Monday, 14 May 2007

The Sacred Bull called Shambo

Shambo - Marked For Death?

As reported here earlier under the heading of "The Sacred Bull, Dead Pets, T.B. and Immigrants", I pointed out the increase of T.B. in Wales and the fact that Shambo, a sacred T.B. carrying bull was under sentence of death in order to prevent the spread of the disease.

Well I am afraid that pretty soon it is not going to be a cute cow story.
  • It is either going to be about the collapse of the law of our land caving in to threats from the Hindu community and sparing the animal.
  • Or it is going to be about Police knocking heads in order for the appointed killers of the beast access to the infected animal.
Defra who should really be making the tough call and sending in the vets has passed the buck? by saying that as Shambo is a Welsh Cow and even though tough EU rules apply to them, the same as English Cows, it will be up to the Welsh Assembly to decide whether Shambo lives or dies.

Meanwhile thousands of Hindus have pledged to make a pilgrimage to the temple to form a human chain around the black bull.

A spokesman said, “If we were to permit the killing of Shambo it would be an appalling desecration of life, the sanctity of our temples and Hinduism as a whole.

“If officials decide to desecrate the Hindu religion and try to kill Shambo, we exhort all those who support the temple to come to our assistance.”

Vets have called on the Hindu community to obey the law and allow Shambo to be slaughtered.

Local farmers have also said that the sacred bull must be slaughtered by government vets to prevent the spread of TB.

They warned officials against being “held to religious ransom” by Hindu leaders, who are threatening a human barricade to save Shambo.

Just another example of how multiculturalism enriches Our Country with threats of either violence or the spread of killer disease.

Only the British National Party can eradicate this disease from Our Country. Join the B.N.P.


Anonymous said...

I have a sudden desire for beefburger.

How odd.

Anonymous said...

with a nice green side salad, lots of garlic and a large glass of red, 2 perhaps 3.
Make mine rare please.

Anonymous said...

I'll stick with Sirloin thanks. From an Aberdeen Angus that hasn't come anywhere near West Wales unless it was by refrigerated meat lorry.

I said it before and I'll say it again.

FARMERS in this part of the world have for THOUSANDS of years raised cattle not because they look pretty in a flower garland but because they provide milk, meat and leather .

Now if you don't want to eat beef, drink milk and wear leather shoes, well, that's fine by me. I was a student once and I know it's possible to survive as a vegan because, well, some days the student grant didn't run to tesco meat and vegetable pies.

But this isn't about being vegetarian or vegan. It's about preventing the spread of a devastating, debilitating disease that spreads like wildfire.

James Herriot wrote many times in his books of the devastation caused to a farmer's livelihood when Jeff Mallock's van had to be called in.

Do you want every cow and bull for miles around to catch tuberculosis ? I'm fairly sure the followers of this religion would see it as a gift from their elephant god - or whichever one is in fashion at the moment - if the nonbeliever were forced to turn away from meat. I also wouldn't put it past several of the tree hugging cardigan sporting nutters that seem to spring up in that part of the world to welcome the vishnu-given opportunity, with all the cows in west wales slaughtered as unfit, to sell us all Linda McCartney Soya Pies.


Fidothedog said...

This I find amusing as its a total non winner for the Welsh assembly.

1. Kill it and lose the animal hugger votes

2. Dont kill it and be seen as weak and not enforcing the law of the land.

3. I am really enjoying this story.

celtic morning said...

I expect our rulers in Cardiff to take the second option listed by Fido the dog , that is , weak and not enforcing the law of the land . Its what they usually do when the law , if applied properly , would in any way inconvenience our ethnic guests from around the world . The threatened "human chain " would not bother any serious law enforcers , it could not be mounted indefinitely and a sharp sudden raid would soon get the job done . But would these flower bedecked chanters then seek to construct a funeral pyre on the banks of the Towy so that poor old Shambles the bull could be seen off with due reverence ? We had more than enough funeral pyres with the mis handling of the foot and mouth outbreak . Bang the poor beast on the head and let the knacker man cart him off .