Sunday, 18 March 2007

Mystery of charity's missing Lottery money.

Would you leave a fox in charge of a chicken coop? Of course you wouldn't.

However, I am not so sure about the Charity Commission. In a fit of what can only described as insanity they granted Mrs Afolabi, 52, a refugee from Nigeria permission to set up The Detainee Support and Help Unit (DSHU). The fox is in the coop.

Comfort Afolabi, then went on to fleece the lottery Community Fund of over £390,000 over a five-year period. Surprise, surprise.

Now leaving aside the fact that Comfort (she certainly lives in it) Afolabi should never have been granted asylum in the first place. What experiences and qualifications did she present to show that she would be capable of running a charity?

The money given should have been spent on toiletries, phone cards and legal advice for inmates in immigration detention centres. But a report found "it was... not possible to ascertain if funds were used for their stated purposes".

For five years the Community Fund continued to dole out our money to this "lady" despite reports showing that there we no records of income or spending.

Oh well, you may say. "At least she has been stopped and will now face justice." Silly, silly you. Read this.

A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said; "A 51-year-old woman was arrested on May 25, 2006 in connection with an allegation of fraud. She was released on bail to return on August 24, 2006, but the Crown Prosecution Services advised us that there was insufficient evidence to charge, and her bail was cancelled."

Would this be the same Crown Prosecution Service that was responsible for this travesty of justice. Why, yes it would be. You can read the whole sorry Charity story here.

Only the British National Party will return justice to Our Country. Help change the world. Vote for the B.N.P. in May.

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."


shieldwall said...

Well,thats a story to make your blood boil,if that was a Brit I bet the ending would have been swift and deadly,it certainly(as always)smacks of double standards.

Meg said...

I'm not surprised. Remember the Ramadan boxes on evry Muslim shop counter after the Pakistani/Indian earthquake?
Well the money found its way to Hamas, that well known charitable organisation dedicated to helping Israel to vanish from the face of the Earth.