Friday, 30 March 2007

Wake up True Brit Students

There is a very old quotation that goes something like this.

"The man who is not a socialist at twenty has no heart, but if he is still a socialist at forty he has no head."

I came from a background of socialism and when I was young I thought that perhaps communism was the answer to the worlds problems. Then I started to read, study and watch the world and I as I grew older I realised what a dangerous cancer it really was and still is. And now I see the wisdom in that old quote.

For you still at University and Colleges, you who are the future of Our Country, be advised that your Union - The National Union of Students is under attack from another cancer. Moslems who seek to change our Country and our World into their vision of it. This is what they have to say over at MPACUK.

The National Union of Students national conference is nearly upon us yet again. Once more the students delegates in universities will have a chance to vote for the individuals who can make the NUS into a Union which fights against racism, free education, works for peace in the middle east rather than following the American foreign policy. If you are a Muslim Delegate who will be attending the NUS Conference please ring FOSIS on 07930991950 for further information about prayer rooms, Halal places for your food and above all not to get lost.

They are getting organised. They are preparing to make the NUS a mouthpiece for their evil cult following. Your supposed to be intelligent. Do some research in private. Then sit and think things through. Then organise and fight back. Your Country is counting on you.

The British National Party - Cleaning up in Calne prior to cleaning up the Country.


Faisal said...

Great post GA. The students should do their research at

This man was a Muslim until he saw the intellectual poverty and violence of the creed. He is an apostate Muslim and spends his time rescuing others from the cult.

Ask yourselves why muslims never campaign for human rights for anyone but Muslims.

The Green Arrow said...

Hi faisal,

That link is broken. The correct link now is:=

I shall link this in the required reading section. Thanks for the info.

shieldwall said...

Good post GA,I have to confess also that in my younger days I also was a complete prat and a commie,sad but true,then you grow older and wiser,well most of us do anyway.