Thursday, 1 March 2007

Wales BNP Candidates for the Welsh Assembly

Saint David, or Dewi Sant, as he is known in the Welsh language, is the patron saint of Wales. He was a Celtic monk, abbot and bishop, who lived in the sixth century. During his life, he was the archbishop of Wales, and he was one of many early saints who helped to spread Christianity among the pagan Celtic tribes of western Britain. You can learn more here.

1st March, 2007
St.David’s Day - Wales BNP announce Candidates for the Welsh Assembly!

The British National Party will be standing a record number of candidates in the Welsh Assembly Election on May 3rd.

Twenty BNP candidates will stand in Wales, four in each of the five regions. This will ensure that every single voter in Wales will have the chance to be able to vote BNP on May 3rd. The prospective candidates for each region are announced as follows:

North Wales:

1. Mrs. Ennys Hughes.

Qualified solicitor, LLB (Hons) from UCW Aberystwyth. Lectured in Law in Liverpool and Wrexham. Welsh speaking. Managed small family business 25 years.

2. Mr. Dallus Weaver.

Sales consultant. Worked in sales and marketing environment for 21 years.

3. Mr. Simon Darby.

BSc (Hons). Self employed. One of the first BNP councillors elected in 2003. Deputy leader of BNP.

4. Cllr. Mike Howard.

Coldstream Guards. Marketing manager. First BNP councillor in Wales.

Mid and West Wales:

1. Mr. Simon Lillie.

Self-employed Photographer. Worked as MoD contractor and in Dept. of Work and Pensions.

2. Mr. Ian Si’Ree.

Bus Driver. Worked in Textile industry for 20 years.

3. Mr. Chris Edwards-Harrill.

Police Force. Driving examiner.

4. Mr. Lloyd Thomas Morgan.

17/21st Lancers. Civil Defence. Engineering (British Leyland / British Aerospace) for 30 years.

South Wales West:

1. Mr. Clive Bennett.

Petrochemical Industry for 26 years.

2. Mr. Nick Griffin.

BA Jurisprudence (Law) from Downing College, Cambridge, and boxing blue. Worked in agricultural engineering, property renovation and forestry. Political writer. Chairman of BNP.

3. Mrs. Tracy Si’Ree.

Housewife. Mother of four. School lunchtime supervisor.

4. Mr. John Cooper.

Electrician. Worked within the quarrying industry for 30 years.

South Wales Central:

1. Mr. John Walker.

Civil Servant at RAF Sealand for 24 years. Territorial Army, 14 years with Royal Welch Fusiliers and REME. National Treasurer of BNP.

2. Mr. Vincent McKenzie.

RAF. HGV Driver for 20 years.

3. Mr. Tim Windsor.

Construction industry. Stonemasonry business owner.

4. Mr. Mark Deacon.

Distribution co-ordinator.

South Wales East:

1. Mr. Robert James Trueman.

Self employed. Scaffolding business owner and landlord.

2. Mr. Peter Greenhalgh.

Dip.Theology from Bangor University. Teacher of English as a second language in Ukraine and at Coleg Harlech. Self employed.

3. Mrs. Marlene Jordan.

Prison service. Shop owner.

4. Mr. Christopher Robinson.

Royal Army Ordnance Corps. Police Force. Sales executive. Branch secretary of SSAFA.

Unlike certain other parties, the British National Party does not sell honours for cash, does not sell British passports to dodgy foreign businessmen, does not accept secret loans in return for favours, nor does it accept illegal donations from foreign business interests.

To make a legitimate donation to the BNP Welsh Assembly Election Fund:

By phone: credit card hotlines: 0870–7515296 and 0870-7522180.
or, online here.


Anonymous said...

An impressive list - but I'm surprised Nick has only gone for number 2. Why's that?

How many are Welsh based?

The Green Arrow said...

An impressive list and questions to which I do not have the answers - if anyone does please let us know.

shieldwall said...

excellent amount of candidates,good luck to all of those brave patriots.

The Sentinel said...

I wish them all the best of luck.

LionHeart said...

It seems like a very strong line up and sends a clear message.

Let's hope and pray that Wales becomes a 'Bastion' for the people of the United Kingdom.

We salute Wales and the people of Wales.