Thursday, 29 March 2007

Dear Richard

Richard Sloggett - Slig to his friends, the young dynamic conservative intern of The House of Commons has responded to one of the Green Arrow posts which I publish below with the Green Arrow comments in bold.

Please feel free to comment on Richards post either here or at his D.C. worshiping site. D.C.?? Sorry D.C. is Sligs nickname for David Camercon, Leader of the Opposition. Here we go.

Dear Green Arrow,

You talk about 'taking our country' back and I know you feel let down by the Blair government as many people do.

Let down is a massive understatement. Totally betrayed would be better.

But I believe that there is now a viable mainstream alternative in the form of Cameron to start tackling some of the problems Blair will leave behind.

Agreed, there will be many problems left behind. The trouble is, that it will be a few more years before the British National Party will be able to sort them out.

Your extreme views, along with some of your supporters are I believe completely out of touch with mainstream public opinion.

I think in May you will find that mainstream public opinion is behind the B.N.P. and its common-sense solutions to extreme problems created by the "mainstream" parties.

If there is such a groundswell of opinion as you would have us believe and a possible revolution in the offing why have the BNP still got a miniscule number of councillors across the country and still not a single member of Parliament?

Think now Richard. For years the Tri-Axis of Evil parties have had control of the media and been able to bend peoples minds. The Internet has given people the chance to discover the truth and in discovering the truth they have discovered the B.N.P.

Again I refer the honourable gentlemen to my previous answer. Count the B.N.P. Councillors after the May elections. The watch out for the European Elections. Proportional Representation?

I do appreciate the concerns aired by some on this blog that the 2 political parties appear to be very close in some policy areas.

What Hitchens failed to mention is that there is an alternative for those with the racist, anti-immigrant, anti-asylum seeker, anti-Europe such as his own and it can found in the UK Independence Party or worse the British National Party.

Your words - not mine. From the above you show the same policies as Labour. Anti-White, Pro-Immigration, Pro-Asylum seekers and Pro-Europe.

I feel that this however has been exaggerated by the media.

Doubtful. The media prints what it is told if it wishes to continue with their tax concessions.

As I have mentioned on my own blog there are key differences, some of them you no doubt may approve of: a border police force and tougher rules for those that abuse the asylum system (Both DC policies) which do divide the parties.

You guys are like arsonists who light a fire, let the building burn almost to the ground, call the fire brigade and then pretend to be the saviours of the situation. Trouble is we saw you guys light the fire that is burning Our Country down.

The BNP are not a realistic alternative to the two main governing parties.

You should be aware that the political wheel turns. And it is turning slowly now towards the B.N.P. As the B.N.P. becomes more successful, the faster the wheel will turn.

I'd be keen to learn apart from kicking out asylum seekers, black and asian people, because they are of a different colour skin what in fact are your policies for schools, hospitals, the environment?

Thank you for the opportunity to link you to the B.N.P. Policies Page.

Actually talking about the environment it wouldn't surprise me if the BNP and its members blamed climate change on Jews, blacks or any other minority group they care to vilify.

Bit insulting towards our Jewish members and Sikh supporters and voters. Soon however the minority groups will include both the Labour and conservative Parties.

The Conservative Party has always based itself on a 'one-nation' ethos where all members of society should be treated equally. We are concerned at the PC driven agenda of the Blair years and are going to tackle some of the problems of it.

Yes we saw how well you handled the Patrick Mercer incident. Careful. You could be next. No platform for fascists and all that.

I sign up to this 'one-nationism', and if you are a traditional Tory I'm sure you do to, and feel that we should not pander to certain groups with their own skewed agenda.

Which is why we must clamp down on the mad Moslem's and begin deporting the preachers of hate.

We should not under any circumstances tolerate those that preach violence against others at any stage. This goes for Muslims, white football hooligans, jamaican yardies, Chinese Triads and any other violent groups. This should be about decent behaviour not as the BNP would have us believe about ethnicity.

The B.N.P., along with the majority of the population supports Capital Punishment on all murderers and longer prison sentences for serious crimes. Deportation of foreign convicted criminals would also be considered.

Judging all persons of one group by the actions of a minority is wrong and does a dis-service to the good work done by many people from a great many minority groups across the country.

No one disputes that there is good and bad in all races.

Please don't believe everything you read in the Express newspaper and I would urge you to please re-consider supporting the BNP: a party that is based on racism and prejudice.

I would no more read the Express than I would the Guardian.

Many Thanks and I look forward to debating with you in the future


My pleasure Slig. I am sure that given time we will see you sitting on the Green Benches as a British National Party M.P., whispering in Nick Griffins ear.


Ian White-Sharman said...

Great Entertaining Read!

I hope he got to read his reply.

Keep up the good work

shieldwall said...

The child is an absolute buffoon,all he has done is use other MP`s distorted discriptions of the BNP.I believe he will only wake up when all the other parties get trounced by the BNP in May.He just cant grasp the fact that there is no right wing groups other than the BNP.The Cons have betrayed their members and voters,simple as that,and Mr Dopey cant see that.

Felicity said...

He's very young, idealistic and ambitious, but seriously deluded.
"DC" is the same as "TB", both are cut from the same bolt of shiny but inferior cloth and the country is ripe for change.
We've had the patronsing tones of "TB" and his minnions lecturing the poor of the inner cities on the joys of Islam and its peace.....they only saw the cartoon protests.
We hear how we've never had it so good but catch MRSA in filthy hospitals and cant get a dentist.
We see the unchecked rise of Islamic belligerance and get charged with "racial honking"
Now the craven stance on an act of war by Iran the biggest terrorist fundraiser next to the Saudi's.
DC and TB have failed, one by inaction and the other by pure self interest.
Poor Richard has backed a loser, I hope he jumps ship to the BNP.

Anonymous said...

Vote for either of three main parties and you vote for a police state.
Is this little boy for real?
When did he last come up for air?
Cameron is weak weak weak....he's no Tory why on earth would any Tory be practising their political correctness at every turn PC = cultural marxism?
Why would a true Tory support the emerging Marxist super state the Eu?
Why on earth would he by his silence be supporting the Eu/arab dialogue which leads to free trade with arab nations which in turn leads to free movement across borders, turning BRITAIN into an overspill area for more muslims to pour in?
euro/arab axis fdu press.
Why has this never crossed the lips of any BRITISH politician?
more double crossing of our nation and peoples.