Friday, 2 March 2007

The ad The Sun didn’t want you to see

In a previous post called The Tools of the Fools I made the point for not buying any newspaper that continued to print untruths about the British National Party.

There is another post on the B.N.P. site The ad The Sun didn’t want you to see that reveals by refusing to publish a completely legal advert, how the media are just an extension of the Tri-Axis of evil.

The banned ads were paid for by Speakout - a newly launched organisation that says it is time for a referendum to return seven vital powers from Brussels to Britain. They want the power for the UK:

• To make our own laws
• To set our own spending limits
• To manage the countryside
• To exclusively fish our own territorial coastal waters
• To trade with who we want and how we want
• To scrap the Brussels-inspired regions and end the break up of Britain
• To decide who we let into the country by getting control of our own borders back.

You can visit Speakout here and you can check out the excellent ad here.

Can can you see any reason they should not be published? Neither can I.
Leave the copies of The Sun, Daily Express and Daily Mail on the newsagents shelves and read them online - better still get your news from the B.N.P. That way you know the truth.

A free press can of course be good or bad, but, most certainly, without freedom it will never be anything but bad.


Helena said...

Like you Green arrow I dont buy newspapers anymore but use the internet for information about whats happening in Britain and around the globe(this is how I fouind out about the rape epidemic in Sweden, France australia and Norway) the BEEB dont tell us thats for sure?
I also found out that the US considers Britain with its numerous protected terrorist cells the biggest threat to America in the world.
I used to vote Conservative but not anymore as David Cameron seems to be actively working with vociferous protest groups to destabilise Britain further.
The BNP seems the only hope of grabbing the attention of powerbrokers, even if they dont get in, (which I hope they do) the huge groundswell of support for their policies will ensure a change.

The Green Arrow said...

Thanks for the comment Helena. Sorry about the moderation but the dirt bags have been mail bombing the blog.

I think you are right about the groundswell. Even my mother at 80 ripped up her labour party membership and is voting for the BNP.

See my posts called Mothers Day.

Good luck

Helena said...

You know you're over target when you start taking flak GA, let them bomb the site, you know you're upsetting them.
I haven't bought the Sun since their shameful treatment of the people at Hillsborough.I dont forget enemies.
Its a nasty cheap rag which assumes the working classes can be calmed and tamed by giving them "tits and bingo" Rupert Murdochs words, not mine.
If Murdoch decided Cameron would be more foreign multinational friendly than Blair he'd switch allegiance tomorrow and Page 3 would be kitted out in recycled green wellies and a straw hat. (Hold that thought boys)
The sinister way an Australian millionaire and his minnions can control government would be a thing of the past under the BNP, they are all out in force.

Anonymous said...

I too rely on good old Google to get the plain unvarnished truth. No point even watching BBC or buying newspapers.
Vive Le Resistance!