Saturday, 17 March 2007

Just who are these men?

Take a good luck at the men above. Just who are they? Well, OK. We know who they are. Tony Blair, Prime Minister, David Cameron, Leader of the Conservatives and Ming the Pitiful, Leader of the Liberal Democrats.

But just what do they aspire to? How do they see the future of Our Country?

Well we can see from their mournful faces and the Red Poppies that they wear that they are paying respect to the War Dead of Our Country. But these "men" - I use the word men in the broadest sense- have no right to wear such a proud symbol whilst all being implicated or directly responsible for the deaths of over one hundred of our fine servicemen in foreign, ilegal wars. Not to mention the deaths of almost a MILLION civilians in Iraq and Afganistan.

But what else can we see in this photo. Well we can see they are United and not just in fake grief. The three of them together make up the leadership of the Tri-Axis of Evil. The Lib/Lab/Tory pact that are all now one party with the same polices.

The reason they do not share the same Political Party name is to give the poor, misled and lied to British Electorate the illusion of living in a democracy. If you want to see just how closely they work together then you can read this article.

So what do they aspire to - these creatures from hell? Well they all aspire to being Leader of a Region in The United States of Europe. The place we call Great Britain. Our Country. Our Home. A Union made up of Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. Place names that would vanish if these men have their way. A Great Nation - Gone with The Wind.

These men wish to "rule" over a mass of uneducated, multi-cultural mishmash of people, people with no thoughts or ideas other then who should be evicted from the latest Big Brother Show.

These people would live in world where the opportunities to talk to fellow citizens would be limited because of restrictions on travel. An absence of places such as Pubs and Clubs where they would discover that other people feel the same way and not the "authorized" way. Their way. The Tri-Axis of Evil way.

Welcome to life in the future. Welcome to George Orwell's "1984".

Only the British National Party can stop them. Vote for the B.N.P. - This May just might be our last chance to regain our freedom.

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Felicity said...

Thats easy. left to right, one is a geriatric opportunist traitor, one is a lying opportunist traitor, and the other is a clueless opportunist traitor.

None of them are fit to lace a British soldiers boots but feel compelled to decide their fate and debate about them far far away from the action.

All prefer Muslims to indigenous Brits and none have the physical or moral courage to confront Islam as the menace it is.

All will happily carve up Britain to appease the MCB and none have read or understand the Qu'ran though all claim inside knowledge of how "moderate and peaceful" Islam really is.

To a man they would throw British children at the advancing army of Jihadi's to save themselves. They are already doing this by allowing the promotion of Islam in schools and by their silence.

Judas Iscariot hanged himself when he became aware of his treachery.
Judas Iscariot was an honourable man compared to any of these three.
How am I doing so far GA?