Monday, 19 March 2007

Peter Hain - One mans view of Cuprinol Man

You just must rush over to the Devils Kitchen and check out this video about that orange ape known as Peter Hain.

The Devil's Kitchen: "You cretinous sack of shit!"

I wish I had thought to do this. Spot on and if you meet the speaker buy him a beer of me. In fact buy him two if he will make a similar film on Rodery Morgan, the Slug that crawls in the slime of the Welsh Assembly.


Newmania said...

ha ha ha ,,well i can`t find anything to object to here. I do , though , object to the outright racist assumtions of the BNP.

The Green Arrow said...

Paul Newman. What a guy. Cool Hand Luke.The Hustler. Great moves. A young lady once said I was the Paul Newman of the village. If she could see the middle aged man I have become. Oh well.

Out of curiosity how many BNP supporters or members do you know personally? If none, then go meet some have a beer and a chat. Where do you get the racist bit from?

Anonymous said...

Is it true that the Muslim Council of Britain fund the UAF?