Saturday, 31 March 2007

'Halal chocloate' now at Morrisons

SUPERMARKET chain Morrisons is to start selling Halal chocolate bars at stores. Thus showing that they do not give a chocolate frog for the opinions of the British people who are totally opposed to the inhumane and sadistic practice of Halal meat preparation.

The Ummah chocolate that is made from animal fats - what happened to making chocolate out of - well chocolate, will be on sale in their stores soon.

With over two million Muslims living in the UK, the £2bn Halal food market is one of the key growth areas for supermarkets. These same supermarkets would sell anything to make a profit - including the proceed of an evil cruelty. Wouldn't surprise me if they offer crack cocaine "under the counter".

Suzanne Laverack, World Foods buyer at Morrisons, said,

"We tailor our food and drink offering to meet the demands of different cultures and are thrilled to be selling the range of Ummah chocolates for our Muslim customers."

Make you wonder when they will start offering live animals for ritual sacrifice carried out by the Cult of the Paedophile or some of the other weirdo groups that have been allowed entry to Our Country for enrichment purposes.

Khalid Sharif, managing director of Ilford-based Ummah Foods, said:

"We look forward to carrying out some innovative marketing campaigns with Morrisons that support the product."

The British National Party would outlaw the cruel practice of Halal and prosecute any premises selling products produced from Halal meat. I wonder what these people would eat then? Fresh air or would Bacon Butties start to look good?

Sadly you cannot email Morrisons and make your feelings known. Their website does not allow email correspondence. Wonder why.

So remember - if you have to shop at a Morristani shop make sure the chocolate you buy your children is Belgian.

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Anonymous said...

Chocolate is the thin end of a stonking great wedge. What about the banks we use?
NatWest they took Palestinian "charity money"....where's a guy to get an AK47 without kind donations?
HSBC, they take Islamic cash.
The big supermarkets and banks and investment houses (what does your pension invest in? Do you know?)dont give a flying f*** where they make money. We should. Cut off their pocket money.
Lets start our own Jihad of "Spiritual Struggle" by thwarting the people who want to kill us?
Sometime soon before the EU and the Lib/Lab/Con make submitting compulsory?