Wednesday, 9 May 2007

British Forces at War - Operation Rattlesnake

Crowley was still on the attack, Jav 2, do you have a target solution?

Michael Yon the brave freelance war reporter roughing it with our troops in Basra has written another excellent account of how our soldiers display their courage and professionalism daily. Last despatch we were on patrol with "The Rifles".

This time it is a combined operation. These men are the True Brits not the scum who sent them to fight an illegal war. Read on.

Three British units would be taking part in the hunt: the Royal Tank Regiment, infantry from the Duke of Lancasters, and from the Yorkshire Regiment. I would be with C Company of the Duke of Lancasters, who had lost soldiers in recent attacks. Major Ian Crowley, C Company commander, put me with a soldier named Brownie, saying Brownie would look after me.

The sun was fading when I was introduced to a platoon of British soldiers wearing full battle kit, already in their armored Warrior. The Warrior is tracked vehicle which carries a 30mm cannon, with room in the back for an infantry squad. Only five minutes prior to heading into combat, I met Brownie and the other “squaddies” in the back of the Warrior. We rumbled out the gate into enemy country, tracks splashing mud. After maybe an hour and not getting blown up by an IED, our convoy halted.

British commanders smelled a trap.

Read the rest here at Michael Yon's Online Magazine.

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