Friday, 25 May 2007

And your still eating Kebabs?

Did you eat this girl?

I am sorry about the sick caption but sometimes people need a kick in the nuts to wake them up and that sure is true about the majority of the British People. The British National Party and other True Brits have been warning their fellow citizens for over 30 years about the nightmare nation that would be created by the mad Marxists in their drive to create an impossible multi-cultral Utopia.

Well the train has arrived we are there.

A fast-food shop owner who murdered a schoolgirl joked that she had been "chopped up" and put into kebabs, a court heard yesterday.

Knowing these people they way we do, we have no reason to doubt his words. The only thing to doubt was whether the chilld was the first or one of many. You can read the story here.

What is equally distasteful about this story is:-

She was one of a number of white girls who went into alleyways behind restaurants in Blackpool to have sex with the men who worked in the takeaways.

Now many of these girls were in fact children of 14. Something is badly wrong when we, as a supposedly civilised nation allow paedophiles into our country to pray on our young before feeding them back to us.

Any person reading this who does not support the British National Party in the future is either not British or a Dhimmi tool who should be stripped of their citizenship and rights.

Another reason for avoid food prepared by the enricher's of our society can be found here.

Come on shape up and help save Our Nation. Whilst your at it, you might just save a few lives along the way.


Dave said...

A damning indictment on todays sick society.
Imagine the media coverage if this had been a black child, the bBC would have been beside itself. I have used lower case for the bBC as I don't see much that's British about it.

celtic morning said...

What does it say about the way our white underclass is raising children today when young girls are so easily prepared to go down an alley and have sex with a subhuman form of life in exchange for a handful of chips and a kebab ? I sometimes think that we have gone so far along the road of degenerate depravity that there will be no way back , we have allowed the inmates to take control of the asylum that Britain has become . I remember the time when low lifes were kept firmly in their place . Now no one seems to care too much and standards for many have slipped so far as to disappear from the radar . We cannot blame our unwanted "guests " entirely , they know no better and should never have been allowed into a civilised country to mix with civilised people but our own progeny ,once upon a time , were brought up to have pride and shame . Pride in their standard of behaviour and shame when they fell below it . Now , for too many ,anything goes and those who try to preach some form of morality are laughed at and treated as imbeciles . There is so much to be done . Do we have the time and the resources to turn the flood tide ?

The Green Arrow said...


I suspect the start of the rot began when men stopped opening doors and standing on buses for ladies and all women were shown the respect you expected your own mother to receive.

These last few days, I have had an opportunity to talk to quite a few young male teenagers. I despair, they were all "Wiggas", White Niggers and their language was ridiculous and mannerisms stupid.

Their attitude towards teachers was violence and their attitude towards their girls were that they were all sluts and treated them that way. The girls let them get away with this and do actually appear to be sluts.

I just pray to God that the sample I encountered was not Country wide otherwise there is no future for these stupid zombies.

All you can try and do is protect your own for as long as possible.

The politicians who brought us to this should hang.

najistani said...


"According to Home Office estimates, 210,000 people are reported missing each year in the UK, around two-thirds of whom are under the age of 18. "

What the f@*k is going on? How many of them are being turned into curries and kebabs or being sold into Muslim pedophiles hareems?

A Free Man said...

Black culture, which comprises of degenerate promiscuity, the elevation of ignorance, gratuitous violence and rediculously camp manerisms, have all now become apart of young working class white culture for too many Britons.

This is sad and offensive.

The above commenters are quite right in commenting on the fact that this poor girl with her friends would go 'cruising' for sex like some filthy sodomite.

When little girls do this, something is very wrong our society.

Cultures always fail in the end, when we are faced with this, perhaps our culture deserves to die its death?