Sunday, 6 May 2007

Death of a Nation

The following was written by the Aberdeen Group Organiser.

I have returned from the elections, composed myself, and although weary I will continue the fight to secure a safe future for my Daughters.
I was saddened to see the amount of people who turned out to vote having no clue as to what is and what will happen to our nation, all wrapped up in their own little world, the I’m all right Jack attitude, all while the most dangerous threat that Britain has ever faced tightens the Islamic noose around our neck. The SNP’s pledge to build Islamic schools and mosques, the way that every Muslim in Scotland voted SNP, the smug look on the SNP supporters faces, like they had just won the battle of Stirling Bridge. I’m sorry if the SNP supporters had been at Stirling Bridge their would have been no battle as the way they cowardly cave in to all demands clearly shows them in all their yellow belly none Scottish light.
The candidates at last night’s elections and their pandering packs of wannabe’s really can’t grasp the big picture as to what’s happening, cant they see that everything that we are is being stripped away, and taken over by an alien religion that has no place in the west.
Why does a father who has already suffered over 200 heart attacks, open heart surgery, and does not know how much time he has left, spend time away from the most precious people in his life. Fear, Yes Fear.
I should be at home spending every precious moment I have with my girls, but I can’t sit around and do nothing and expose my girls or their children to the danger that is creeping over Britain.
All us BNP candidates want to do is preserve a safe haven for our children, and all you feckless voters had to do was vote for us. But no, money, greed, self satisfaction, materialistic self indulgence is your number one goal in life. I make no bones in telling people who did not vote for the BNP you are a disgrace and traitors to your children and our country.
I learned in the army that you judge a person on, if you would be happy to have him/her in a trench with you when the battle starts, how many of you would have been your grandfather’s choice of trench mate in the Somme. If I drop down trying to secure a safe future for my children, will someone in the BNP family explain to them when they are older why I spent so much time away from them when I could have been with them reading stories? Fixing their scraped knees, being there to cuddle them when sad and sore.
If you love your children do you really want to take the risk that your children's children wont know the upbringing that their grandparents had, all our religion and customs torn away. Sharia law is already taking hold in all our main cities, and many women have disappeared (honour killings) when you bed your wee ones down tonight have a good look at them when they close their eyes and ask yourself will I take the risk.
Maybe then God hoping you will find the courage to fight back

Or all you have to do is vote BNP

We cannot let courageous men like Aberdeen and his activists fight our battles for us. It is our duty to stand beside them come what may. I am here to the last gasp.

'I hang my head in shame and say, when all we love is done; that whilst I stood back and wrung my hands, Albion was gone'.


celtic morning said...

I am a man who probably has an image of strength in the eyes of those who know me . Not physical strength but personal strength , strength in my beliefs and convictions and not given to weakness or misplaced sentimentally . But as none of you know my identity I will readily admit that this patriots words brought me to tears . My eyes filled , I stop even now to wipe them as they fill again . This may ,in part ,be due to a very recent bereavement of a close relative after a long proud , Scottish life . She died , here in Wales , still a patriotic Scottish Christian with a firm unshakeable faith , not knowing what is happening to her beloved country . We will take her home in a few days ,to be buried in her native soil . But will she rest there , at peace and secure for all time as the evil of an alien ,intolerant , violent , inhuman , unnatural and foreign faith spreads like a plague to devastate and overwhelm the country she loved ? Will her last resting place and gravestone , in time , be violated and desecrated by strangers from a foreign shore ? Scotland now , after Thursday , is even further down along that track than the rest of Britain and Europe . Like other small coutries with small populations, such as Holland , Denmark, Wales and Ireland , its native population can be easily outbred and replaced with these people. I know that you will carry on with the vital struggle even if the results seem not to be in relation to your effort ,even if it costs you your life for you are a modern British Hero , a modern Scottish Soldier in the mould of so many who have laid down their very life for all they hold dear . I hope you live a long and happy life and see your children and their children grow up in a country you are proud of .But if that is not be then be sure of one thing . They will be very proud of a father who gave all he had to give on their behalf . A man can do no more for those he loves most . Never give in . You will never give in . We will never give in . Things will get worse before they begin to get better . Never give in . This is not a time for tears . It is a time for determination.

The Green Arrow said...

Good morning Celtic. I was about to send you an email but I can say it here.

Abderdeens post and your email made me realise that you just cannot walk away from the front line in the battle for our country.

When I returned late last night from the wedding I had been to. My fiancee read Aberdeens post and was in tears. We then read your letter together and that was it.

I was told that whatever happens I must make time to keep the blog going.

We obviously have much work to do in waking up the British Public.

Anonymous said...

Well said Celtic. I think many BNP supporters got caught up in the hype of the positive doorstep messages, which sadly didn't translate into actual votes on the day.
There are many reasons why that could have happened, one obvious one is people registered to vote.
It has to be said that many poor people are transient, sleeping in friends/relatives houses and for whatever reason not on the radar, therefore no vote.
The SNP ran a slick, very expensive campaign, nakedly appealing to the block Muslim vote, this\will bite them on the ass next time. (Independence at this stage is not an option)
The SNP now have to put money where mouth is, and they've been very mouthy. Let's see how they go, it could be a valuable learning curve for us next time.

last man standing said...

Glad to report that I have recovered from the rigged balloting of thursdays "too good to be true for Labour" election, it was a downright farce and I for one do not think for a moment that this was a true reflection of how the votes went. And as for the Torries massive increase?..come on they are now being built up to offer the establishments safe alternative for the next general election, and again I do not believe so many people voted for them. The country is being set up good and proper, and yes I will fight until the last breath to preserve my childrens future. I owe it to them and my father who felt the sand of Dunkirk and El Alamein in his face. We Brits fight best with our backs to the wall, and as the article in todays Mail points out, we are seriously under threat of being ruled by Islam. Not in my lifetime!

Anonymous said...

Not getting a BNP MSP for Scotland was a bit of a blow, but not the end of the world or the end of the BNP.
I feel the fact that the two SNP big fish, Salmon and Sturgeon, celebrating their mating dance with the muslim voters in Scotland is about to spawn a feeding bonanza for the BNP.
Yes once the islamic centres start appearing, our schools having to change under islamic presure, your daughters having to dress in an islamic way we surely can say "told you so, but you didnt or wouldnt listen.
But dont worry folks, there is change in the air, a wind of change is getting up in France, Sarkozy has been voted in as president. There will be big changes. The immigrants are none too happy, already some have said there will be war on the streets. I do pray that Sarkozy has the intestinal fortitude to stick it out and not back down under islamic threat.
No doubt we will see some demonstrations over here, again we can say "we told you so" Nick Griffin "told you so" The Daily Mail "told you so" Melanie Phillips "told you so". Thousands of muslims "showed you so" and "told you so". But you wouldnt listen, but you are about to!
This time when the BNP come asking for your vote give it us.
Some new readers of BNP blogs may think we are talking amongst ourselves. We are and we are not, for these blogs are trawled through by all sorts of people in power, authority and influence. They know the BNP speaks the truth and the truth is slowly being leaked out to joe public but not fast enough.
In my opinion Melanie Phillips speaks the same truth as the BNP but I dont think she would agree with me. You do the maths!
I told you, mr fister, that May 3rd was BNP day. A day for a wake up, a day to take stock, re-group and forge ahead with refined tactics. And all so you and your kind mr fister can have the freedom to spout your bile.
All the best,
Harry Gow.