Sunday, 25 March 2007

Toxic Tube Terror Attack Tests Start

It is hard to believe, but today whilst you and I are sitting down to our Sunday Lunch, playing with the grand children or just generally doing nothing. Some so called "British Citizen" will be meeting with fellow Wannabee Wahhabism martyrs and planning how to kill as many of us "Infidels" as possible.

They will be pouring over their Chemistry books. They will be discovering the joys of hydrogen peroxide and becoming familiar with the different brands of fertilisers once favoured by those other murdering bastards, the I.R.A.

Whilst working they will play tapes of their favourite moments from around the world. Human beings jumping to their deaths from flaming towers, planes hitting buildings and red double decker buses with roofs sliced of by the work of one their colleagues from hell. And they will laugh to think of doing the same.

They will consider another attack on the London Underground, especially when they read today that tests have begun to see how potentially toxic substances would spread on the Tube. Read about it here.

And it does not matter what we learn from this lesson because there is nothing we can do to stop these cowardly attacks when they come. There are too many tube stations, too many fifth columnists. Too many easy targets for these cowards who cannot live life but rush to embrace death and hell.

Now a real government, a strong government, a government like the British National Party would know what to do. It could not stop the attacks in the short or even medium term but it sure could stop them in the long term.

During the second World War, enemy nationals were interred in both America and our Country. We can do that again. Many of our enemies could not be more obvious. Deport them. And should any of their leaders protest, then deport them as possible supporters of terrorism.

We are reluctant to admit that we owe our liberties to men of a type that today we hate and fear -- unruly men, disturbers of the peace, men who resent and denounce 'the insolence of elected persons' -- in a word, free men.


Helena said...

Excellent Green arrow and so true. I've often said that the emasculation of Brtish men by the Left is a long term goal.
Accuse them en mmasse of violence towards women and children, make them afraid to approach a lost child in the street. Take away their rights as fathers and see their sons humiliated before strident feminist teachers (of both sexes) as xenophobic butchers of innocent people. As a feminist (in the true sense of the word) and a mother of sons I deplore the way boys are doomed to fail in inner city schools and the lack of strong male role models.
Perhaps men walk away from families because they feel surplus to requirements and inadequate?
The State is always telling them they are and investigating with suspicion every WHITE male who shows an interest in coaching a football team.
A free Alpha male is a dangerous thing, he'll kill to protect those he loves, the State as lovers of negotiation and compromise cant have that. So they demonise him, make him the bogeyman little children fear and women despise.
I'm not buying it, this is why teenage boys lash out in frustration from within the protection of a gang, they've never been asked to channel that natural (and necessary) testosterone fuelled aggression into protecting the weak.
The lions of the Paras come home to their wives and children and play the lamb with their own loved ones.
The Muslims aren't afraid to be macho, its ingrained in their culture as it was with ours.
Dont see the Left organising anger management classes or flower arranging for them do you?
Wonder why?

Green Arrow said...

An excellent comment Helena. I think it deserves a bigger audience then vanishing into the comments.

I am going to post it.