Wednesday, 21 March 2007

'Avoid incest' if moving to Wales

Last post of the evening. Thanks to anonymous for the link.

The following grabbed from here.

Migrant workers planning to move to Wales have been advised not to indulge in incest or rape.

A document produced in 17 languages by the Welsh Assembly informs immigrants about their rights and responsibilities.

A leaflet entitled "Ten Important Things you Need to Know" which is enclosed in the "Welcome to Wales" information pack covers such topics as worker registration, how to open bank accounts and legal issues.

Number eight in this list warns that it is "a criminal offence to force a woman to have sex with you if she says no."

And it adds: "Having sex with a minor (child under 16-years-old) or with a member of your family is also a criminal offence."

Conservative Assembly minister Jonathan Morgan said: "I'm staggered the Assembly Government is using public money to give people a lesson in the blindingly obvious."

He added: "This is insulting to the people from many nations who are coming to work and live in Wales.

Assembly Social Justice Minister Edwina Hart said: "The aim is to ensure that migrant workers who come to this country are fully aware of their rights and responsibilities, and to help them fit in with the local community."

This document was produced in 17 languages paid for by you. Paid for by me. Paid at the expense of the British People. Migrant workers who take the jobs of British People are not welcome in Wales. Especially if they have to be reminded not to indulge in rape or incest.

You might also like to remind yourself what the rules on stoning are.

Could you imagine a British National Party government letting this happen?

"In order that Allah may separate the pure from the impure, put all the impure ones [i.e. non-Muslims] one on top of another in a heap and cast them into hell. They will have been the ones to have lost." (Sura 8.37)


Anonymous said...

Erm ...

Which languages are these printed in.... A bloke who used to be a rock musician who I last heard was banged up in Vietnam who might be interested in popping over to check those countries out ......

youdontknowme said...

All this is common sense for civilised people but the people that are coming to this country aren't civilised.

I noticed that they never said you can't have sex with animals. must be for the sheep shaggers. /joke

Felicity said...

Since when was sheep shagging prohibited in Wales? I jest of course my Welsh Brethern, I'm a Scot so keep them coming and I'll sit on my wallet.
Seriously, this is all well and good but you know what happens when Muslims arrive in numbers......laws get changed to suit their cultural identity. Ten years from now rape and incest will be a National pastime with competitions and 72 vigins as the prize.Singing in the valleys will be punishable by being shagged by sheep, who will allowed a night of fun before their riutual slaughter in the town square in the morning.
A new use will be found for enormous leeks and Nick Griffin will no longer want to live there.
All this will come to pass as Islam marches onwards, ever onwards.

The Green Arrow said...

What we do with sheep in the privacy of the hedges and valleys is our business. We have a rule. don't ask and don't tell.

But your right Felicy. The Chancellor give no tax allowance to married people because they do not want the whites to have children. They want a Eurabia that they think they will be able to control.

Felicity said...

Where are the strident feminists of the 80's the sisterhood that camped at Greenham common in jackboots and harassed troops going about their lawful business?
Why aren't they screaming about "honour" killings, the veil, forced marriages of little girls?
They are all Islamophiles now of course because thats the stupidity and blind obediance of the Left to failed ideologies, the worst of which is multiculturalism.
I despair for our country unless people wake up. I've lost friends and family over this, but made new ones. If we dont try and save Britain there will be no one left.
Great site.