Thursday, 31 May 2007

Islamic takeover of France imminent

So who is it to be? You and yours or them?

A top U.S. national defense expert and Pentagon adviser has warned that even with the election of President Sarkozy in France, that it is too late to stop the eventual Islamic takeover of that country and much of western Europe.

"It probably is too late for Great Britain and France and maybe even the Netherlands and Germany"

No matter how hard the Government stamps down on the opponents of multiculturalism the civil wars that are coming to Western Europe will drag us all in, regardless of whether we vote Labour or British National Party. Dozens of Kosovos all over Europe, all fighting to stop the spread of the cancer called Islam.

It will be no good saying "I am a pacifist, I believe in a multcultral society." because the enemy will not care. They want you to either convert or die.

You can read the full article over on that excellent Early Warning site called Drakes Drum.

When the swords flash let no idea of love, piety, or even the face of your fathers move you.

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