Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Lincolnshire County Council Declaration

This following declaration (with Green Arrow comments in red) is to be found on all the usual suspect sites. Neither the odious UAF or any of its associated sites seem able to have a link to the source so I link back to the day dreaming Stop The BNP site.

Time constrains prevent me from validating the Declaration but a quick check shows that the Quisling Councillors are listed on the Council Website.

Is this Declaration their personal statement or are they signing on behalf of all their fellow Councillors? Anyhow here is the "Declaration".

We, in Lincolnshire, are proud of our diverse and multi-racial heritage, which we regard as a source of cultural, social and economic strength. We will work vigorously to combat all forms of racism to rid Lincolnshire of racial discrimination and to enshrine the principle that individuality and universality are the foundations of justice and peace.

We declare that:

• We value the contribution that all communities make to the quality of life in Lincolnshire and recognise ethnic and cultural diversity as a source of cultural, social and economic enrichment.

Foreign food containing very dubious ingredients.

• We endorse the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and are opposed to racism in all its forms.

Except against the indigenous white population.

• We will encourage a changing culture within the public services and the wider community that recognises the unacceptability of all forms of racism and takes action to combat it.

We will replace the Churches with Mosques. We will include Mecca facing toilets in new houses.

• We acknowledge that progress towards a more just society may not always be smooth, but as partners we are committed to maintaining dialogue and resolving our differences.

Many white people are going to get injured until we get our way.

• We accept that without transparency and openness in the public services, progress towards a successful multi-cultural community will be hampered.

We say this even though we neither practice transparency or even believe what we say.

• We believe that the composition of the public services workforce should reflect that of the wider community, and will work to break down perceptions and barriers that prevent equal access to employment.

Which is why white people will be denied jobs and BNP supporters union membership.

• We believe that all citizens should have the right to expect equal protection and equal treatment from all public services.

Then why are not the white people of Lincolnshire getting equal treatment.

• We believe that children from all backgrounds are entitled to an education free from discrimination and harassment.

Even though this will be at the expense of the indigenous white populations children. They will be discriminated against because valuable resources have been wasted on interpreters for illegal immigrants and so called refugees.

• We understand the essential role of the education system in Lincolnshire in developing the future of our multi-cultural community and commit ourselves to supporting and enhancing this work.

We will be teaching the indigenous white population Urdu and Polish so they can communicate with the new colonisers.
• We believe that our success will properly be measured not by our policies but by our actions in promoting equality for all the people of Lincolnshire.

Again at the expense of the indigenous white people.

• We call upon the residents of Lincolnshire to support us in this by respecting the dignity of all people and by constant vigilance for any expression of racism or racial discrimination.

Report all acts of racism and discrimination against the the white population to the British National Party.


Cllr Martin Hill

Cllr Robert Parker

Cllr Marianne Overton

Cllr John Marriott

Above you have the names of the Quislings who have signed this Declaration Of Shame. Remember them when you come to vote. Once Sharia Law comes - there will be no more elections so make sure you vote to defend your home, your family, your country and your way of life. Vote B.N.P.

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