Saturday, 19 May 2007

Shambo and the NHS

Perhaps we should make the herbivore loving Hindus responsible for the National Health Service?

Because it seems they will treat a sick animal better then we would, an old age pensioner who would be allowed to starve in a dirty bed rather than have a nurse get back injury helping them.

Check out Shambo's sick room or death cell, depending on whose side of beef your on. Not bad quarters hey? But how long is he going to be there?

Well the Welsh Assembly veterinary department has said that Shambo must now be slaughtered by the 21st of May but the herbivores owners say.

"We could no more allow the slaughter of Shambo than we could the killing of a human being. Ultimately we would be willing to defend his life with our own."

Regardless of the danger to the public at large, it is nice to see the M.P.'s who are dependent on some of the million votes from Hindu's, leap to the defence of the T.B. infected and contagious animal. Shambo is lucky to have friends in high places.

An interesting thing about Hindu's, is that in areas where they have political control, then the slaughtering of cattle is illegal. Imagine a coalition government made up of them and the Moslems. No Roast Beef on a Sunday and no bacon butties for the true pork lovers. What a sad world. Another reason for joining the British National Party.

T.B. or no T.B. That is the question.


Gandalf said...

Hi green arrow

Thank you for visiting Up Pompeii

I have linked your site

Anushri said...

Thanks for visiting.

Reading your blog has explained the reason for the hostility. Nevertheless, no hard feelings. Like I said, everyone has the right to free speech. :)

But you honestly can't expect me to vote BNP, can you? They may be honest, but they far from represent my interests.