Wednesday, 28 March 2007

How stupid do they think we are?

Well very stupid actually. And sadly some of us are stupid. In fact more than stupid. Some of us are totally brain dead and continue to believe the lies published in the Tri-Axis of Evil controlled press.

Read this garbage here and then despair at the stupidity of some of our fellow citizens who will swallow it hook line and sinker.

Since the 1950's the rotating dictatorships have been flooding Our Country with immigrants of all shades in order to move towards their ultimate goal of a One World Government ruled by an unelected elite.

In the article, the government has unveiled a new plan to tighten Britain's borders and announced the creation of a new Government committee which will look at the social impact of immigration. Has if they did not know already.

They are like an arsonist who sets fire to a building, then just before the building is completely raised to the ground, they phone the Fire Brigade and pretend to be the saviour of the situation. But some of us saw them light the fire but will the people listen? May will give us the answer.

So how stupid are you? Will you vote for the British National Party in May? If your answer is no, then you are a part of the problem. Go back to your Ivory Tower and live there until someone decides they wish to build a Mosque on top of it.

Stop supporting the enemy by paying for newspapers - they are all feeding you poison - read the internet, read the news at the B.N.P. site. If you need something to read whilst you travel - read a book or try talking to your companions. Tell them why you are voting B.N.P. in May.

Why did I use an image of the "Raft of the Medusa"? Well, it is supposed to represent the perils that face an overcrowded Great Britain, but it is late and I am tired.

Propaganda, to be effective, must be believed. To be believed, it must be credible. To be credible, it must be true.


British National Party member said...

I remember peter mandleson once said at the EU that "our job is to create the truth"

Felicity said...

I despair of my fellow countrymen and women I really do. Its as though they were sleep walking over a cliff to oblivion, and thats exactly what they are doing.

They buy newspapers that spout party policy, and bury stories that dont go with the programme. They vote for smiling clones in red/blue/yellow and now green rosettes, and they give up the freedoms their grandchildren should inherit.

Bit by bit inch by inch we give up more ground until the only ones left dissenting can be safely labelled nutters or bigots for refusing to fit a government mould.

Orwell saw the future when he wrote 1984 and remember Winston lost in the end. He loved Big Brother.

I feel I'm banging my head on a wall about the BNP to some people.
"I dont like their thoughts on gays" "I agree with the immigration but what about...?"

For Gods sake wake up Britain, you dont have the luxury of time to nit pick about fringe policy because immigrants from foreign and hostile lands are landing in their thousands on our shores.

Still never give up. I'll never love Big Brother.