Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Swindon Advertiser - Bending the Truth - Again

What is it with the foreign owned Swindon Advertiser? Caught out in a lie only the other day, you would have thought they would at least try and report a story correctly.

But no, here they go again. Announcing that a seventh teenager had been charged in connection with the horrific hammer attack on 15-year-old Ridgeway School pupil Henry Webster. They soon slide of into trying to down play it for reasons that soon become obvious.

Referring to the cowardly attack on the young boy by a gang of Asian Men and teenagers leaving Henry for dead and now suffering from permanent brain damage they report: "Webster suffered permanent brain damage after the attack and he is still not able to return to school." Usually victims of attacks are referred to by their Christian names and the villains by their Surnames. Sloppy reporting. Very sloppy.

Another interesting point about the article is that there is no mention of the fact that this was a deliberate racist attack by by a gang of brave Asian men and youths against a lone young white boy. Why did they not report this story for what it was. A racist attack. If it had been the other way round, Ridgeway school would be ashes by now.

Leaving aside the fact that the men have only been charged with assault causing grievous bodily harm with intent and not attempted murder - Surely if you go get a gang of people, go pick up an hammer, drive back and find your intended victim then beat him unconscious with with at least six blows to the head from a claw hammer. That sounds more like premeditated attempted murder. Why isn't it being treated as such.

Finally they end with an attack on the British National Party - who in my opinion were responsible for getting the police to treat this attempted murder more seriously then they were at the time. The B.N.P. are not afraid to tell it the way it is.

They continue with their dodgy story:

The far right British National Party leafleted the area in a bid to capitalise on the incident.
At one point they even threatened to man the school gates, regardless of what teachers and governors thought.

I know one thing. If I was a parent in Swindon I would rather see a group of B.N.P. watching over my children as they left the school rather than a a gang of Asians armed with claw hammers. Bloody Cowards.

The B.N.P. Safeguarding your children's future.


shieldwall said...

It is becoming the norm today when reporting racist attacks on whites to conveniently omit the word "racist" and leave the ethnic origin of the criminal out,you can guarantee if the persons colour is omitted from the report then they are definitely not white,if white,then it is mentioned.It is happening on a regular basis here in Plymouth,I guess these prats call it damage limitation or something stupid.

Anonymous said...

For every major jihad incident like 7/7, there are thousands of unreported or underreported 'street jihad' attacks, traffic 'accidents', rapes, pedophilic abductions etc.

Yet despite their apparent random nature, these 'lesser jihad' incidents are all part of the same 1400 years old war of the Ummah against the Kuffar, Dar al Islam against Dar al Harb.

This continuous, relentless, implacable 'Jihad of attrition' is ultimately far more effective in subduing and intimidating the Kuffar into a state of dhimmitude than the spectacular bomb attacks.

Hatred of the Kuffar is the pivot of Islamic existence. They want to exterminate or enslave us. Any muslim who claims otherwise is merely practicing Taqiyya - lying for the greater glory of Allah the Babylonian brothel-keper and his Satanic perverted pimp Mohammed.