Monday, 21 May 2007

Sect hire PR firm to win support for Giant Mosque

Like a poisoned chocolate. Attractive on the outside - death on the inside.

In under the article, Are They Under every stone?, I first brought to your attention a dangerous sect of the Religion of Pieces called the Tablighi Jamaat. It seemed that some of the Pakistan's cricketers who were suspects in the murder of their coach, Bob Woolmer were members of this radical group You can read more about this crazy gang here.

Well it appears that just as the IRA, was a two sided coin with Sinn Fein on the obverse, it seems that the main stream Cult has discovered their training manual.

The group has come out of the shadows to push for the building of a new mosque that would dwarf all other mosques and be even bigger than the largest Anglican Cathedral in Our Land. Think big and then think big again.

Now, the usually secretive sect is going public to win over the minds of the Dhimmi in our Kufaar Country. They are setting up a web site to try and convince the world that Moslems are not a bunch of sad,sexually frustrated perverts but cute furry teddy bears.

So although they start of by saying that the Tablighi Jamaat movement “stands for democracy and freedom” and is “a role model to promote social and religious integration”.

They then reveal their true colours by following up with: “complete success in this world and the hereafter is only achieved in following the way of life shown by Muhammad and every other way leads to failure in this world and the hereafter”. Abrogation is a wonderful tool for Moslems.

Why not read all about it at the Ummah News Links. You can then go sign the Petition for the Ban on the Super Mosque here. Then make a cup of tea, sit down, have a think and finally realise that only the British National Party will stop this cancer spreading.

We must abandon the prevalent belief in the superior wisdom of the ignorant.


Anonymous said...

Morning Green, Nice warm sunny day in Aberdeen. If the Moslems get the go ahead for any mega mosque it will be the final conformation that Islam is free to take over our country, be-head our children, slaughter our daughters,and drag us back 2000 years. We will find out if this is a christian country.


Dave said...

Just say NO!AS MANY TIMES AS IT TAKES ON FORUMS IN LETTERS ON TALK SHOWS WHATEVER.Here a few links lot of lefties to contend with but what the hell.