Saturday, 3 March 2007

Every Picture Tells a Story-1


shieldwall said...

lovely people aren`t they.

Felicity said...

I love the pencil being stoned, hilarious!
Ultimately that is how we will win.
At the moment NO ONE respects Muslims, lets be clear about that.Some pity them, some just stare aghast like we used to at deformities, others laugh.
We in the Right of politics recognise Islam as a wicked vicious faith, a jury agreed with that view....twice!
We recognise that ultimately there will be a clash of civilisations between enlightenment and the enslavement Islam demands. We see the threat for what it is, clear and present.
What of the protectors of Islam on the Left? Do they respect Islam as "a great and noble faith"?
Damn right they dont. They think Muslims are the stupidest crudest organism on Earth who live their lives through superstition hatred and fear. Like all crude blueprints ( stem cells) they can be manipulated to become whatever the Left want them to be, poor victims wailing to the sky to an invisible god or rabid dogs burning flags and self exploding.
Do they respect them as equal human beings posessing anything but the crudest intellect.......well no.
Do Muslims respect other they dont.Thats why rich arab nations dont give the Palestinians refugee status, they are dispenable political pawns, and they carry diseases the Egyptians and Jordanians dont want to catch.Iran is Shia, so obviously they wont be helping any stupid Sunni's?
Each is convinced he alone truly understands the ravings, dodgy timelines bad science and mystery of the Qu'ran....everybody else is a hypocrite or apostate.
Ultimately, through their dealings with civilised nations civilisation will dawn on a few, then more until only the totally retarded, (and lets not underestimate the intermarriage which breeds birth defects) remain.
Muslims must be mocked like flatearthers until it is a source of shame to admit they are muslims. They must be ridiculed out of their slavery and invited to join the rest of the world.
The Left pretend to respect them and the childlike Muslims have fallen for it, they think they are special because the Left patronise them and encourage them like the stupidest child in class, who believes his scribbles are equal to the art of his peers.
When they feel shame at their lowly position throughout the world and stop believing they invented anything useful (algebra maths science was all looted from the Byzantine library and claimed as Muslim invention)they may join civilisation. Until then, keep the jokes and cartoons coming. No one ever died of "hurt feelings".

Meg said...

Its the hypocrisy of them that cracks me up. Try getting a doctors appointment for them cluttering up the queue with sniffles and constant breeding. Qu'ran says camel milk and urine mixed together cures all, so why the antibiotic rush?