Sunday, 27 May 2007

Please come back Mr Whiteman - We screwed up

It finally sinks in. Some people are better at doing things than others.

Over in what used to be a prosperous country for both blacks and whites called Rhodesia, Robert Mugabe has been unable to pay the wages of his civil servants of the failed Country called Zimbabwe.

Now it is ok for the general population to starve and for the ex white farmers to be murdered in their thousands but once his own start to go hungry, then like all Countries his, is just one meal away from a revolution.

In his desperation to cling to power, this man so admired by scum like Peter Hain must now turn to the hated whites to save his worthless hide.

Despite saying in July, 2005, that his land reform would only be complete when there was "not a single white on the farms", he has had to perform a really spectacular U-Turn and ask the White Farmers back. Read his climbdown here.

Choke on that Hain you worthless piece of dirt. I wonder if South Africa can learn anything? No I doubt it. Not until it is totally destroyed.

The enemy are at the Gate. Defend your way of life. Join the British National Party.


Vote Freedom said...

Personally I would let them get on with it and say you made you bed go lay in it. But of course the British Government will probably want to send millions if not billions of pounds of our money to regenerate areas which they have destroyed themselves. And what will happene with the money pay for more palaces and luxuries for the top knobs and the rest will starve whilst the white man will get blamed. You do wonder if anyone ever gets any justice in this world.

Dave said...

Typical that the terrorist that is Hain is a member of the Labour front bench and a contender for the deputy leadership.

Anonymous said...

This lot have the right idea, helping themselves.

Anonymous said...

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or at least write an article on it and encourage all readers to spread the link.
I see the Russians are not too keen to have a gay adgenda acccording to the bbc news today. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

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