Friday, 25 May 2007

Lets have a swipe at Labour

One John Taylor, a Labour Party Dhimmi Councillor has the breath taking hypocrisy to have an article on his site claiming that the Flag of St George and the Union Flag are theirs and should not be allowed to hijacked by the British National Party.

It is the stinking, rotten to the core, Marxist led Labour Party that has attempted to eradicate these flags from the memory of the world along with the genocide of the True English.

Now of course, that slowly but surely the B.N.P. are forcing the True Brits out of their sleep, Labour and the other Tri-Axis of Evil parties now attempt to use Our Flags as camouflage for their real goals. The destruction of Great Britain.

Well Taylor, the Dhimmi parasite has a poll going on his vomit inducing site asking, "Do you think the B.N.P. are a racialist party?". Although the poll asks for an email address you do not have to submit one. Follow the links here.

The Aberdeen Organiser of the B.N.P. has asked that all Nationalist respond and let this traitor to his Country and people who visit his site know the truth. The British National Party hates no one except the corrupt, self seeking politicians who have brought Our Country to its Knees.

Oh but be advised. Taylor has not got the confidence to display the poll real time and so we have to trust him to update us with the results. Just like we trust Labour with honesty when it comes to Postal Ballot fraud.

Vote: The instrument and symbol of a free man's power to make a fool of himself and a wreck of his country.


Anonymous said...

The Labour Party has tried 'wrapping itself' in the union flag a couple of times. And worse. Remember Mandy The Mortgage Fraudster And The Bulldog ?

If you want a laugh you might do worse than remind yourself of some of their more stupid ideas by visiting this link on the bbc news site.

Vote Freedom said...

Having seen the site who are we to say he will even give the real result... I very much doubt it holds any credence... I just suggest such names should be noted and as they say " when the revolution comes..... " such traitors will be punished for their actions.

Dave said...

Do you you think the Labour party is full of closet Marxists?
I found this to be so many years and is what turned me to Nationalism and nothing has altered my views since.

Anonymous said...

The Labour Party is an anti-British party to the core. It always has been and always will be if it remains true at all to its beliefs. They are the 'acceptable face' of Marxism in this country. OK, their economic policies can't in any way be described as Marxist now or even Socialist for they have adopted the classical economic liberalism/ultra-globalism but their adherence to the SOCIAL MARXIST CULT of Political Correctness does.

The Conservative Party on the other hand has now also succumbed to PC.