneed Britain !! Truth is they should be executed and imagine the riots we would see in protest from the swarthies then !! Cities would burn and as a certain man , ahead of his time , told us , there would be much bloodshed .But at least the nation would then wake up and realise that yes , we are at war , yes , we need to take our country back , yes , these invaders are the biggest threat we have ever faced . And at last the lies of our politicians would be proven , undeniable - Islam is very definitely NOT a religion of peace . One day , and it may not be far away , the British people will have to prove themselves once again . Do we still have the old spirit in our genes and bloodstream ? Take the first steps on thursday . Vote BNP

najistani said...


In a case which is revoltingly reminiscent of the torture and mutilation of Kriss Donald (tongue cut out, eyeballs gouged out, castrated, stabbed 13 times, and finally set on fire whilst still alive - see http://www.amren.com/mtnews/archives/2004/11/racist_coward_h.php ) three Christians have been Satanically tortured and mutilated to death in the name of Allah.

"The men were disemboweled, and their intestines sliced up in front of their eyes. They were emasculated and watched as those body parts were destroyed. .... fingers were chopped off and their noses and mouths and anuses were sliced open as part of what it called "satanic torture." Tilman was stabbed 156 times, Necati 99 times and Ugur’s stabs were too numerous to count. Finally, their throats were sliced from ear to ear, and their "heads practically decapitated." . From http://www.spcm.org/Journal/spip.php?article10120

Of course, our dhimmified, petrodollar-bribed politicians will never admit that such hideous crimes are an inevitable consequence of the fundamental beliefs of Islam, which teaches implacable hatred of the 'Kaffir pigs and monkeys' from infancy onwards.

Expect more of this kind of thing. But don't expect it to be reported in the MSM.

Anonymous said...

You're right GA, no one can say they wern't warned.
A friend of mine teaches martial arts and he told me openly most of his students were Muslims, some as young as three years old.
Their ferocity is unusual in young people and he believes they are building a street army for when the call goes out.
Meanwhile our youth swig cheap wine on corners and buy the Paki poison.
The Left have softened up all but the better educated (better educated in spite of the Left)

celtic morning said...

British people have no knowledge of firearm use , most have never even seen a shotgun . Meanwhile , flights to Pakistan are busy with "students " who return well able to strip and assemble all sorts of weapons and familiar with methods of quick killing in close combat . Our youth slob into obesity , dont even play sports at any decent level , binge drink and drug themselves to the eyeballs as they sleepwalk into servitude and domination by a ruthless cult to whome life , particularly dhimmi life , is very cheap . Be afraid . For the future of you children and grand children . We need a quick return to national service to bring our youngsters to their senses , they need to be made well aware of the threat to their country , they need to be taught how to survive in urban warfare and taught aggresion and defence methods to make them super confident and capable of protecting themselves and their fellow men . When I was young and served abroad we alway regarded ourselves as superior beings who had a duty to help others , less fortunate than ourselves . It was a far better attitude than that nurtured by politiicians of the last sixty years . Bring back the bulldog spirit , let it replace our new found poodle complex.

Eddie said...

My two boys were in a group of only six white youth in a class of twenty. They noticed while "the others" got stuck in they coudn't take a good spanking, got mad and made silly mistakes that put them on their ass. Too much blind hatred.

Anonymous said...

Terror plots raise their ugly heads in Glasgow.
I'll be staying out of the way.

Anonymous said...

A good post Green If this does not wake up Britain to the threat of the Moslem's nothing will, the live leek link is Horrendous, do you mind if I cut and paste all your post to my e-mail address book

Steven Thomson Aberdeen

Anonymous said...

Ok I am a Muslim "Paki" and I know of absolutely no plots to take over your country. You guys are just making excuses to hate us. All the predictions Hitler made about Jews ruining Germany never materialised, neither will yours!
Personally all i want is your women, benefits and jobs, is that too much to ask for?
And oh, throw in a bag of Fish and Chips!

Anonymous said...


Thistlemad said...

I have noticed that on too many posts it is "England,
The WHOLE UK is in a mess, and those who follow this "religion" have spread to all corners of our country.
Too many parts of our cities are being taken over and literally turned into ghetto`s.
I emailed that no hoper Katy Clark Labour MP warning her months ago about elements of Shiara Law creeping into the UK courts system. Even though it had been a major story in THE TIMES, she knew nothing about it. When I emailed the link to the story in question, "I will ask the Home Secretary".
On Friday (24th October 08) it was announced that Shiara Law would be allowed in "Family Court".
Now I don`t remember reading about a vote in Parliament on this, and it is a MAJOR change to UK law!!!! Made in the "ENGLISH" parliament (if you want to go down THAT route), with no input from UK residents.
Wouldn`t it be great if EVERY MP lost their seat next time around???
Sadly it will never happen. The UK citizens are already indoctrinated into the PC mentality.
Sadly the only way we MIGHT get groups like the BNP into power is to publicly announce that all Islamists BORN here will be allowed to stay, and be legally protected BY THE SAME LAWS AS THE REST OF US.
Coupled with NO immigration, withdrawl from the EU, no Government recognition of Moslem (I still use the spelling I was taught in school) pressure groups and NO public money for ANY religious groups.
This MIGHT help the BNP become more "electable" to the masses.
There are LEGALLY no grounds for "asylum seekers" in the UK under the International Law that "they" keep banging on about ..... WE ARE AN ISLAND!!! This means they have to pass through "safe" countries to get here.
Boot them all out using International Law!!!!!
How many more pensioners must die from cold and hunger before we wake up????????????
Ps ... my screen name is about my football team!!!!!