Thursday, 1 March 2007

Amicus = The Trade Union of Shame

Sometimes it just gets to you.
Read on and see what opinion you form of the Amicus' General Secretary, Derek Simpson, because this person, this thing has just made the following comment:-

"Amicus welcomes the European Court of Justice's decision (1) to uphold ASLEF's case to expel one of its members who belonged to the British National Party. "The Employment Relations Act was changed in 2004 in an attempt to accommodate this problem, however it does not go far enough. "We are calling on the UK government now to comply with the ruling by changing UK law to allow unions to expel members who are also members of a political party whose objectives conflict with ours e.g. our commitment to combat racism and xenophobia. We need the government, at least, to change sections 174-177 of the Trade Union and Labour Relations Act 1992."

Now to me, there are only two emotions a real True Blue Brit can feel on reading the above. Either a red hot raging fury at this blatant demand to abolish free thought and speech or like mine, an Ice Cold hatred. No anger now. Just an ice cold determination for freedom and justice to prevail and a determination that one day these people will pay for what they have attempted to do to democracy.

If you can read the Amicus statement and feel nothing then you feel and value nothing and I pity you.

Now is not the time to be wrong. Vote B.N.P. in May.


LionHeart said...

Does Amicus have Muslims amongst its membership.

If so I wonder what their view is upon their religious and political views.


Anti-gag said...

European rights are no rights at all.

It’s not the membership of unions who think that using a democratic right to a free political opinion, is inconsistent with membership; it’s the brownie pointers at the top.

This is fascism pure and simple, there can be no other word for it!

Chris Hill

shieldwall said...

I urge any person with a true love for Britain to leave their trade union now and join Solidarity the British workers union,the reasons being that if your union belongs to the TUC then a percentage of your fees goes straight to the Labour party,also do they really care for British jobs,people and country?...the answer is a resounding NO,I left my union (TGWU)after nearly twenty years and joined Solidarity,best thing I ever did,WHY PAY MONEY TO UNIONS WHO DONT CARE A JOT ABOUT YOU OR OTHER BRITS.