Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Ali Dizaei and the National Black Police Federation

Ali Dizaei, the Moslem, Police Chief Superintendent who also doubles up as the NBPA's legal adviser is rushing around like an headless chicken at reports that there may have been a serving Police Officer seen in the vicinity of a public house where there may have been British National Party sympathizers having a legal couple of beers to celebrate St Georges Day.

Leaving aside the fact that Ali Dizaei should have been removed from the Police Service having been revealed as a liar during his questioning for fraud allegations and his association with prostitutes. What is it do with anyone where a police officer goes for a walk or a pint.

The rag Gruniard reports

The force says it has seized CCTV footage and its detectives will scour it frame by frame for evidence. The force vowed that any officer found to be a BNP member could be sacked.

Ali Dizaei of the National Black Police Association, who is a chief superintendent in the Metropolitan police, called for an independent investigation: "It beggars belief that in today's police service we appear to have serving police officers who are members of the BNP."

Well it beggars believe to me that this man who has fraud allegations against him, is also a key person in the Black Police Federation that currently has its funding blocked because of fraud allegations. Must be a cultural thing, is not in jail. With regards to those allegations, Chief Supt. Ali Dizaei said it was an inconvenience that would "blow away". Just like the charges of making false mileage expense claims against him was dropped.

You can smell the stench of their fear and corruption throughout Our Country. For an excellent review of the trial and charges against Ali Dizaei read this article over on I Am An Englishman.

A functioning police state needs no police.


Dave said...

When corruption reaches into the highest echelons of government is it any wonders it starts to fester in our police force.Ability first positive discrimination last.

Anonymous said...

Read more about Ali Dizaei here

The Green Arrow said...

Thanks for the link Anon - I have updated and commented IAAE.

A Free Man said...

Ali Dizaei is a fucking wanker.

He has lied, taken back handers, been incompetent, used the race card to further his career and is despised by average PCs.

What a wanker.