Friday, 4 May 2007

The British sheep vote for an Halal end

Well we do not know yet how many of our Countrymen we managed to wake up but it is fairly obvious that it was not as many as we had hoped for.

Despite the best efforts of our activists, this corrupt rotten government has managed to thwart the decent people of this, Our Country by winning or stealing the votes of the sheep people.

Labour has increased taxes to never heard of levels. It openly displays its corruption in cash for honours and it continues to get our young servicemen killed in illegal wars. Why did they still triumph over truth and decency?

Now you can understand the Polish and the rest of the immigrants who arrived last week voting for them.

You can understand the Cult of the Dead paedophile voting for them.

You can even understand the depraved clergy taking time off from their sexual abuse of minors to vote for them whilst handing over the keys of our Churches, voting for them.

But the True Brits? The people whose country is being stolen, not just, from them but from their children. They still voted for the Lib/Lab/Con which is really just one party that gives them, the sheep people an illusion of democracy.

If you read my previous post about the state workers and all associated workers who depend on the state for their inflation proof pensions and giant salaries. You can ask. Did they vote labour as a case of "I'm alright Jack"? Is that why they voted for them and the certain destruction of their country? Did they sell us out for their own selfish ends?

And what about the students with their two votes? Did they really vote for the bullshit of Babybrambles or whatever they are called? Or is the old saying "If a man is a socialist at 20 he has a heart, if still a socialist at 40 he has no mind." Their compassion will kill us.

So what do we do? Well, we do the only thing we can do. We keep on fighting and we shout louder at the sheep people as they walk towards becoming halal meat and pray to God we can wake them before their ignorance kills us all in a new Bosnia.

The British National Party are looking for volunteers to fight for Our Country. Are you awake?


Dave said...

This is a war to keep our birthright and our children's birthright. In a war there are many battles from which we go on to the next more determined than ever!
Defeat is NOT an option on to VICTORY,or did my uncles die for a nation of defeaftists, I think not and my resolve is more determined than ever that we will succeed.
I would just like to thank the many men and women who stood up to be counted, I for one am proud of you and count you as my brothers and sisters.

The Green Arrow said...

Well said Dave.

A bond has been made between us all. We are brothers and sisters now in arms against the enemy of us all.
Scots, English, Welsh, Northern Ireland. We are now truly British Brothers and Sisters.

Helena said...

It was never going to be easy but we increased our profile, took some seats and we aint going anywhere! This is our home!
We can rely on the usual suspects to aid us in every way they usual.

celtic morning said...

I expected , or rather , hoped for the start , the merest spark of a political revolution but started to face reality yesterday as I watched the scurrying crowwds in a town centre and realised that most of them wouldnt even bother to vote and most of them still havnt a clue whats really going on in our country . What do lib/con/commie lab have to do to wake up the voters ? How long can they get away with their deceipt ? How long have we got before it will be too late ? Today I am sick to my stomach . Tomorrow I will throw it off and start again , trying to get the message through . Congratulations to those who worked so hard for little reward and to those who actually did reap the benefit of their faith and effort .

The Green Arrow said...

celtic, like you I felt the same and like you, yesterday I had my doubts as I stood in the centre of a town which has not been "enriched" and I thought. "You just do not know - do you, the danger that threatens us all". And then it hit me and I thought perhaps you do not even care so long as it is not anywhere near you.

Fight on to the last gasp.

last man standing said...

This has nothing whatsoever to do with the democratic system, in fact I think we were all being a little naive trusting in a process which has been compromised by ballot rigging in various forms, not to mention the importation of a foreign voter base.. There is absolutely no way the establishment and its cover parties would allow ANY political movement to jeapordise the corrupt status quo, did we really expect anything less???.
Of all my colleagues and friends, I know of none who would even contemplate voting for Labour, and as for the Tories, well no one who wasnt born with a silver spoon in their mouth would bother with "Posh Dave", I would consider these people to be a fair cross section of the population, so why all of a sudden the dramatic change in both Tory and Labour fortunes?. Certainly since the 1970's, the establishment has played the two party illusion, giving voters the "choice" to vote for the opposition when the present choice has fallen foul of public opinion, and this is exactly what is happening now...mark my words the Tories will be built up in time as the all new party for the next election, though of course will secretly press on with the existing polices of labour whom they will replace, ad infinum!.
Its nothing more than the old class war rearing its head, the wealthy making sure no-one threatens their interests by allowing the masses an alternative. I can honestly see no way out other than revolution, which if we look back in history has been the only way for countries to throw off oppressive state control, but then Britain is no longer the country it was, those citizens that are politically aware are ageing fast and being replaced by generations who have been disuaded from taking any interest in their country's future, so perhaps those of us that can should leave, at least we will no loger have to pay the taxes to aid our own downfall. Bliar's Britain-no way out.

Drake's Drum said...

Well you won't be the last man standing. Never leave our island home. You are right, apathy and trickery won the day. There will be many more days when they blow up planes, civilians, buildings, power-plants etc. Or severe riots will require 'peace' walls, the fight has not yet begun to those with their heads in the sand.

The Lincolnshire Patriot said...

We may have lost the battle - but the war goes on. We can and will win eventually. Let us hope that our countrymen join us in ever increasing numbers. The look of horror on the Con-servatives faces as my good friend the Rev Robert West was interviewed at last nights count showed how scared of us they really are. The truth will prevail!

Anonymous said...

We must get over the idea that the CONServatives are really Labourites and Lib Dems who are less honest than the previously-named parties. Cameron's Blue Labour are a massive CONtrick.

I think however that very sadly we will need something like a dirty nuke going off in London planted by a nice 'British' boy who wanted to play cricket when he grew-up to get the truth through the thick skulls of our fellow Brits.

Drake's Drum said...

Dave, I missed the fact that you had lost uncles. I have been lucky, Grandad lost a tooth on Gold Beach Normandy. Greatgrandfather survived Gallipoli and the Western front. Dad was at Aden. I did nowt in Germany. My brother is somewhere rather warm but sandy, good on him.
To all those that have lost family members, or who have served we shall continue and fight on.