Saturday, 17 March 2007

Muslim takes sauna in hijab

A MUSLIM woman in full hijab robes was allowed to swelter in a SAUNA because worried staff did not want to offend her.

She then jumped into the sports centre’s swimming pool to cool off while still wearing the black top-to-toe Islamic dress.

Staff did not know if they should enforce a dress code which asks customers to wear SUITABLE clothes. You can read the full story here in the Sun.

Now there are two ways you could look at this story. The woman is either crazy - and coming from an Islamic background she could well have taken a few to the head from her male master. Or she was making a statement about Islam.

Now I do not know about you but I do not care which of the two was the reason. Her actions were a threat to public health. She should be tracked down and if a refugee deported or if an "home grown" fruit bat then locked up in a secure location.

Now the ding bats in the image are holding placards saying "Our Choice" and it will be when they leave Our Country until then they should try to act in a civilized manner.

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shieldwall said...

They are truly crazy,the whole lot of them wail at the moon,like you point out,they can wear their jedi knight gowns in an islamic country,BUT NOT HERE,and if they do not like that decision,TOUGH!.

The Green Arrow said...

Hi shieldwall, can you imagine the germs on those veils?

shieldwall do contribute on the google groups. If not you should. The more support the better.

I am on there as Green Arrow. Come and jump in - not in your suit though.

shieldwall said...

I will have a peep GA.I understand you are ex R.N,I have worked on just about every R.N vessel since 1988,what ones did you serve on?,I hope you dont mind me asking you old seadog?.

Green Arrow said...

Hi Shieldwall - I left the Andrew in 1976 after 12 great years.

I joined at 15 as a boy sailor and went to:-
HMS BELFAST (Accommodation Ship)for
HMS CAPRICE - Devenport
HMS KEDLESTON - Fishery Protection
HMS LOCHINVAR - Opposite Rosyth
HMS MAIDSTONE - Northern Ireland

I spend the last few years in a special group operating out of HMS Lochinvar which involved a lot of travel everywhere involving cryptography and radio.

Damm - I loved those TON class boats.

Even then the Navy was in decline. But MASSIVE by todays standards.

shieldwall said...

way before my time,I have been at Devonport for twenty years,you saw the better days,this government has cut the services to the bone,just about every matelot I yap to are completely fed up and want to leave,sad days!.