Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Time for another Push.

In an earlier post I said that we should "Engage the enemy more closely". Now as the end of the month approaches and the May elections come closer we must increase our efforts.

Now is not the time for putting something off until the weekend - we need to be in action. It is the duty of all True Brits to stand up and be counted. And not just with their votes. They must actively seek to influence friends, familly, fence sitters and even the opponents supporters. We must have maximum voter turnout in May.

For the Bloggers, our Battle in cyberspace to to increase our output. If you publish one post a day, then you must post two. We must publish on every sensitive subject. Not just immigration. We must write about the european union and how it is now making 80% of our laws and how it costs us British 30 million pounds per day. We must write about the National Health Service and the fact that you are more likely to die of a disease picked up visiting an hospital then you are of smoking or dieing in a road crash. You get the picture.

And when you publish your blogs, make sure you use labels, lots of labels. We must make it happen so that no matter what subject an enquirer on the net makes, there will a British National Party response being returned by the Search Engines.

When you publish drop a link into your local news forums or the main google groups. You will be surprised how many "hits" you get from that one drop.

For the non Blogger supporters, your task in cyberspace is to promote and defend the cause on your local newspaper forums and the google groups. Join now and post on everything.

If you are posting in a non poltical arena on something like sport or music. Then just add a link to your signature pointing to your favourite blog or the BNP web site.

If your emailing a friend then add a link to blog with a topical subject such as how cruel the pracise of Halal meat is. If they visit they may well check out the rest of the site.

All of us should post quick comments on the oppostion blog sites - unlike us they are not very keen on freedom of speech. But the posts will demoralise them and might even make some of them think twice about their views.

On top of this - if a member or supporter. Contact your local Branch and see if there is anything you can do to help in the coming election. Got a car? Then pick up confirmed support voters on election day and take them to the polling station.

So fellow Bloggers can you post or link this please. We need to be out there now.

If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all.


Pawb Call said...


The Green Arrow said...

Well no arguing with that pawb. I think you put your case very well.

I guess I will close the site now and become a Monk. You Turnip. Thanks for the laugh.

British National Party member said...

Oooh. I was going to put a link to your post onto my site, but seeing pawb's comment has made me reconsider.

Hey, his link takes you to an anal site 3 years out of date. Wanna know something funny about the story you got there pawb? 2 of our guys were right at the front of your demonstration incognito, taking down the details that took certain undesirables to court. turnip.

British National Party member said...

And while i remember, if anyone needs help implementing technorati tags onto their blog, let me know and ill give you some instructions ive written.

Anonymous said...

I see you managed to get a comment onto the Lancaster UAF blog!

The Green Arrow said...

Hi Tottenham. I sure did. It was the title of the post that prompted me. Boy they sure are Brain dead.

Bnp - I wouldn't mind some help with the technorati stuff and stop making jokes about the poor brain dead turnips. LOL.

My email is the bottom of the blog. Thanks.

shieldwall said...

ooohhhhhh pawb you are so intellectual you maverick you!.

Felicity said...

I love seeing them running scared, especially the fat ones (remember the stud and studess outside Simone Clarks performance?)
Anyway back to business, Green Arrows right,onwards and upwards chaps and girls.

The Green Arrow said...

Sorry about having to wait for moderation guys. The Turnips obviously got upset and start mail bombing.

No debate or reasoned argument with those guys. Just smash, destroy, stop, ban, kill. Sad little creatures really.

Go for it Felicity and thanks for the comments.

British National Party member said...

The turnips are sprouting! heh.

Felicity said...

The turnips are really scared thats why they are upping their hate campaign against freedom of expression....its in the "Big Ladybird Book of How to get what you Want by Intimidation" The Lefties and their protected pets in Islam are running very scared indeed.
The cat is out of the bag now about the Religion of Peace and very few subscribe to this silly idea anymore, Islam is a wicked vicious faith.......a jury agreed TWICE!
This is why the haters of the British are out in force, because the man in the street (and woman) normally the most tolerant of people have discovered we have a nest of vipers in our midst and unless we start controlling it we are in serious danger. Islam cant take scrutiny or criticism because it is basically flawed by its violence and hatred of other faiths and people, once it is under the microscope people leave, and it cant allow that so it seeks to have laws to protect it or kill anyone who notices the harsh truth of the matter.Only by holding up its intolerance and bartbarity in the full glare of publicity can it be sent packing back to the desert it came from where it may kill, rape and plunder its own people like its inventor. The civilised world dispensed with dictatorships before, it must do so again.
Keep up the good fight.

A Brummie said...

It's true - the turnips are crapping themselves! w00t!