Friday, 25 May 2007

T.B. is running wild across the U.K.

T.B. is running wild all over the United Kingdom but if you believe the Main Stream Establishment Media, there is no problem at all. Remember, the United Kingdom had almost eradicated T.B., until the global Marxists decided to inflict multiculturalism upon us.

This has just been reported from Cardiff. Childminder and 4 children have T.B.

A woman childminder and four children have been diagnosed with tuberculosis in Ely, Cardiff.

This is on top of a report about T.B. in Swansea which I reported here a few weeks ago where I first displayed this; Migrants make up about 70% of TB, HIV and malaria cases in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, a report has found.

And you can read about T.B. cases being reported in Aberdeen here.

And bang just as I go to put this article to bed, I find this over on Channel 4 News;

The number of children found with tuberculosis at a junior school has more than doubled from original figures, health chiefs have confirmed.

And yet despite the fact that close on 70 children in one Luton School have been infected with T.B., officials are burying their heads in the sand and refusing to admit that we have a serious self inflicted health problem sweeping the United Kingdom.

The British National Party has the cure. Remember that at the next elections.

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