Saturday, 10 March 2007

Time for a New Crusade

"Yes, brethren, weep for your sins and this evil which has come upon Christendom. But weeping is not enough. It is in your courage that the Christian Church must hope. Remember the heroes who amid danger and glory delivered your land from these heathen peoples.

"Christian warriors, arise. Too long you have sold your swords to him who would offer you a chance to fight, and cared not for what cause you battled. Too long you have been a terror to your fellow-citizens because you forgot the purpose of your knighthood and sought only for strife that ye might display your prowess. To-day the knights of Christendom have found a true cause to defend. Go and fight against the barbarians for the deliverance of the holy places."

"God wills it! God wills it!" the assembly shouted in wild enthusiasm.

"Yes, God wills it!" said Urban. "Let those words be your war-cry, and the cross your symbol. Wear it upon your shoulders and your breasts; let it shine upon your arms and your standards. It will be to you the surety of victory or the palm of martyrdom."

Fighting words indeed and they needed to be. Then as now, Christendom was under threat from the cult of Mohammedan. Then the Christians rallied to the call by Pope Urban in 1095 and fought the First Crusade that freed their fellow Eastern Christians from the oppression and terror of the Moslem's.

Now, whether you are a Christian or not, Our Country was shaped by the values of Christ and the Church. It has given us our morality, tolerance, generosity and love of mankind. Now Our Land and way of life is under threat again from the invaders from the East.

It is time to answer the call and defend Your Country. Our Country. Our Home. Join the Crusade and join the British National Party.


shieldwall said...

DEUS VULT,DEUS VULT.onward Christian soldiers,defend your sacred soil.Excellent post GA,the people must get their fighting spirit back,the stirrings are there.

The Lincolnshire Patriot said...

Ich Dien, Green Arrow! A good blog and rallying call to the lions of England! Lets spread this message throughout cyberspace and onto the streets!