Saturday, 26 May 2007

Welsh TUC fiddles whilst Rome Burns

Global Marxism at work instead of people

You would think that the Marxists who control the Welsh TUC would be screaming about all the jobs losses caused by greedy companies relocating to countries where they are free to really exploit their workers. Here are just a couple, Kimball, Airbus, and a summary here.

But no. They are far too busy fighting the real enemy. The tiny Evening Post newspaper. Forget the jobs. The Evening Post dared to carry an election advert for the British National Party.

Best drive them out of business by instructing their declining membership to boycott the paper and instruct their remaining associated Unions to remove the Evening Post from the list of publications receiving articles from the Wales TUC.

Wales TUC general secretary Felicity Williams says in a letter to the Evening Post: "Wales TUC is committed to the development of Wales as a thriving, multi-faith, multi-cultural society and condemns without reservation the promotion of any extremists who seek to divide our society by spreading fear and suspicion through misleading racist and/or religious propaganda."

It would appear from the above that the parasitic Welsh TUC is committed to everyone and anything except the workers whose money they extort to live the high life of Union Barons.

Read about their stupidity here.

If you are sick of your Union ignoring your fears then leave it and join the one truly democratic Trade Union available to True Brits. Click on Solidarity.

The British National Party - Defender of Our Way of Life.

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