Thursday, 10 May 2007

University of Bath caves in to threats of violence

Bath University as caved in to threats of violence from the Moslem controlled and funded Unite Against Freedom Fascists. The Moslem dominated National Union Of Students also played their part in stamping out Free Speech in a place of learning. I suspect the book burners will be celebrating tonight. One hopes that amoungst the student body, there will be those that hang their heads in shame.

"The University took the decision on 3 May, under its Code of Practice relating to Meetings on University Premises, that one of its students might organise an event on 14 May to be addressed by Mr Nick Griffin, Leader of the British National Party. This was subject to certain conditions being met by the student organiser and to the University continuing to be satisfied that the event would not present significant public order issues or transgress the boundaries of lawful speech.

"Not surprisingly, a very substantial number of people, within and beyond the University, have expressed their views about the proposed event over the past few days. Many of these have argued passionately against the event taking place, but a substantial minority have argued strongly in favour of it proceeding. Notably, as well as strong opposition from some of the University’s staff, the Students’ Union has voted to ask the University to refuse permission for the event. In addition, some staff and students have registered with us their serious concerns for their safety if this event proceeds, as well as fears of disruption to examinations given the likely scale of protests on the day.

"These considerations do need to be balanced against the need to hear and challenge a variety of opinions in an institution committed to high quality learning and research. Freedom of speech is a principle to be highly cherished by academic institutions. Indeed, our regulations require that the University does not so far as is reasonably practicable deny any premises of the University to any individual or body of persons on any grounds connected with the beliefs or views of that individual or of that body; or the policy or objectives of that body. The University has, however, now learned that a very large number of protesters intend to arrive on campus. This creates the likelihood of substantial public order problems and real possibility of disruption of the essential activities of the University community, making it impractical for the University to allow the event to go ahead.

"In the light of all these considerations the University has decided to refuse permission for the event to take place.

"Professor Glynis Breakwell, Vice-Chancellor, Mark Humphriss, University Secretary"

The British National Party - the Only Defenders Of Free Speech in Great Britain.


Anti-gag said...

Anyone who couldn’t see this coming a mile off must be blind.
The good thing is that university students aren’t stupid, and this will make our point more clearly than Nick debating with an audience of a few dozen students would.

Many thousands of university students, not just in Bath, will clearly see who the real fascists are.

Nobby said...

You obviously have a much higher opinion of students than I do. It is these self same students who have put together the protest and taken away any chance of free speech. Perhaps I am an old cynic, but I think that the greatest threat we have is that we have no opportunity to put forward our position.

Despite my best efforts, even my parents think there is something suspicious about a party that behaves in such a secretive mannner and that if the BNP was as Pro British as I describe then they would expect to see them debating their point of view!!!

I find that this is a thought picked up on by a number of acquaintances who also find it hard to believe that such wide spread censorship is taking place. What can we do?

Mr Shankley said...

They can't have much conviction in their beliefs if they are not even prepared to debate them, but isn't that always the case? Rather than answer the BNP's arguments they would rather hide behind lies and insults it saves them having their pathetic marxist beliefs shown to be the crap they are.

Dave said...

We spread lies, hate and our message is flawed!
If that is so then expose us for what you say we are. But at least do it face to face instead of using threats of violence. If our message will not stand in debate then the "intellectual" giants of the left will destroy us.
However the truth is they cannot and they know it,at the moment they hold the whip hand but it will not always be so. Our message is out daily on a wider and wider basis than ever before. Even Cruddas admits that.
Anyone thought of setting up an internet radio show?Maybe another option.

Anonymous said...

I myself am a student of Bath University and trust me there are students there who completely disagreed with the decision by the union, but unfortunately, only a limited number were allowed to the meeting to vote and certain "groups" got to speak for everyone. These factions base their principles upon free-speech but apparently this need not apply to anyone else. I am extremely disappointed in my union. One thing I will add; many students did not even realise Nick Griffin was coming to the campus until these groups started complaining...

Fidothedog said...

The irony of the protesters is lost on them, but stopping him from speaking they have more in common with the nazis - some one they compare Nick Griffin to -than they care to realise.

We as a society have lost out by this.

najistani said...

Ah, the allure of forbidden fruit!

Censorship can only work successfully when people don't know that censorship is taking place and don't know what is being censored.

This might have been possible in information-control regimes in the past, but with the internet all knowledge is instantly available.

In the old days of vaudeville there was one slogan that was guarranteed to bring in the Mid-West audiences and that was "BANNED IN BOSTON".

