Saturday, 12 May 2007

Wales - Valleys Race Equaltiy Council

Councillor RT Davies (center) and Members of the Valleys Race Equality Council

There is one particular maggot that feeds off the unaware people of Britain that needs the stone that covers it pulling away. For pointing me in the right direction, we have to thank an ignorant, ill informed Welsh Councillor by the name of RT Davies.

RT Davies who is a Valleys Race Equality Council Member, has given his heartfelt thanks to the people of Wales for giving the British National Party short thrift in the recent elections.

Now personally I think that Dippy Davies is just lieing to himself and his readers. Over 14% of the British electorate voted for the British National Party. 5% of the Welsh electorate voted for them. Not bad for a political party that has the entire destroyers of Our Nation pouring millions of pounds into denying it a voice. Like Jon Crudass, you can smell the fear of RT Davies. The fear of a pig who knows that one day he is going to be dragged screaming from the trough of public money that feeds his bloated form. But this is what he has to say.

The Welsh tradition of hospitality and generosity is still intact, i.e. the welcoming of refugees from all over the world, refugees from the great Irish hunger of the l9th Century, the Spanish children caught up in the Spanish Civil War of 1936 in which many Welsh miners gave their lives, the thousands of Asians who were persecuted by vicious Ugandan dictator ldi Amin. This is the true hallmark of the Wales we all love and respect.

Does this generosity apply the immigrants who are responsible for the massive increase of T.B. in Wales that is taking place because of his and his masters idea of enriching Wales?

The article in question is on the same online news site that barred the Green Arrow for merely pointing out in its forums that all political parties had a few bad apples - including the B.N.P. You can read about that here.

Now check out the Valleys Race Equality Council. They are funded by British Taxpayers money to bring help bring about its destruction. Last year it received £40,000 pounds from that festering sore on the U.K., called the Commission for Racial Equality. Another boil that needs lancing. An organisation whose Chairman said that B.N.P. supporters were "less than human"

Oh and if your looking for a job then look no further than VREC - they need someone to work for 4 days a week at Parc Prison assisting in the promotion of equality and elimination of discrimination from the prison. For that you will pick up a nice £25,000 per year. "Assisting", does that mean there is already someone at Parc Prison doing this non job?

So how many years is it going to take to sort out Parc Prison? You just know this is a political position where the person employed will be a full time Labour Activist paid for by the country he wishes to destroy.

Stop feeding the Cuckoos and the Maggots - Join the British National Party.


celtic morning said...

Perhaps councillor Ray Davies would like to get in touch with the hard pressed officials in Slough . I'm sure they would be only too pleased to let him have a hundred or so of their Roma people to settle in the Bedwas , Machen and Caerphilly area . But only on the condition that they be confined to that area , maybe camping outside his house , and not allowed to spread their filth , disease , crime and corruption to the rest of Wales . And they will very soon multiply ten fold . Maybe generous Ray would invite them into his home . ( But lock up your daughter ,if you have one and put any valuables out of reach ) "We'll keep a welcome " was supposed to be meant for those "coming home to Wales " not for every spongeing con merchant from the entire universe . How about it Ray ? Invite them into YOUR home . Wales is our home and believe it or not , we dont want you to invite them or any other aliens into it .

Anonymous said...

How long before we this on uk tv?

Muslim prayer scenes on fiction TV a must
Iranian state television programs must include prayer scenes or else they will not be broadcast. The decision taken by the head of the country’s state television was made public on Monday.

Teheran (AsiaNews/Agencies) – Prayer scenes must be included in programs screened on Iranian state television. The decision, taken by the conservative head of state television, was issued on Monday by the ILNA news agency. "Television productions that do not have prayer scenes will not be allowed to air," said Ezatollah Zarghami.

The new directive appears to be aimed at soap operas and films, but it is not clear whether game shows and sitcoms will be affected. Referring to a scene of a famous Iranian series, in which a man who is suspected of murder prays, Zarghami said: "Prayer scenes should not be confined to positive and leading characters, the elderly, and the clean-living types” but also to bad and negative elements.

In Iran, the state controls all radio and television channels. In general, programming is very conservative, even if over the last two years, under the management of Zarghami, there has been some relaxing of the rules. For example, Iranian television transmits Hollywood films and programmes now. There is down to a bid to make Iranian programs more appealing to compete with satellite television channels, which are banned in Iran but watched by many Iranians who are after information that has not been filtered.

The formal role played by religion remains a dominant one. Programming is interrupted for the broadcast of the daily prayers, newsreaders invoke God before each bulletin, and there are frequent readings from the Koran. Children's programs are also obliged to seek to teach the young about the importance of praying. This is one of the five pillars of Islam, which Muslims are required to perform five times a day.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen this? Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

Ah, this'll be the Ray Davies who is such a prolific writer to the South Wales Argus, I presume.

And I see he's active in Welsh Language Fundamentalism too.

A pity then his party candidates never saw fit to answer my open letter. But then they'd have had to admit they agree with turning down planning decisions on the grounds you're an english speaker.

celtic morning said...

GA has the ability to focus on the things that matter and to highlight them with a devastating comparison . He gave us the comparison of British voters with sheep , voting for their own Halal slaughter , he reminded us of the cuckoos which plant their young in the nests of others where the foolish native bird then nurtures it until it claims the nest as its own and eliminates the original occupants . And at the head of this blog he presents us with a picture representing the corrupt maggots who rule over us . Wonderful images which bring issues before the public with a simple clarity . This man has a rare and unique talent for communication and our party should take steps to place that talent where it can best be of service in our struggle to wake up the sheep , to vitalise a fight back against the cuckoos , to destroy the maggots with what they would see as the pesticide of truthful argument . Keep inspiring us GA . At times it may seem like beating against a brick wall but steady ,sustained pressure must have a reward eventually and your efforts are much appreciated .

Anonymous said...

Not all of us Welsh are sycophantic crawlers to Communism John, and although we had our diferences with England in the past, those of us who are mature enough to see the wood for the trees realise that we have bigger fish to fry. The likes of this treasonous parasite who would like to think he represents Wales, does not represent me or many like me. He is the product of the madness that is gripping our respective countries, a crawler who would sell out his own in the name of being fashionably trendy to suit his paymasters, and probably initially brainwashed by his Commie lecturers while at one of the "Uni's". The rope is too good for this kind of man (and woman), but then we live in the time of Iscariot, where loyalty and love of your own is deemed unhealhy. Our day is coming fast, and I for one hope that when the county does wake up, that these maggotts arent forgotten in the whirl of it all.