Friday, 30 March 2007

Lancaster UAF Petition Against Free Speech

Those doughnuts over at the Loser Lancaster UAF site have launched an e-Petion to Ban the British National Party. Well it was actually started by one Shahid Anwar. Now that sounds like a fine British name to me but I can't be sure whether it is of Cornish origins or maybe Welsh. Either way, it is a name that will be remembered for its defence of democracy and the promotion of Free Speech.

Go check the poll out, it appears to be very popular and thinking that perhaps that I should try and guess which countries the petitioners were from, I soon realised that this would be pointless when I discovered a Mustapha Crap, Thispoll sucks and my favourite - UAF R. Plonkers. No way could I guess those origins.

Anyhow it is nice to have a list of names of defenders of democracy even if the list does not provide locations.

If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.


Ted said...

Shahid means "martyr" right? Well Islamic martyr so there will be an unwilling crowd dragged into the act of martydom?
Sounds like something the MPACUK would endorse, they're already trying to ge the NUS taken over by Islamic students (on their home page)

The Green Arrow said...

Ok Ted. Thanks for that. See the next post.

Keep info coming. It is hard work trying to be everywhere.

Good Luck

The Green Arrow said...

Some of those names are getting real silly over on the petition site but I needed a good laugh.

British National Party member said...

I just put AsIf :-)