"BANNED IN BATH" doesn't quite have the same clout, but maybe it could be worked on.

celtic morning said...

Najistani is spot on again . This type of censorship could eventually be of benefit for us and we should work on it . The editor of American Renaisance ,Jared Taylor ,was recently billed to debate in a Canadian university but it was cancelled after his opponent backed out using the same excuses as Bath University ( cold feet really , his arguments were about to get exposed ) so it was re scheduled , on a local radio station , ( more protests from the commies ) with a more democratic opponent who believed in the old maxim " I dont agree with what you say but will defend your right to say it etc " The resultant publicity was of major benefit to Mr Taylor's cause and his argument reached a wider audience , more susceptible to debate .. These leftie students and assorted rabble rousers never believe in freedom of speech having been brainwashed in their failed doctrine all their lives . Incidentally , thats the only wash most of them ever get . If we can gain publicity from these continuing bans it will be better than having the actual debate because , lets face it , Nick would only have been speaking with a bunch of hate filled rabble who would try to shout him down and his arguments would have gone straight over their heads or through their tiny brains . Universities should be reformed so that they again become seats of learning. Courses could easily be shortened so that students , actually working , would gain a degree in less time , at less expense to the public and with less debt to themselves . Instead , they waste away their time gaining degrees which are often worthless while attending establishments which resemble brothel/boozehouses . No wonder Moslem students take advantage and set the agenda , at least they spend their time in serious pursuits rather than wholesale binge drinking and drug taking . And of course , the same thing happens in the wider public life . Our people waste their lives ,sheep as GA describes them , hardly bothering to vote or not knowing what they vote for while ethnics queue at the polling booths to eventually eliminate us in our own country

Anonymous said...

I have to say I'm not surprised at the decision not to allow the meeting to proceed.

The statement from the university is a godsend. Read it again and again before you criticise them for their actions. In particular, read this bit.

"Freedom of speech is a principle to be highly cherished by academic institutions. Indeed, our regulations require that the University does not so far as is reasonably practicable deny any premises of the University to any individual or body of persons on any grounds connected with the beliefs or views of that individual or of that body; or the policy or objectives of that body."

"The University has, however, now learned that a very large number of protesters intend to arrive on campus. This creates the likelihood of substantial public order problems..."

So here is a learned institution in receipt of public funding, publicly stating its support under its charter and regulations for lawful assembly and public debate, who have been forced to refuse the use of their premises for such purposes FOR FEAR OF VIOLENCE AND DISORDER FROM THOSE OPPOSED TO THAT LAWFUL ASSEMBLY AND DEBATE.

You just can't buy that sort of publicity.

Make sure it gets used to its fullest effect.

najistani said...

Interesting article on Islamic intimidation and self-censorship at:

celtic morning said...

As if we didnt already know it , all you have to do to curtail free speech in Britain is threaten violence. The Islamic fascists are past masters of the art and practise it all over the world , the Sikh community closed down a theatre in Birmingham because they were "offended " by a production but the poor passive Christians , determined to turn the other cheek get pushed aside . No one takes them seriously . And this week saw the IRA rewarded for their decades of carnage so when people say we dont give in to terrorists we know that , as usual, they are lying .Bath University should have gone ahead with the debate and informed the police that they had been warned of probable trouble and wanted it properly policed . They should also have ensured strong security inside the hall and evicted anyone who caused any disruption . If we want freedom then it comes at a price and it must be paid in full so that these idiots realise they cant get away with intimidation . Thatcher had many faults but she put the Commie Unions in their place by not giving in to violence and for that we should thank her . Wish we had a government to do something similar today .

Anonymous said...

Good on Bath University for not allowing this hitler loving, convicted holocaust denying Nazi scumbag, the Fuhrer of the BNP to speak!

Let's kick the Nazi cancer out of our country!

Anti-gag said...

And they have the cheek to call us hate filled.

I think that last rant says it all. Nazi’s they are, and like all Nazi’s their rants give them away. Trust me, Nick Griffin may have had an audience of a couple of dozen students at the most attend this meeting, now tens of thousands will start to understand at least part of the truth. UAF = Fascists.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Your right Chris, all these one brain cell dumbos do is give the BNP more publicity they could ever wish for.
Now thousands more decent people will be looking in on the BNP website to see what it is these clowns of UAF, (Unite Against Free Speech) dont want the public to know about us. And what do these dhimmified clowns and their masters of the Lib/Lab/Con merchants circus not want the public to learn?
Harry Gow.

Anonymous said...

You will like this.

Harry Gow.