Thursday, 17 May 2007

The B.B.C., B.N.P. and Liddle Britain

Just thinking about a last coffee before bed when I came across a nice little article in the Spectator which I though might be worth pointing out... If only for the reason, that the author, Ron Liddle acknowledges the fact that Nick Griffin(left), Chairman of the British National Party was denied the opportunity to speak in one of Aunties usually biased broadcasts. This is a taster of a quite humorous article.

Indeed, there are certain groups of people whom the BBC feels that its personnel must roundly abuse or even phy-sically chastise if it is going to give them airtime, such as, for example, the British National Party

So it would seem that not everybody in the Main Stream Media is blind to the truth. He then goes on to write:

you will remember the Newsnight interview, for example, in which BNP leader, Nick Griffin, was denied the chance to answer a single question.

Heres to Ron Liddle. Possibly the only journalist at the Spectator.


celtic morning said...

Still waiting for the Beeb to do a slag off job on the moslim nutters i.e tell it as it is in all its gruesome glory . Its ok to poke fun at Scientology , after all this Ron bloke who founded them claims to have visited heaven so he must be nuts . But to my knowledge , I dont think he was a paedophile . On the other hand Hairy Mo flew up to heaven one night on his light footed horse and brought back the word from the great Ali himself but that was a long time ago so it must have happened , the story must be true . And our own Prince of Peace , after being tortured on the cross also made the trip onwards and upwards but this time , so far , it was a one way ticket and he's not come back . Treat all religions the same , respect them if you must , laugh at them if you must , but dont be selective . Lets have a warts and all BBC serial on the fools of Islam and stop force feeding our school kids all the bull shit about a religion of peace when nothing could be further from the truth . Expose the swarthy baby shagger . At least us Welsh only bother the sheep !!!

Mr Shankley said...

Rod Liddle is actually a really good journalist unlike that idiot Littlejohn who endorses a lot of BNP policies then slags the party off for attempting to actually do something about it rather than sitting there moaning and offering no solutions.He still hasn't forgiven Nick Griffin for showing him to be the lightweight that he is on his shite chat show. How these middle class luvvies despise anyone with a backbone! Perhaps we should all go away and sit quietly while we're slowly eradicated?

celtic morning said...

mr shankley is right re Littlejohn . I have often emailed him to point out that he endorses all the policies and attitudes of the BNP but then slags us off . Same with Melanie Phillips and Peter Hitchens . None of them ever replies of course . Littlejohn's rant just before polling day was a disgrace . But didnt we know he would do it ?