Friday, 23 March 2007

Pigs at the European Trough

This weekend our EU masters will gather for a grand birthday feast in Berlin celebrating half a century of European integration. No laughing at the back Britain. Spain and Portugal have done very well out of your money thank you. So just keep sending the money and be quiet - you have a lot more countries to pay for now.

I suppose 50 years of getting away with murder, lies, corruption, nepotism and plain old evil would be cause for celebration. But not for us the People who pay.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be hosting the weekend long booze up. Where wine costing £260 a bottle is going to vanish quicker than an overlooked Police Chief crying "Racism".

But what is so important that Ms Merkel recruited Michael Prince zu Salm-Salm, the president of an elite group of German wine producers, to come up with a selection that would knock an horse out.

Why she wants her guests to be so blotto, that they do not realise the treason they commit when they sign up to "The Berlin Declaration" at the end of the junket.

As the Prince said. "A good glass of wine will give them good ideas." In other words they will not know what they are doing."

On Sunday morning, the Berlin Declaration will be presented by Ms Merkel and signed by herself - representing all 27 member states - Mr Barroso, as well as European Parliament president Hans-Get Poettering.

The text takes great care to avoid the word “constitution” but on the insistence of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, current holder of the EU presidency, it does commit Britain to a new European Treaty before 2009. Now will the doubter believe how close we are to the edge?

The only bright side to this whole "lets all get smashed and sell out our countries" party is that we finally get to see the back of the old crook, President Jacques Chirac for whom this summit will be his last on the European stage. Unless of course Monsieur Jean-Marie Le Pen decides different some time in the future.

Let them build their Grand Castles. They are made of nothing but sand. A future British National Party will wash them away within hours of forming a new government.

Positively I sit here, and look at Europe sink, first one deck disappearing, then another, and the whole ship slowly plunging bow-down into the abyss; until the nightmare gets to be howling. The Roman Empire was a trifle to it.

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