Tuesday, 20 March 2007

A failure to Communicate.

"What we have here is a failure to communicate". Do those words seem familiar. They will if you saw that excellent film "Cool Hand Luke" by the equally excellent Paul Newman.

The line is used by the Jail Warder "the establishment" and is directed to Luke "the people" when Luke refuses to bow down to the corrupt system. Lukes resistance is such that he pays with his life. A price that many of our countrymen have paid for our freedom over the centuries.

Well we to, in Great Britain have a communication problem now. Both with the "establishment" and the cult followers of Muhammad who seek to push us out of our own tent.

The establishment will not listen because they are the architects of our problem. They wilfully created this mess to further their own warped, sick Marxist sense of right and what they see as the way forward for the world. They know everything and know nothing.

The Moslems are the tools of the establishment but they are carnivorous. The establishment thinks it may control them and buy their votes. But the establishment is wrong.

The Religion of Evil does not wish to live in harmony with anyone other than Muslims. They cannot, because their "religion" forbids it. They are instructed to conquer the world and bring it all under Sharia Law. The Black Flag flying above a world of evil and madness.

If allowed to go unchecked, this cancer will consume the Western world. Along with it, it will consume the politicians who brought this on us. It will also consume the fools who think that by giving into these invaders that we can buy peace.

If they are allowed to succeed, these lunatic followers of an evil, dead paedophile will then consume each other leaving an empty scarred world to show what happens when good men do nothing.

There is a solution. Because the Western way is harmony, many people would wish to compromise with these people. But now is not the time for compromise. We need strong government. We need strong Leadership. We need the will to fight for our Country. In short we need to win.

Only the British National Party says what it means and you KNOW they mean what they say.

There are storm clouds on the horizon I fear.Let us keep that "Luke Smile" and prepare.


Anonymous said...

Rape, assaults, muggings, pedophilic forays and other forms of harassment and general degradation of the Kaffirs' quality of life, in order to make 'them feel themselves subdued', are all part of the 'street Jihad' being waged out of Europe's muslim ghettos to humiliate the surrounding Kaffir populations.

As Mo's Hate Handbook says:
"Fight those who believe not in Allah ... until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. —Qur'an, 9:29"

The Green Arrow said...

I read a statement the other day by a "British" Moslem. He said that he would not be happy until we British were lying on the floor kissing his feet.

I just cant find the place I read it. It is driving me nuts.

If anyone sees anything you thing we should publish please email or post.

Anonymous said...

Remember the football "hooligans" of the 80's and how we all shook our heads?
Now imagine them kissing a Muzzies feet........LOL LOL LOL!