Saturday, 19 May 2007

Turkey threatens France

France signals its response to Turkish threats

Always with the threats. I suppose we must accept it as a cultural thing. Yeah and pigs might fly.

Turkish Prime Minster Recep Erdogan has warned new French President, Nicolas Sarkozy that attempts to delay Turkey's bid to join the undemocratic european union would fan ant-europe sentiments among Turks.

Now I have had my doubts about Sarkozy since before his election and wondered if he had been made a runner to prevent our man Le Penn winning. Sarkozy could portray himself as an hard liner whilst continuing to do the establishments work - all be it more slowly.

Last week he wanted to make a move on pushing forward a new european constitution, despite the French people already having voted against it in a referendum. So he might say he is euro-sceptic but he is not acting like one. Reminds me already of the corrupt war criminal Tony Bliar. I hope I am wrong.

Now the unelected leaders of europe are saying accession talks with Turkey must continue and are urging France to let Turkey join.

Now Sarkozy knows that not all the French are yet brain dead Dhimmis and I suspect is now making a move to help create the planned for Eurabia but pulling the old softly softly stroke.

He has suggested that Turkey head a Mediterranean Union that would operate much like the loathed European union, thus tieing southern europe to the Arab countries.

So on one hand he keeps the peace in France by excluding Turkey from the EU - for the moment - but continues to build Eurabia.

How much easier then, a few years down the road, to call for the unification of the European Union and the Mediterranean Union? Bingo. Eurabia.

"I would rather have a German division in front of me than a French one behind me."


Gandalf said...

To allow Turkey into any union with any links to Europe is cultural suicide, the portal would be open for all Islamic states to let their populations through.

Borders would not matter as Islam recognises the Ummah thus there would be, in Muslim eyes, no difference between a Pakistani Muslim or a Saudi muslim.

This means that either a Pakistani or Arab can enter Turkey unchallenged, once in aquire all the documents( if any) to go anywhere in the Union and have full rights

najistani said...


Yet our Lords and Masters will never admit the failure of multiculturalism, even if it means the destruction of our civilisation - from a comment at

"Many people do not understand what "multicultural" really means. The first tenet of multiculturalism is cultural relativism; all cultures are equally valid and one is no better than another. Why should an immigrant respect and adapt to the culture of his new country when he can settle in an enclave totally populated by people from his home country? He has his home away from home plus all of the benefits home didn't offer. Who could ask for a better deal? And on top of all that, there's free health care, welfare, and other assorted freebees, no questions asked, no strings aattached. These people come from the worst places on earth but in no time flat, they're so arrogant and emboldened that they're ready to overthrow the government and create a national hellhole just like the one they fled. Who could help but love them and generously contribute to their sustenance? They deserve it! The extant culture and the native population are eventually viewed as repressive, racist, bigoted, prejudiced, even by their own government. The government struggles to appease the demands of minority, special interest groups at the expense of the native citizens. What a complete and utter farce!

Multiculturalism and diversity are two entirely separate and distinct entities. A nation can be diverse without being multicultural, which would describe the United States thirty years ago. Multiculturalism's insidious tentacles have spread and although multiculturalism has not been officially enacted by legislation, it has become an unofficial and widely accepted policy in the U.S. Identity politics have become a divisive and ubiquitous pain in the ass with dozens of special interest minority groups competing and clashing, while the majority scratch their heads and wonder what in the hell went wrong. The government bureaucrats and liberal egalitarians fall all over themselves to ensure that none of these third-world parasites are victims of diabolical "racism", the most heinous of crimes, while ignoring the real crimes, disease, and social upheaval they import and inflict on the general population.

It certainly would be easier to eliminate the intractable, belligerent, parasitic muslims, but that would be an admission of multicultural failure. The success of this inimical but hopeless social experiment is so important to Western elites that they would rather see their nations collapse than to dismantle their failed utopias. They will NEVER ADMIT FAILURE. I think the final stage preceding a revolution will be a semi-police state, a last-ditch effort to maintain the appearance of law and order in the midst of chaos. They have already taken draconian measures to prevent civil unrest between muslims and non-muslims, and there will be more to come."

najistani said...

Brilliant piss-take of Islam! Make sure you see it before it's banned!!!