Thursday, 1 March 2007

The Time for Hegira Approaches


Well, Hegira is a word that you will be hearing and reading a lot about in the coming months and years, although its meaning is not yet widely known.

Hegira is the word that we are going to use to let the colonising forces of Islam know that their game is not going to work. That they are going to have to start Hegira or give up their religion. But first the meaning of Hegira.

Hegira or Hejira (Arabic hijrah,"flight"), specifically, flight in AD622 of Muhammad from Mecca to Yathrib (now Medina), both in what is now Saudi Arabia; by extension, the term is applied to any similar flight or emigration.”

But before we can talk about how we persuade our would be colonists to begin Hegira we must first learn about Dar-ul-Islam and Dar-ul-Harab: Ready? For the True Muslims, the Islamics divide the world into two parts.

Those countries that are ruled by Muslims constitute “Dar-ul-Islam” or the land of peace.

This is a land where men and women live in an atmosphere of terror. A world dreamed up by a madman of the past. A land without art, music or hope. The land of Sharia Law.

Those countries that are ruled by non-Muslims constitute “Dar-ul-Harab” or the land of war or the enemy countries. Great Britain. Our country. Our land.

For the True Believer, we must be subdued and our country converted into Dar-ul-Islam. There is no room for compromise or living in harmony with other religions – their religion specifically forbids it. Islam effectively corrupts their minds to the extent that they can justify the most horrific crimes against fellow humans to promote their madness.

Now some Islamic scholars also talk of Dar-ul-Aman, the land that is not ruled over by Muslims but has been granted the right to live in peace on fulfillment of certain Islamic conditions. The apologists of Islam use it only to divert the attention from Dar-ul-Islam and Dar-ul-Harab. Forget this never land.

Now that we understand what we are up against and we know the enemies plans, we can consider our options.

Well for the Tri-Axis parties of Lib/Lab/Tory, Dar-ul-Islam may be acceptable if they can still be voted in for their huge salaries and pensions but for us, the True Brits, this will never be allowed to happen.

We must let the Muslim Community know that Our Country will be Dar-ul-Harab for ever. No matter what the cost in money or blood. We will never be Dar-ul-Islam and we will never submit to Sharia Law and it barbarous ways.

So where does Hegira come in? Well the British National Party is not the party of appeasement. It would first deport their preachers of hate and then close down every single mosque they had ever preached in. All events at remaining mosques would be very strongly monitored as would the preachings by their Immans.

These acts would make clear to the Muslims in our country that we will never be Dar-ul-Islam and if they are true believers then according to the Koranic commandment for Muslims who can not accept the kufaar society they live in they must the carry out Hegira, just as their false prophet had in AD662.

We must show them at every opportunity that we are aware of their plans and they must be made to KNOW that we will never submit and that we fully intend to reclaim Our Country despite the efforts of those who would destroy it from within.


LionHeart said...

Good article Green Arrow.

Let's raise the banner of 'Hegira' for the sake of Our country and people.

God bless


urban11 said...

Some of the regulars at
are getting serious about organising a rally in London in the Spring/Summer.
Im of the opinion that there are millions of Brits out there that dont believe this myth that islam is a religion of peace. we need to get our message into the news and show everybody that there is some hope left for our country. please visit that blog and offer your support. Chatting on the net is great, but we need some action!

meg said...

I agree urban11 and the girls and I are in, five of us so far but we are mopping up reliable support on a daily basis.
Hegira will come GA because when Britain truly roars like a lion there will be no turning back.
Our people are tolerant slow to anger and very civilised....we prefer to live in peace.
However, we will not be ground under the bare feet of an illiterate jihadi, now or ever.
They will beg for hegira.